Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sexual Bingo

I was reading a blog and I think it's interesting how there is a bit of a culture of sport fucking where people try to nail different guys to check off a list, sorta like squares on a sexual bingo card. You know, people that want to fuck a cop, and a fireman, a doctor, a professor...  And a blogger would be the free space in the center of that bingo card since they're so easy to nab.  Ha!

Well, I never really thought about it until recently, though, until I started with chatting with Raw Fucker after reading his blog.  I'm totally infatuated with him.  Something about the level of honesty with his frustrations, his vulnerabilities, his depravity, his guilt...  It made something click.  So we've been chatting and it's actually gotten to the point where I would consider taking a couple of days off to fly halfway around the world to meet up with him.  I have fuck buds, but with him, I think it'd be something a little more than that.  Even with my fuck buds, there's a bit of restraint as we pretend we don't sleep with a bunch of tricks.  I feel like I can be totally open an honest with him and get well-intentioned advice instead of judgement in return.  A person where both small talk, pillow talk, and silence won't be uncomfortable.  That feeling where I can be totally naked with him physically and emotionally but still not consider ourselves anything other than good friends intrigues me.  That strange intersection where intimate and casual doesn't just emulsify but actually dissolves into each other.

Never really knew I was playing the game, but I'm totally vying to mark that square with his cum.  Ha!

Then there's the guy that made the analogy in the first place.  He has a way with words that rocks my world.  It's always nice to come across a turn of a phrase that turns an emotion to a tangible object that's so meaty you can chew.  And a guy who wields his prose like a weapon in battle and is victorious at every battle.  I just know that in person, he's a guy that's gonna mind fuck you and tickle your very core.  He's not halfway around the word, but just at the other end of the country.

And finally there's the cum-hungry versatile bottom that always makes me smile when he posts his mug covered in spunk.  You can always see that beaming grin as he accepts load after load from his tricks.  Something about the way he's addicted to cum that makes it even more than a drug, but a revered object.  Maybe it just strikes a chord in me being a fellow cum freak and the look he sometimes has in his videos that makes me recognize myself.  And he, at least, lives in the same state as me.

But I keep turning to the kid from England.  Maybe it's because we're both cheaters.  Or maybe it's just because he's so far away, it's easier to put my defenses down and that feeling of openness and comfort will go out the window if we ever really meet in person.  But for the time being, I'm enjoying the feeling.  Not sure if he's going to be the one that fills that bingo card square, though.  Hell, I may have already filled it without knowing it.  It's a big blogging web out there.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Skittles bag

I'm sure there's an unflattering reason why, but I'm generally not attracted to other asians.  And the ones that I am attracted to are usually taller and stockier than me.  As a result, any time I get involved in group play, it's like a Skittles bag.  Taste the rainbow.  A group of guys that vary widely in size, looks, sexual desires, everything.

Grindr's been good to me, though.  My theory is that people usually see the same old people in their neighborhood so they jump on any chance of fresh meat that they can get their hands on.  So I fired it up when I had to stay overnight a couple of towns over for business and I got a few people hitting me up.  One of which was a Mexican guy in his late twenties.  Not latino, but Mexican.  He was visiting on vacation from north central Mexico and I was a bit surprised that he was able to keep up with all my sexual slang.  The problem was, I couldn't host with colleagues nearby and he was vacationing with his friend.  So we ended up finding another guy that just happened to be staying at the same hotel I was and who was able to host the both of us.  I sensed that he wasn't totally attracted to this guy.  Otherwise, he'd just have gone over to that guy and had a session with him one-on-one, right?

So, he asks, "Want to use me with another top and fill both my holes?"
I had two words for him: "Fuck yeah!"

I met him at the lobby and he was a pretty good looking guy.  I forgot that I was older than him until I met him.  He was bright-eyed but shy, a little more hesitant than a guy a few years older who'd be confident about what he wants and just goes for it.  But what struck me the most was how our chit chat in person was so much different than Grindr.  I had to desaturate my speech from local color and paint a pretty boring canvas of pleasantries just for us to understand each other.

Thankfully, we made it to the host's room before it got too uncomfortable.  A distinguished looking guy in his late forties opened the door, smartly dressed for golfing vacation with a lacoste polo tucked into some pressed pants.  The Mexican chap introduced me as "his friend," which immediately told me that this other guy didn't know we were all strangers.  I played along though.  The host turned out to be a really verbal top with a french accent.  I pulled the Mexican boy to me by the belt and felt up his ass before he bent over and nuzzled against Frenchie's crotch.  He was hungry for it and I didn't want to waste time, so after teasing myself just for a moment by reaching into the boy's shorts and feeling his twitching hole, I released him to join the Frenchie.  It was time to get this moving along, so I pulled my shorts down with one hand while pulling down the Frenchies with the other so that both of our cocks sprang free.  He had a good one on him.  Long and thick with a thin layer of foreskin just covering the crown.  I grabbed both of our cocks with my right hand, hard enough to see precum bubbling out of my cock, and then shoved both of them in the boy's mouth.  He wasn't ready for it, but he wanted it.  He struggled to find his balance as I knocked him over a bit when I pushed his head down on it, but I can feel him also trying to open wider to get them both in.  The sight of it all started a torrent of obscenities and demanding instructions from the French guy.

"Yes, pig.  Take it down your cunt lips." Not yeah, but yes.
This was answered with a gurggling choking sounds.
"No teeth.  Yes, you like taking cock?"
More choking sounds.  And I think he was starting to tear up as he struggled.

I was impressed.  I'm not the verbal type.  Done it before, but I've found that I'm always trying to come up with what next to say.  I have five different languages floating in my head and I don't think I can barely come up with the nasty talk in my primary tongue let alone a secondary language.  And he had a decent vocabulary to degrade our bottom kid, peppered with enough direct instruction to let him know his place as a hole for his cock, a tool just to get off.

But our bottom struggled.  He pulled off and gasped for air.  I quickly grabbed his head and shoved him down on my cock.  Just pure Asian dick down his throat.  When I felt the back of his mouth, I adjusted a bit to make my slight curve work and shoved it past and down his throat.  He gagged and his hands flew up to my thights to try to steady himself.  But it wasn't working out.  I knew what I was working with.  A demanding bottom and pig in training.  A guy that loves feeling desireable by having a hard cock dripping with precum wanting to use his holes, but also a guy that hasn't made the leap to doing all it takes to get his top off.  I was a bottom and I know how it is.  There was a point where it didn't matter that I was bent over in a weird, uncomfortable position, but the fact that my top stopped caring about where I was at and all I could see was the frenzied lust of him using my ass was what made my cock lurch and swell harder at the onslaught, where being dominated and knowing my top was loving it was enough to make me cum.  It's a big switch.

He wasn't there yet.

I knew I had to speed things up a bit or else the Mexican bottom boy would tire out.  We got fully undressed, fucked him from both ends, passed him around.  I switched gears a bit and eased up on the kid.  I was the first one to fuck him and eased him into it, fucking him in time with the French guy as he fucked the boy's face.  When we switched, the French guy pummelled his ass, pounded it for a second before the boy pulling off and say "Slow, slow".  After the third time where the boy said it, I decided to end the scene.  I took matters in my own hand and shot a load over the boy.  The other two quickly followed suit while I rubbed my spunk into the boy's chest.  I wanted to mark him and have him leaving smelling of me.

So we had a verbal and aggressive white guy, a latin bottom guy that couldn't quite handle it, and the asian guy that silently directed things.  Quite a mixed bag of people and personalities.  But fast forward a week to this past Wednesday and strangely enough, we get a surprisingly similar group together.

I was on Grindr talking to a guy that self-proclaimed to be "more wild than mild."  He was quite a distinguished looking older guy in his late 40s but still in great shape.  A scruffy Anderson Cooper type.  He and I liked what we saw when we exchanged pics, but the problem was that we're both tops.  He was able to rope in a stocky latin kid on the Scruff app, though.  We set to meet up a t three in the afternoon, but when the time drew near, the latin kid started to fall silent.  We both pretty much wrote it off when I suddenly got an email saying the kid was on his way.  I wrapped up at work, but new I'd be joining them mid-play.  When I got there, the kid was collared, lying with his head dangling off the bed, obviously in the same position that Anderson left him to open the door for me.  He was on a vinyl covered bed.  The guy wasn't joking about being into kink.

The latin kid, I'm not so sure about.  He was full of nervous laughter when I got there.  When I unleashed my hard 7" trapped in some pressed pants, I ask him if he wanted another cock to suck.  He  replied in the affirmative, but blushed and gave me a nervous giggle.  The kinky Anderson was really verbal though.  While the frenchie was filthy mouthed, Anderson was just direct.
"Suck my buddy's cock."
"Swallow it.  Be a good boy and swallow it."
"Tighten up that hole when I fuck you."

And the kid didn't know what to do except giggle and obey.  He was definitely out of his element.
After passing his mouth and ass back and forth, Anderson took out a huge dildo and with a handle at the end.  The thing curved downward under it's own weight.  Over a food long and as thick as young tree trunk.
More nervous giggling.  But the kid took it.

By then, I knew he was already going to be loose, so I looked at Anderson and said, "Let's double fuck him."
Anderson smiled.
The latin kid look horrified.  But I wasn't even looking in his direction.
"How does that work?" and more giggling.

We showed him.  But Anderson got tired of him after awhile and it ended up just stroking and watching with me pounding the latin hole hard and working up a big sweat, taking in the sights as I leaned back a little to watch my curved cock nearly pop out before shoving it back in again.  By the time I was done, the dildo and I left his ass in ruins and gaping wide open.  Anderson was watching and nodded, letting me know he was ready to shoot.  We both let loose over his chest.  He was covered with cum as six or seven volleys of white cream shot over him.  And I don't normally shoot.  To be honest, I don't know if the kid came or not.  We left him on the bed as Anderson and I chatted and got cleaned up.  He came to be used, so I figured I'd complete the experience and make him feel like a piece of tissue that was tossed aside after use.  He must have liked it a bit though, as he paused before he left to turn back and smile at us.

Once again, a verbal white guy, a latin guy that wasn't quite prepared for the aggression, and me just moving things along.  I guess you can't expect it to be perfect.  Sometimes the Skittles bag harmonizes to an explosion of sweet bliss.  And other times you wished you just had a single piece of taffy instead.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The talent is yours

I was watching "Big Bang Theory" and there was a witty exchange that noted how actors have an externally focused perception of self, where they evaluate themselved based on how others see them.  Of course, I immediately thought of how this applies to sexual encounters and the way some people feed their narcissism by seeing how many guys they can bag, how many loads they can get in one night, etc.  For me, though, the ultimate ego boost as a top is when a bottom cums handsfree while I'm fucking them...  even though in the back of my head, I know it's more their talent than mine.

I met him off Grindr and wasn't too hopeful at first.  Usually when a picture of a nice sunset hits me up on Grindr, it's the start of a long session of slutty messages and photos back and forth that never pans out and ends up with me having blue balls a couple of hours later.  But this time, I was really hopeful it would work out and all the signs pointed to a successful real-time meet.  Pics were exchanged within a couple of messages, face pics shortly after that and then the coordination of when and where to meet.  And damn, was I anxious to meet.  He had beautiful grey eyes set within an intensely expressive face topped on a solid frame with wide shoulders.  It was one of those self-pics in front of a mirror that usually is an awkward self-conscious pose.  But for him, his neatly combed hair and loose white undershirt betrayed his attempt at inexpressive face and I saw the boyish, casually confident but eager to please guy seething in sexuality.  And I wanted to grab his head and plant him down on my cock to make him gag.

And so I did. Our first meet was a quickie in the car.  He was coming out of work and I couldn't host, so we ended up playing in the car parked at a discreet location of a parking structure.  Haven't done that in a long time.  Usually I can't get comfortable enough, with the fear of getting caught and the cramped confines of an automobile.  But I surprised myself by letting a heavy load within a few minutes.  He turned me on that much! Even with the rumbles of car driving around below us and the echos of footsteps bouncing off all the walls making it seem like they were walking right up to the car while I was fucking his throat.

It's that chemistry that made us meet up the next day. He was teasing me all day with pics of him in his jock, which he wore just in case we were able to meet up.  When he finally arrived at my doorstep, I was surprised to see him in a full suit and tie.  He looked up as I opened the door and flashed me a grin behind those boyish eyes that soon enveloped his face and exposed his dimples.  And that was it.  I was pawing at him in a flash and we somehow ended up on the bed with his clothes tossed around somewhere in the house along the way.  It was pretty much a big blur as I gave into my lust and I didn't really snap out of it until his legs were on my shoulders and my cock was pressing against his ass with him on his back.  It was just a microsecond, but it was enough for me to sense that I went a little too fast and hurt him.  I wasn't even trying to fuck him, really.  I just wanted to feel my cock rub up against his ass.

He felt me stop for a second.  "Don't stop.  It's just been awhile."
"We don't have to..."
"No, put it back.  Tease my hole with the head."
I knew what that meant.  He wanted it... and wanted it raw.

I used a little lube and aimed it at his hole before going in for a deep kiss.  I felt him tighten up around my cock and held still until I could feel him relax from the passionate kiss.  I applied more pressure and feel him take me in all the way, sinking into his warm hole until I was fully inside.  As I moved off his lips, lightly pulling away a bit, I ground into him a few times.  With a really steep angle and my cock almost buried balls deep, he let out a gasp.

"Oh fuck!"
I did it again.  "God, right there," he whispered.
I hit the spot.  I knew exactly where it was and hit it repeatedly.  Short quick thrusts, long ones to have him feel the length of my cock before I hit his button.   Each time, "Fuck!"
"You're gonna make me cum if you keep doing that."

I didn't answer, but instead leaned in for another deep kiss while I kept it up.  After ten or so more thrusts, his massive chest heaves.  He bucks under me so hard that he practically fucks himself on my cock uncontrollably.  He wrapped his hands around my back, "Fuck, I can't believe that happened!"

"You've never had that happen before?"
"No, I have, but it's been a long time since it happened last."
"Yeah, that's what I thought," I said.
"What do you mean?"
"I've only topped a guy that can cum without touching himself a couple of times.  And I'm pretty sure the talent is all his and not really mine."
"No, that was good.  You definitely knew what you were doing.  I still can't believe that happened."

I didn't cum yet and he felt bad, but I let him off the hook.  Besides, the ego trip was good enough.  Yeah.  I know.  I'm really not that good, but still...  I think this is the case where it's not so bad to aim to have others feed my narcissism.  Five times in my life so far ain't bad.  But I'm gonna go for needing two hands and maybe my feet to count.  Externally focus my sense of self?  Fine.  Guilty.  Eh, it's not that bad to wire yourself that way, right?

Friday, June 8, 2012


There's something hot about a big, muscular guy that begs for a guy that's less than half his size to nail him.

I was browsing Craigslist when I came across his ad. Muscle guy looking to suck and get nailed.  I recognized who he was, even though he dropped a year in his age and said he was the next town over.  Still, I could tell by the urgency and need of his tone.  This was a guy I had before.  Last couple of times, it was in the middle of the night and I happened to be free.  He'd have his apartment lights out, waiting for me with his ass in the air.  A bit skittish, so he never has his ad up for long and it always takes some coaxing to get an invite over.  But once I'm there, he takes what ever I give him and loves it.

Today's different.  Broad daylight and I saw his ad.  He was short on time and so was I.  So I didn't give him a chance to flake out, but instead told him I'd be there in 10 minutes and to have himself lubed up, ass up and waiting.  And that's exactly how I found him.  Lube and condoms lying next to him.

When I say muscular, I'm not just talking fit.  He's ridiculously muscled, 30-inch waist at least triple that for the chest.  Probably 6' and 275# with almost no body fat.  All muscle.  Beautiful bubble ass that trembled at my touch. But he patiently waited while I greased up my cock.  It didn't take me long to go full mast as I took in the sights.  Broad muscled shoulders that tapered down to a trim waist, each muscle in his triceps, his back and legs clearly visible.  I slipped on the condom and without any warning, slide into his as in one slow movement until I was balls deep.  He was tight and I had to push pretty hard.  Halfway through, his ass loosened up a bit and I sank in easily until I started to pull out again.  As I pulled all the way out, his ass spasmed around my cock trying to pull and push the intruder out.  It pulsed around my cock.

And the whimper.

After the initial gasp as I tore through his hole, he started to whimper.  He really sounded like he was crying.  But I new better.  He was hard as a rock and loving every minute of it, every inch in and out.  But still, it made my cock throb, hearing this guy twice my size face the humiliation of submitting to a little kid and loving it.  So I picked up the pace and slammed into his ass, giving him something to really cry about.

I hammered in and out hard.  All the way.  Long strokes.  Before changing it up and stabbing my cock in small short thrusts.  Then long dicked him again.

I slapped his ass hard, causing his ass to involuntarily tighten up, while asking, "You like that dick up your ass, you nasty cunt?"

"FF-FF-yyy-hsss" was all he could manage.  It was the response of a man that wanted to talk but was working with too much sensory overload to work out a coherent phrase.

I showed him I demanded an answer by wrapping my hand around his tiny waist and pulling him hard back onto my cock.  And he gasped while simultaneously drawing in a large breath, causing his lungs to sing a staccato breath that sent me over the edge.  It came without warning.  I didn't even get a chance to tell him I was loosing my load deep inside him.  But he knew it, cause at the same time he whimpered an "ow" that had a question mark at the end of it of both pain and pleasure and then his whole body tensed up as he lost his load.  And I could feel and see it all.  Every muscle bulged and tightened and his ass ring spasmed around my cock.

I smiled as his body bulged even more from his orgasm, knowing I dominated a beast of a man.  Then I pulled out, dropped the heavy sack of cum on the floor and bailed.  I later got an email inviting me back anytime. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

It's all lies... sometimes

So the problem with being a cheater is that you become a little jaded and don't trust anyone.

I was at home and had a rare opportunity to host.  Sure, I had work to do, but I couldn't help but browse craigslist, Grindr and Adam4Adam.  It wasn't too long before a scenic picture hit me up on Grindr.  My pic doesn't show my face either, but at least it shows a bit of my body.  But I was horny and he was less than a half mile away, so I took the bait.

"Looking?" he asked.
"Fuck yeah.  What you into?"
"Only done this once before.  Just looking to JO with a guy and watch porn"

Eh.  That sounded kinda boring but I didn't have much time before my partner came home.

"That's cool. Got a pic?"

He has a kind face.  Quite handsome with a killer smile. An early thirties guy.  Tall and slim, but not exactly athletic.  A guy that's starting to settle into his body.  But the problem is that neither of us want to host.

"I'm not single here," I say.
"I'm not either."

A pause, while I contemplate my next move.

"Okay, I don't have much time, but come on over."

And he does...  After a lot of coaxing.  He's nervous someone will barge in on us.  And he insists that he's only done this once before and noted that I was "really aggressive".  I don't think I was.  I'm just blunt.  I'm not going to hide the fact that I like to fuck and that I'm settling for just a hand job.  But I'm a nice guy and I'm not going to force anyone into a situation they're not comfortable with.  I'm not going to have any fun if he's constantly looking for an escape route.

He doesn't trust my words though.  And to be honest, I don't trust his either.  I remember that scenic pic chatting me up a few months ago.  Nothing came out of it, but I really don't think this will be his second time playing with a guy. 

But there he was in my living room, hands shoved under the buckle playing with himself while watching some porn from Treasure Island Media.  Probably a little too hardcore for a guy that's new to it all and skittish, but it's a hot video and it instantly got my 7 inch cock rock hard and pulsing.  Every other pulse made my cock leak more and more precum and I openly started to stroke.  We were silent for a few minutes before he glanced over and saw my sticky mess and took it as a queue to get more comfortable and started to undress.  I rubbed his thigh a little when he got back down on the couch and slowly started to stroke him.  His cock lurched the moment my hand made contact and it was as hard as steel.  A good 7 inches himself, and thick as hell.  A lot thicker than me.  He gave me a look that betrayed his lust for more.

"You want me to suck it, huh?"
He didn't answer, but just gave me a smile.  I moved down and tentatively licked the length of his shaft and lapped at his balls.  Then in one quick swoop I had the whole length of his cock down my throat.  He gasped and his back arched for a second.  I don't think I'm that great at giving head, but man, I was horny.  I was able to deep throat him without gagging and he loved it.  But he still hadn't really touched me yet.  His hands were at his sides and he almost seemed loathed to touch me.  Maybe I wasn't his type and was just geographically convenient.  But then again, he was hard as rock since he got here and there was no indication that it was going to deflate, even when the porn video went bad and started to freeze.  He wasn't paying attention to that anymore.

The cock swelled even more inside my throat as I sucked on him with slow long strokes.  His thick base made it a challenge to stop teeth from grazing, but I managed to do it.  Just before the head, his shaft quickly tapers off so he's perfect for swallowing with a tight throat.

And then his hands suddenly grabbed my head.  I was started to feel his hands touched me for the first time as he pulled me off him.  "I don't want to cum yet." I love that I got him to the edge so quickly.

I nuzzle against his fuzzy nuts and take a deep whiff.  Clean, but a hint of masculinity bubbling up in the moist area between his sack and thigh.  And I lap him up.  I tickle his balls and work my finger lower to his tight pucker.  He doesn't stop me, but I can tell I'm not going to be able to drill that today...  but I also know it's not off the table for next time either.

I worked myself up to a frenzy and I don't know what possessed me to do it, but I hopped on top of him.  Face to face, his cock squeezed tight between us.  I spit on my hand and lube him up a little more before I let it slide against my ass.  And before I could talk myself out of it, I placed it against my hole and lowered myself down.  It wasn't until I bottomed out that he let out the breathe that he was holding and his eyes rolled back.

"You like that, huh?"

He answered by grabbing my hips as started to bounce on his lap, milking his cock in slow strokes.  And his hand then moved to my hard cock, stroking me as I was fucking myself on his dick.

"I'm not gonna last if you keep doing that," I said, but he kept on stroking and stroking, until I felt my cum bubbling up.  Let me make it known that I'm a dribbler, more than a shooter, but today, his cock was hitting that sweet spot and and shot a huge load between us.  It hit his nipples and stomach and I don't think he was expecting it.  I'm not sure he liked it either.  He tensed up and maneuvered to try to avoid it almost. I don't know what he was expecting.  I warned him.  I barely finished cumming when he tried to push me off him.  I hopped off and he stood up.

"Where do you want it?" he asked.
I knelt and said, "Just do it, man" and slapped his ass.  It was just a couple of strokes and he flooded my chest with his baby batter.

I quickly went to get him a towel to wipe himself off.  I like to think that I wasn't aggressive, but was just picking up queues on where he wanted to go.  But despite his passiveness, his aversion to a guy cumming on him, his aversion to even touching me, I had a lot of doubts about him being a married guy that's only had one other man to man play session.  The words were out of my mouth before I could stop myself.

"You're not really married.  C'mon.  You've done this before."  I couldn't believe I just accused him of two counts of lying.  Ha!

He was getting dressed and stopped to fish his phone out of his pocket.  "I'm not going to have a random girl and kid on my phone".  He showed me his wallpaper for a quick second.  It was a pic of him and a blond girl with a child on their lap.  His green eyes pretty lit up.  It was a disgustingly sweet pic.  I was going to make a quip about that only proving that he's at least an uncle but I actually exercised some control this time and stopped myself.  I just laughed. 

I still think he stretched the truth. But it really didn't matter.  I got off; he got off.  We're good.  Actually he was really good.  Hot as hell.  After showing him out and shutting the door, I looked down and realized that I was still wearing his massive load on my chest.