Monday, December 30, 2013

Snapshot: Quickie with a big one

Fucking a hung guy is a bit of a bonus.  I mean, it's kinda a waste for what I'm into but it's also kinda nice to have a big hard cock flopping around while you're drilling a guy or something meaty and hefty to paw at that responds to your thrusts.  I think I'm pretty close to being right smack dab in the middle of the bell curve so I pretty much think everyone is "my size" and falls within a half inch or so on either side of me.  Now, I've been told I need to get my glasses checked because I'm way off on depth perception and spatial relations, cutting my self a little short but I chalk that up to weird proportions (I'm a smaller guy so average can look big) and the Asian stereotype working for me (average looks huge when you're expecting something small, right? Ha!).  Every now and then a guy drops trou and you can't help but let out a whistle and be a little impressed.

I was on my way to work when I fired up Grindr.  And then I was in this guy's apartment in record time.  It pays to be direct, but I'm sure it was also just a fortunate confluence of events that led me to find a cock-starved guy who's partner was in France on business, thus able to and more than willing to host a quick hookup before work.  Within minutes of arriving, I was laying down on my back with him straddling me, riding my cock.  Nice broad shoulders.  Shaved head.  Trimmed chest.  He leans back a little and rests his weight on his hands behind him, doing little pelvic thrusts that raise and lower him onto my cock.  He's miming a fuck, which impales him on my cock.  Lets his head roll back and just gets lost on the sensation while I watch as his abs contract just so with each thrust.  Hot guy.  Well defined chest, flat stomach.  Triceps that bulge as they support the weight on his hands.

And this hard, huge fucking cock bouncing and flopping all around in front of me.

I resist the temptation to grab it.  He seems like he's lost on the sensations and ready to pop and I wasn't anywhere near close.  He was using my cock for his pleasure and it was time for me to guide him the other way around.  I grabbed his hips and guided his ass to fuck the full length of my cock, raising his hips until his ass was gripping onto the crown of my cock in protest before letting go and having his weight slam him down to the root.  His skin felt rubbery and loose, yielding and sliding over the hard, taut muscles.  That tactile feel was a little unexpected, so I flipped him over onto his back before I couldn't be distracted by it.  Legs over my shoulders, I pummeled my cock into his ass.  Full force fucks driving his shoulders up and up, til he's almost dangling off the bed.  Letting one leg slide off and over to the side, I now had access to palm his long and meaty cock.  That was all he needed to shoot.  I, on the other hand, needed a little more and I know I was probably hurting the dude but I was so close.  Just a few more thrusts and I was emptying my nuts.

It was a strong orgasm.  When things came back to focus, I realized I had already rolled off him but still had his cock in my fist.  Hm.  Maybe I'm a closeted size queen afterall.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Snapshot: Eating the pilot's ass

It wasn't until recently where I've worked eating ass into the routine.  Not because I wasn't interested, but more because the guys I played with weren't the type to prepare and it'd be hit or miss whether or not the act would yield favorable results.  So I'm pretty inexperienced in this area, but luckily I have you bloggers out there to guide me.

The pilot was on layover, staying at a hotel by the airport, a pitstop directly on my route to work in the morning and he was quite clear that he wanted his ass eaten.  I got the sense that it's something that he doesn't normally get at home.  So when I arrived, he was on his belly, ass up, knees spread wide and low, hugging a pillow.  His ass was full and fuzzy, wall-to-wall carpeting.  I must have fallen face forward onto his mounds, feeling his fur dance across my cheek while I got undressed.  Threw the shirt off before nose-diving into his crack.  Mounds so full I had to spread them to gain access.  And then I spent long minutes feasting on his hole.  Broad long laps from his balls to the patch of dense fuzz just below his lower back.  Twirl.  Flick.  Shaping my tongue like an arrow while I tongue fucked him, giving away to a relaxed tongue that just mashed the ooze I was salivating all over.  Sucked on his hole until he puckered open and then chewed on his ass.  Grazed my teeth on his hole before another, literal, nose dive.  My nose was wiggling against his hole while my tongue was planted on his balls and that sensitive area where his balls stretched to his hole.  Couldn't breathe.  Pulled back and his hole winked at me.  It tightened up when I blew cool air across it.  Then I went in close, lips millimeters away from his hole.  Licked my chops and just hovered.  I couldn't see it, but I could feel it: the warm breath closing the short gap between us and causing his hole flowering open, complete opposite of the earlier cool air that I blew.  Loud, deep moans booming from the chest of this big brawny guy.  The pillow insufficient in muffling his cries.

After that, I didn't need anything else to work my meat inside him.  He was a slippery mess back there.  The extra ooze that my cock was producing was superfluous and his ass yielded to my hard cock like a hot knife through butter.  I rammed him hard, causing ripples across his ass every time I hit home.  No.  Not ripples.  Tsunamis.  Repeatedly with each thrust adding more energy until I popped my load deep inside him.

To my delighted surprise, he moved to clean me off afterwards.  God, I love a guy that can go ass to mouth.  And as I luxuriated in feeling his velvet tongue across my cock, unsuccessfully willing my toes to stop curling, he shot a healthy load over his belly.

Kinda nice knowing my fresh load was going to be stowed in a cockpit travelling the globe.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Snapshot: The divorcee

So, following on the heels of my previous post, another thing I've found that people lie about is the whole gay/straight thing.  Played with a few "bi" guys and "married" guys even though they had pictures of them and their boyfriend plastered all over their walls.  But this guy was legit.  The amount of experience he had (guy or girl) was in the single digits.  But two hands, at least.

Recently divorced and still struggling to figure things out.  Not a guy that you'd typically say is hot, but he's a fucking stud.  Meaty, gnarled, bulldog face with a nose that's been through hell.  Hockey player, football player.  One of those faces that just oozes physicality and masculinity.  Broad shouldered.  A former farmboy from what I later pieced out.  A fucking big brawny stud and he doesn't even know it.

Contrast that with the delicate nature of his predicament.  His whole world's been turned upside down.  Recovering alcoholic.  Reorganizing his religious faith.  A towering build of strength on the cusp of breaking down.

Light, tentative touch.  Unsure but insistent.  Hungry.  Uncertain.  He tensed up big-time when my tongue snaked down past his balls to his ass.  "Too gay?" I asked, jokingly.  He let out a howl of laughter that came from his core, deep and booming.  "Yeah, I think so," he responded.

I could tell he was swimming in and out of his head, fighting off the demons to enjoy what he craved so much.  His cock went from rock hard and throbbing to soft to hard again in my mouth.  And when he returned the favor, it was with a hunger and passion that made me cry out in surprise.  I pulsed my load into his mouth mere moments after he started to lap at it.  The tortured beauty.  Completely exposed.  Vulnerable.  It's agonizingly beautiful when a soul lies exposed and raw before you, close enough to touch.

We laid there in a tangled mass afterwards and I felt him slowly let go in my arms.  He became heavy, his breathing more regular but fully awake and present.  Lucid eyes that just languidly stared at me.  And I took comfort in the fact that for at least a brief moment, now, he's able to chase those demons away and be at rest.

So...  you know what I said about loving an experienced pig?  Well, newbies are kinda fun too!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Snapshot: Virgin?

Happy holidays folks!  Hope everyone has a day of warm fuzzies with friends and family on this chilly day (well, chilly if you're in the northern hemisphere).

One of the really funny stories from RobTheBreeder's vault is one where he's a kid cruising the rest stop and, utilizing his young age, appealed to the taboo nature of being with someone so young by feigning inexperience until one of the guys that was fucking him noted how it was the second time he took RobTheBreeder's "virginity."  Ha!  It's funny how some guys lie about things like that.  So I'm standing there in a guy's bathroom washing my cock (I'll give him points for trying to go ass to mouth and then being honest when he said he couldn't take my cock anymore) wondering if it really was his first time.  Some guys claim to be tops and a virgin to bottoming yet have asses so loose that you could lose a Ford pickup back there.  His wasn't that loose.  But I did have reason to doubt.  He's a bit shy in letting on how much of a pig he really is.

He 'fessed up to a lie earlier in the month where he cancelled on me at the last minute because of a "family emergency."  With him being one of my regulars, I gave him a few days followed by an earnest note of concern, asking how he was holding up.  Well, turned out the reason he cancelled was because the boy from the night before was still in his bed when I started to head over.  Ha!  Had a good laugh at that.  It would have been hot to find the two of them in bed together and join in, but that might be one of those porn scenarios that works out better in fantasy than reality.  And after he told me, he sent me a pic of the kid.  Cute kid.  Dark features, handsome face.  And it was a pic I've seen about a year earlier when another fuck bud of mine asked if I wanted share this kid as a bottom.  It didn't work out back then and judging by my two buds, he definitely has a type and I'm not it.  Shaved head, fuzzy chested older daddy type is what he's after.

So, when my bud tells me that just a few moments before, I was the first to fuck my bone into him, was he honest?  Or was it just another example of him trying to save his image, acting all coy and chaste.  Not that it really mattered.  His ass felt great.  One of the more interesting ones as I ate it out and worked my meat in.  He has a deep hole.  Almost an extra hole before you actually get to his sphincter.  A flap of skin?  Webbing?  Something.  I can pull his glorious round molds apart and get the crown of my cock completely enveloped by his ass before I actually meet his hole.  And when I worked my bare cock inside him, I had to struggle to figure out when he was opening up.  But when I was fully in, it was tight as hell.  And it felt like several rings were undulating across my shaft with that extra ring.  And I'm not talking about that extra ring deep inside.  An extra outer ring.  He couldn't take a full assault on his ass (or at least he claimed) so I was content to just lie on top of him, chest to his back, full weight on top of him with my arm under him pulling me to him and smothering him with my weight, pulsing my dick every few seconds and feel his ass clench and quiver in response.  Even after being poppered up and a bit drunk, he had to call me off.

It was fine.  What he couldn't take he made up for with his head hanging off the side of the bed with a full on throat fuck before I mashed myself hard against his face for my final thrust and shot my load directly down his throat.  Almost made it through without gagging, but I think I blocked his breathing passages too long while I was cumming.  Still amazed at how he could take it.  Something that only a guy that's had some practice can pull off.  Did I really bust his cherry?  I dunno.  But I much prefer him being an experienced pig.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Snapshot(s): Tried and true

I've been trying to be a little more honest with myself.  And following my fellow bloggers who are far more confident about what they want without equivocating the truth and tediously packaging things within acceptable social constructs of propriety, I've pretty much figured out that I'm a fucking whore that wants to spread his seed as wide as possible, all corners of my known universe, fuck and fill a new hole much preferred over one already encountered.  But the odd thing is that high from a new conquest is often severely underwhelming compared to the fan-fucking-tastic chemistry of someone you've already been with.  And every now and then, you're slapped in the face with that imbalance, that irrational preference for the let down...  And sometimes all in the same day.

Picture this: my hard cock is down the throat of a young music teacher.  He's a bit larger than he had advertised in his pictures on Growlr, but I'm not anywhere near disappointed.  It's Growlr after all, and that's where I go when I want my fill of a meaty guy.  A guy I can really get my hands on.  I'm not targeting the chasers on there.  That'd be pointless.

His face is flushed trying to work my meat.  His cheeks were rosy just sitting around chatting but they are boiling tea kettle red now as he struggles to take it all down to the root repeatedly.  And I'm enjoying myself, but...  I'm not sure he is.  He's extremely self-conscious.  Stopping repeatedly to make sure that I'm good and what's more concerning is his persistence in me validating that he's acceptable.  "Am I okay?" he asks.  He's not talking about his technique.  He's talking about his size.  And like a self-fulfilled prophecy, I start to lose it.  If he wasn't just into oral, I'd be fucking my bone into him by now and enjoying having something of some size under me, but his extreme self-deprecation turned into something more.  Something more that I just couldn't give.  There's an emotional tenderness that was needed here and when I heard that call, I did the exact opposite of what was needed.  I stopped and called it off.  The excitement of the hunt, the chase, led to this disastrous dance where we finally realized we were following different rhythms.  And the bad thing was that it wasn't his size at all, but a different emotional headspace incompatibility that was leaving a sour taste in my mouth.

Then picture this: An hour later and my cock is buried deep inside a bud I hadn't fucked in a couple of months.  He's on his back, legs in the air, arms clutching and scratching at my back.  Our lips our locked and we're really getting into it before I move off and nuzzle his neck, right below the ear... and then I start to devour it like a blood-starved vampire when he exclaims, "Oh fuck yes! Now I remember!"  The memories of our previous encounters rush back to him and he moves to push all my buttons as I push on his and mere moments later, I'm fucking my cum in him while he shoots big globs between us.

By far, one of the top fucks of the year.  But still, I'll give that up every time (almost) in favor of the former scenario: the new guy where I don't know what to expect, that rush of something new usually leading to a result less satisfying.

Apparently, I'm a masochist.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Snapshot: Animal print

What I remember the most was the leopard print blanket he had on his bed.  It was incredibly soft and had that nice velvety, slick feel that only synthentic, simulated fur can create.  Completely out of place in his apartment full of tidy and strong, clean masculine lines.  But I can't help but make the contrived and cliched comparison to his raw, animalistic passion he had in the sack, that no matter how out of place that blanket was in his abode it fully suited him on his bed.

He's a blond bloke that I thought was way younger than his actual years.  Perhaps it was the short, military buzz cut or the fact that he was both working full time and going to school to get a degree.  But after several minutes where our bodies were in sync, where he seemed to luxuriate in just the contact of my skin so much so that I had this strong desire to just melt onto him so that I could smother every square centimeter of his exposed surface and seep deep into the valleys that were not so exposed, that level of chemistry comes from exploiting instinctual details, a skill that isn't afforded to the inexperienced.  And then I ended up on my back with him straddling me and his eyes were searching mine for something before he smiled so genuinely, his eyes crinkled at the corners to finally show a bit of age.  I didn't realize it, but what he was searching for was some sort of permission, some signal that I was okay with pushing me to the next level as he aimed my raw cock at his hole and started to sink down with nothing but the goo that my cock was pulsing out and some dried up drool of his from having it lodged in his throat a few minutes earlier.  He spent some time trying to relax, giving me goosebumps as his hole tightened and gave way to my hard cock as he sank down on it.  All the way down.  Sitting on my lap fully impaled.  When he hit bottom, I wanted to cum so bad.  I sat up a bit and reached behind him, up his back to both pull him to me chest to chest and pull him down by the shoulders to get deeper in him still.

Melt. Melt into him this time.

That feeling just lasted a second or two before we were back to the writhing and the fumbling, rolling around on his bed while I sawed my bone into him from several positions, finding one that suited me fine and let loose with my load.  He flopped back and forth from being hard and just kinda chubbed up.  Never came.  But as we lie panting, trying to recover afterwards, no mistaking that the beast was satisfied.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Snapshot: Flipping a top

When I agree to play with another top, it usually ends up just being oral play or me breaking his defenses down until I have my meat inside him.  So I'm not sure how the hell I ended up on my back with my legs in the air, grimacing through the pain yet welcoming it on while this blond kid with a faux hawk a full decade my junior is sawing his raw bone inside me.

My eyes bulged and I tightened up hard.

"Oh, shit.  Sorry," the kid said softly as he repositioned and fucked a bit more shallow.  The kid has skill.  He knew he went to deep without me telling him.  And now he's hitting that spot that's numbing the pain.

It started the way I thought.  Us swapping head.  But the first thing that should have clued me in that things would turn out different was the way I responded to his funk.  A blue-collar kid, a bit more self-assured than I usually find guys his age, unapologetically grubby from a hard day's work in the field and I was eating his scent up.  Some guys you smell and it turns your stomach.  This guy, for some reason, made me respond in a totally unexpected way.  The sting of his day's sweat as I lapped as his nuts was accompanied by a scent that was distinctly male but alluring.  I immediately mashed my nose against his pits and swirled my tongue around to consume as much of him as I could.  

And apparently that also meant sucking in his cock deep inside my ass.

Snapshot: Semi-retired chatterer

I'm not much for talking during sex.  Not that I'm not a verbal guy.  I can be, but it's not a conversation but instead rhetorical questions that are meant to fuck with your head more than anything else.  I'm a little too old to multi-task and answer questions candidly while I'm trying to fuck the cum out of you.

But for some reason, I didn't mind so much with him.

TheTalker's a beefy framed, mature kid that disarms me with his earnest eyes and solid kiss.  Soft lips.  Moist, but never sloppy.  Some how tender and coy but persistent and urgently passionate at the same time.  And a complementary tongue that doesn't duel but dances with my own.

But what really made me lose two loads back to back in succession was seeing him on his stomach.  With him on his elbows, you can see his strong, broad shoulders sweep down the valley of the natural arch in his back to two full globes of man that were perky and insisted on being explored.  I asphyxiated myself sucking on his balls as my nose was buried deep into his cleft.  And it was his scent that lingered on my nose that carried me through two loads and his persistent questions that demanded more than a monosyllabic answer.

It was the one time I didn't mind the questions and commentary during play.  That is, until I was done and my natural instincts to bolt took over.  Whereas his self-reflections were insightful before, they seemed now self-indulgent.  His theories were interesting before, but now impossibly flawed and ridiculous.  His questions somehow seemed more invasive.  So I politely excused myself and gave up on trying for the third load, stopping myself from tarnishing the image of perfection I had framed in my mind with the typical post-coital funk.

Snapshot: Stinky

Body piercings?  Hot!  Cat urine?  Not so much.

There was so much that was telling me to bolt.  I would normally slap my hands and rub them together to warm them up in a cold house, but I didn't in fear of the friction igniting the fumes of alcohol that was emanating from his body.  It already took me a lot longer than expected to find his house, trying to interpret his slurred speech on the phone.  And the smell.  The stench of ammonia or something foul reminiscent of an unattended litter box hit me the moment I stepped in the house.  But despite all that, I was still hard.  It had been a number of days since I last shot and my dick wasn't used to the neglect.  It demanded attention.  And for some reason, stalking the streets of a dark neighborhood while an eager guy was talking dirty in between half-formulated sentences on what his house looked like really turned me on.

When I finally charged through his door, I unzipped and flopped down on a heavily worn couched while he dropped to his knees.  I rolled my eyes in the dark when he mouthed the cotton of my trunks.  I just wanted to use his mouth to nut and walk away.  Fuck the foreplay.  I was hard and ready.

Pushed my trunks down and let my bone bounce free.  Grabbed him by his nips to pull him to me again and was surprised to find out they were pierced.  He let his cock free too and it flopped down hard, weighted by a heavy gauge PA.

"Good," I silently thought.  "An experienced guy that won't mind the abuse."

But I was wrong.  He mistook my cock for a toy that didn't have thousands of nerve endings in it, bending it against the natural curve and mashing it the wrong way in the back of his throat while scraping some teeth along it's length.  Time to teach the kid.  I shifted on the couch, leaning against the arm rest and kicking my feet up.  Grabbed him by the hair on one hand and while the other guided the curve of my meat down his throat, past his tonsils until I could feel him start to gag.

Then I face fucked him.

He couldn't take it for long as I started to feel him resist in my hands, so I let go and his head flung back while he let out a big gasp for air.

"Back down on it!" I growled, before he dove back down on his own accord to take me to the root.  And I held him down by the neck until I shot down his throat.  His diaphragm gave a violent protest at the first shot and I felt my cock recoil and trigger a gag against his tongue.  His tight throat loosened up for a second before its wet, warm walls enveloped every surface of my cock as I shot another few lengths of cum straight down.

He didn't taste any of it.  Instead, he told me he tasted the sand I dragged in from my day at the beach.  Felt a little bad.  Then, in a moment of self-justification, I was glad that was all he tasted and hoped that'd remind him to clean up the litter box.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snapshot: The roll-off

So I'm starting to tackle the backlog of things to write by writing little clips, snapshots in time with the encounters I've had...

It's a natural break that happens from time to time.  I'm leaning over him with his legs over my shoulders.  What weight of mine he's not supporting with his upper back and shoulders is distributed to my two fists on either side of him, burrowing deep caves in his fluffy white comforter.  My stare drills into him, through him almost as I try to find an answer.  I'm searching for any signs that I've brought him to the edge.  In a bit of disdain, I fuck my dick back into him hard with a rough smack.  So rough, some of my sweat flies off my face and lands on his.  I roll off him in defeat.  Onto my back, heaving.  Trying to catch my breath.  I'm not sure how long we've been going at it but I know he's not close to cumming.  Neither am I.

A younger kid.  I mistook him for military but he's just a bit of a blue-collar type kid working in telecommunications.  And I'm trying not to make too much noise with his roommates in the next room.

We start kissing, side by side, while I throw off the condom.  Pulling him closer to me, he takes that as a sign to roll over and straddle me.  I like where this is leading.

I push on his chest and he sits upright, my hard cock still throbbing and lying perfectly centered between his two perfect mounds.  I grab his hips and slide them back and forth along my length, just teasing his hole.  He's whimper slightly every time the tip of my cock passed by.

"Do you...  think you'll need another condom?" he asked.  It was a strange way of asking it.  I took that as a sign that what was next, was up to me.

In answer, I angled my pelvis on the next pass and my cock pressed against his hole without buckling, just aiming straight to his guts.  Not even letting him object, I pressed him deeper.  One steady push.  And I felt his hole flower open and he glided on home to the base of my cock.  Another pelvic angle change and slight thrust while I pushed him firmly down on my cock and I knew I was hitting his prostate.  His gasp made my cock flare.

I slide him back and forth.  Not up and down, but back and forth.  Repeatedly hitting his prostate until I saw him snatch up his throbbing cock to jerk off a load.  I felt his ass spasm across the length of my dick before I saw his first shot fly onto my chest, and it was that spasm that sent my own load racing out into his guts.

It was his turn to roll off me.  This time, with a sense of complete satisfaction.

Monday, November 25, 2013

The shield

I don't always believe a guy when he says he's a total top so I definitely won't rule a guy out if he says he's "mostly a top".  It took six meetings, but here I am on my haunches with my cock sticking straight up aiming at the hole that was quivering while I held it right at the tip.  He was on his back (shoulders really), legs in the air, with my hands supporting the majority of his weight, lifting and lowering his hips as my cock pressed and pressed at his hole until it started to yield.  I could tell his mind was starting to wander as he realized what was going to happen so I folded myself over into a C-shape and took the tip of his cock into my mouth, taking as much as I could so that the pleasures of his cock was directly tied to his yielding ass.  A straight line from my shaft through his to the back of my throat.

And it worked.  The more I sucked, the more his ass relaxed.  He had half of me inside him every time I lowered his hips and then his ass would tighten up.  I'd use that grip he had to maximize the sensation on the upstroke before I had enough of him in my mouth to make his gasp and dilate again.  He was milking me without really trying.

And I was close.

I tossed his ankles over my shoulders and repositioned, ready to pound it into him when his eyes fluttered opened and he managed to gasp out, "No, no.  It's alright. it's alright."  Despite the contradiction, I knew what he meant.  He wasn't ready for a full-on fuck.  So I backed off.  I wasn't sure if it was my length or just the symbolic gesture of bottoming that he had a problem with but either way, I didn't push it.  He tensed up.  His whole body.  So I leaned in for a kiss until I felt his will melt into the matress.

He's a small guy, advertising himself as my height buy a good three inches shorter, and I have an overwhelming desire to dominate and smother him.

Upright now and little mini-strokes fucking into him, I grabbed his cock.  He was close.  And he started to cup his hands like little convex umbrellas to try to shield the inevitable blast from his cock, little curled bionic logs quickly masoned to fend off foreign projectiles.  I was prepared.  I grabbed one of his hands and pinned it over his head while I looked him in the eye to let him know it was alright.  Let it fly.  He disappointed me last time by enacting the same maneuver to destroy the evidence of his virility.  He's a supershooter.  It's all his skill, but I'd like to stroke my own ego a bit and think I'm the cause of such a violent orgasm.  He insists on minimizing his talents, not an act of self-deprecation but either a concern of messing up the sheets I share with my partner or out of shame for causing a mess evident of sin.  If he was trying not to leave a trail of evidence, he obviously didn't see that I hadn't changed my sheets in over a week and they were well stained from fucking a few loads out of my partner.

With a small cry, his first shot landed a long volley of cum from his ear to his belly.  The subsequent squirts were lamentably caught by the snare of the other cupped hand that I couldn't control as I jerked him off.

He scurried away pretty quick after cumming, obviously not used to having a cock inside him but to compensate, he swooped down and inhaled my cock.  God, I love a guy that doesn't mind tasting his ass.  Bonus points that he dived for it after he came... but some points that were slightly revoked when he couldn't swallow the full load when I shot after a few seconds.

"Fuck, that was good... as always," he says as he collapsed beside me.  I grabbed him and made him curl up onto my chest, which made him chuckle a bit.

"I'm gonna smack the shit out of you if you shield your cumshot again.  Just let it go next time."

That made him chuckle harder.  The problem: I was serious.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Threeways... again (part 2)

You can't fake chemistry.

So there I was snapping pics as the kid we found on craigslist was bouncing on my buddy's thick cock in our hotel room.  I already had my turn, but it only lasted a minute or so before it was like mashing a wet noodle against the wall.

The kid was hot, though.  Lean, small, a dick that was angry red and throbbing the minute his shorts hit the floor.  Normally, a guy I'd love to toss around.  But it just wasn't working out.

Maybe it was the things coming out of this guy's mouth.  He supposedly just ran a half marathon earlier in the day.  And was straight with a girlfriend.  Never had a threeway.  But there was a litany of "no's" that just made me wonder what the hell he wanted to do.  A bottom, but no kissing (total buzz kill).  In fact, nothing goes into his mouth.  Safe only (which isn't really a problem with me... hey, some people enjoy the sex better wrapped and others raw and I wanna make sure we all have a good time - just don't start talking to me like I'm a leper - like this guy - 'cause it's gonna be a little distracting).

And he kept on saying, "You guys are so hot!"  For some reason, I doubted him.  I also doubt my buddy (let's call him MegaThick) too when he says stuff like that, but it a different way.  He's such a sweet-talker.  The guy that sounds so genuine and is so disarming that I know how easily he gets guys in bed.  He's so good, he can verbally stroke a guy to orgasm, his words invisible sound waves that dances over a boy's body and tickles him behind the ear to make him blush and flower open.  He makes you want to live up to his words.

So, one guy totally sweetly authentic and another guy a little suspect.  For me, total disaster.

MegaThick and I were playing and stroking and rolling around in bed for over an hour waiting to seal the deal with the kid and get his ass over.  It was nice to get reacquainted.  Sucking him, though, was like getting an appetizer that was advertised as a single bite but inappropriately sized.  I had to distract him with platonic catch up talk just so that he'd go soft and I could fit him in my mouth.  He's definitely a grower.  Soft, he almost looks like he's uncut.  As I worked it in my mouth, though, it swelled up to the size of a chubby baby's arm.  When I tickled his balls a bit, the soft flesh that already ballooned out to force every possible space of air out of my mouth then turned rigid and pulsed into my throat, making me tear up and gag.

We were swapping head when the kid knocked.  Jumped up, naked, ran to the door and let him in.  Brief head nod and a smile, telling him to join in when he's ready, before I jumped back in bed to resume the activities with MegaThick.

That's when he exclaimed the first of his abrupt "You guys are so hot!" proclamations.  But it must have been somewhat true 'cause he was already hard in his shorts within the first couple seconds of stepping into the room.  He easily folded into our arms in bed but the play was punctuated with a few reproaches when we crossed a line.  I had to concentrate on my time with MegaThick to get my meat inside him.  When it didn't work out, I concentrated on getting MegaThick turned on to watch him fuck.

And damn, that was quite a site.  Loved watching a big 6'2" 250# bear of a man dominate this little 5'6" kid and split him in half with his thick cock.  And the kid loved it.  On his back, on his knees, and finally riding it while MegaThick was on his back and lifting the kid's ass up and down until the kid squirted.  It was hot.

We then sorta kicked the kid out while we got back to having fun with each other and bringing each other off.  Had dinner.  Then right before we got into our cars to go our separate ways, he says, "Love spending time with you, in and out of bed: the one guy that makes me wish I were a bottom and one I can see losing my virginity to."

See?  Such a sweet-talker!  Ha!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Threeways... again (part 1)

The surprise of a great night with two guys where all the variables could go horribly wrong but instead aligned and went incredibly right made me greedy for more.  Two more encounters, in fact, with likewise yin and yang results.  It's the law of averages.  Or just a balanced equation.

So GeekyCub kept on hounding me about MusclePecs kid (the kid that got all worked up about the parking and then flaked out) to the point where I felt like an exploited cheap conduit for easy uncut cock.  But, you gotta love a guy that's gloriously furry and can fire off fireballs of seminal fluid with the distance and speed of a Gatling gun so really how can you say no? 

New motel, cheap and seedy.  One you think that would rent by the hour if it weren't for the brand name that was posted outside, but with the requisite ample free parking.  GeekyCub arrived early so we decided to go for some bad asian food takeout and bring it back to the room.  We scarfed it down pretty quick at the standard round Formica table before attacking each other in bed waiting for MusclePecs to arrive.  Food and sex.  Why not fill the room with aromas from both basic impulses as bait for a third.

And he arrived looking younger than I thought he'd be.  And shy as hell.  Funny how these kids hide behind a fake bravado, an over-the-top caricature of strength built to rope in the tenuous strings of electronic pulses spanning physical barriers, vague details grotesquely amplified to reach the radar of a possible connection miles away.  I practically had to pick him up and place him in bed to play out the scene that he called out over IM: two guys working on his nips and cock to climax.  

Acrobatic gestures as we maneuvered around each other on the springy mattress, riding waves from the various tempos in which cocks were sucked.

Apparently, I was the more aggressive one, hearing MusclePecs gasp and then his hand fly up to my head when I was nibbling on his nips.  Alternating between rough and light play, jarring his senses when his body got used to a soft flick of the tongue by sucking it in hard or rolling it between my tongue and teeth.

GeekyCub was ready to blow on several occasions, pulling guys off his dick whenever he got close to the edge.  He was loving MusclePec's uncut meat.  Not as long or thick as you'd think from his pics, but a nice mouthful.  And GeekyCub was tangy, oozing sex and scents from his exertions.  The taste of his precum and the slightly acrid scent hit me as I gobbled him down.  I didn't let up when he tried to pull me off and savored the sensation of his cock pulsing in my mouth and down my throat for a long minute, not letting up even as he was convulsing post-climax.  Gotta say, it was good in my head but just not as satisfying as seeing him shoot and letting it fly.  I needed that visual.

And I later got it as we settled back to original scene, working each of MusclePecs nips while we all jerked off, firing in rapid succession.  Even for his second load, GeekyCub's load damn impressive.  I made a note to try to work my bone up GeekyCub next time.  It might take a bit of work though.  As I was coming down, quite satisfied and happy that the attraction went all three ways and the chemistry was great, it still felt like something was missing. So, next time I had an opportunity for some group play, I made sure fucking was on the table.

(Second part to this will come in a couple of days...  Sorry for the delay guys!)

Sunday, October 6, 2013


I've always been skeptical of threeways.  If you've read my entries for awhile, you'll know I'm no stranger to group play, but threeways are hard to pull off.  You always end up with two people being more into each other than the third.  Or you can end up with the unrequited triangle that leaves everyone miserable.  Of course, it's mostly my own damn fault.  If I were into clones of myself, it'd be easy.  Just find two other guys with the exact same body type that are just as narcissistic and then off you go.  But I tend to like guys that are different than me.  Bigger beefier guys, or hairy guys, or shorter compact guys.  So you get me and my opposite trying to find a third that's into both extremes equally...  well, that's gonna be tough.

Within a weekend, I somehow managed to work myself into two different threeways with two totally different outcomes.  One was just plain bizarre while the other had me grinning from ear to ear the whole ride home.

I was out running errands and was chatting with a Latin kid off of Growlr that happened to be close to the stores I hit up.  Mid-twenties, scruffy-faced.  His profile noted that he was in an open relationship but they warned that they seldom play outside the relationship, so I really didn't think anything of it.  Pretty much thought we were going to swap pics and that was that.  But apparently my dick pic really enticed him because he suddenly came on really strong talking about how he wanted me inside him.  We were going to have a one-on-one but by the time we worked out the details, he couldn't host.  That is, unless I didn't mind having his bf joined in.  Hell, I don't mind an audience.  Other issue, he only had an hour max before he had to go to work.  Popped on over as quick as I could and his boyfriend met me outside the apartment complex.  To my surprise, he was a guy I hit up a couple of days ago off of Growlr just to make small talk about Shakespeare of all things.  So, we picked up on that friendly conversation that ended rather abruptly when we get into their bedroom and was joined by his partner, fresh out of the shower.

So. faced with the decision of trying to recuperate and segue from the platonic conversation into some action or just going all out slut-whore, I opted for the latter and pounced on the kid, grabbing his towel off him and pulling him close for a deep kiss.  I pushed his head over to his boyfriend's while I worked on getting undressed and I immediately saw a difference.  There was a bit of tender familiarity in their kiss that was missing from mine, down to the hand softly placed on his chest while they made out.  It spoke more of puppies and fields of daisies than the raunchy dungeon grime that I had in mind for a threeway, but it was still really hot to watch.  The Latin kid turned his attention back to me and wrapped his paws around his prize while his boyfriend got undressed and flopped on the bed.  He was down on my cock before I knew what was going on, trying to deep throat the thing with one gulp.  My cock curves and it just doesn't slide down a guy's throat when he's on his knees.  I grabbed my cock and twisted it a bit and shoved it back in a little too roughly as with the new twist, the curve went straight down his throat and triggered his gag reflex.  It wasn't gonna work out too well, so I pushed him down to the bed so that he could make out with his boyfriend.  That was what was turning me on anyway.  That seemed to be what turned on his boyfriend too.  It was that sweet gentle nuzzle of the nose and the tentative kisses that made the boyfriend perk straight up and damn it was a beauty.  Thick as hell and straight as an arrow, big mushroom head.  The Latin kid was uncut, not as thick nor as long, but still pretty hefty.  I started with him first before I moved to his boyfriend and swallowed it down.

I got the sense that the boyfriend wasn't really into it.  He definitely was hard, but it wasn't because of me.  So I was really surprised when he stopped making out and leaned over to me to take my down his throat.  Whereas the Latin kid struggled, his boyfriend was all skill.  He had me down his throat easily and he did things with his tongue and lips that made my knees jerk.  He could easily make me cum, and that's saying a lot since I don't usually cum from just oral.

Since we didn't have much time, I reached for the condoms nearby and suited up while the Latin kid worked on his boyfriend's tool.  Lubed up and played his hole a bit before gently putting pressure.  Fuck.  The kid was tight.  There is no way that this kid bottoms for his boyfriend.  I may be as long but not nearly as thick and even I was having trouble gaining access.  So the Latin kid took a hit of poppers before I felt his hole start to dilate a little.  It wasn't much though.  So when he took another hit and started to flower open, I took that and ran with it, slowly pushing in with enough pressure to break on through and not letting up until I was balls deep.  When I bottomed out, the Latin kid groaned and just held on to his boyfriend while his boyfriend jerked off.  The boyfriend just sat there and enjoyed the show.  Well, I think he enjoyed it.  It looked like he was gonna cut a bitch the way he stared at me, but he was hard as a rock, so I think he enjoyed watching.  I figured I'd better move things along and at least get something out of it before the boyfriend tries to beat the shit out of me, so I went for it and sawed in and out relentlessly out of the poor Latin kid's hole.  Fuck.  He was so tight, I was sure the condom was gonna break.  Then suddenly, the boyfriend spills his load, spraying five or six good volleys of cum into the air and landing on his belly.  It was a good, thick load.  I knew I went too far, both in terms of my rather clumsy breach of his hole in addition to the depth of my attack.  I could tell things would be messy when I pulled out and they were.  That pretty much ended things, but I wasn't expecting much more since we were short on time.

Before I left, though, the Latin kid took a couple of pics of my cock, half hard.  Then me in my trunks.  After he snapped them, he said "Woof."  I mean, really?  I thought that's just what people say in text chats.  Didn't know people actually woof at each other aloud.  And me?!  His boyfriend has the cock a size queen would drool over.  Hm...  And the pics weren't even that great.  I should teach him a few tricks about lighting to really make it look more impressive than it really is!

I later confirmed my suspicion that the Latin kid doesn't bottom much.  And with the boyfriend, he told me that he actually had a great time, but was just really tired having just got home from work.  Who knows what was really going on, but I just wanted them to understand that I'm not some psycho trying to break them up.  And I wanted to let them know that they would make really good bear porn together.  Ha!

So, same weekend and I was basically a bachelor since my partner was out of town.  Decided to go visit my parents and got on Growlr.  I was idly chatting the guys in the area, enjoying lookin at the fresh meat since I'm not in the area all the time and got a couple of good nibbles but none of them could host.  I ended up locking things down with a guy in his mid-thirties, scruffy-faced with a full beard and hairy all over.  And his guy knows a thing about taking pics.  One selfie was him taken from above looking at the camera in his nerdy glasses, shirtless showing his amazing dark blond fur that seemed soft and had no ends, and some funky purple superhero briefs with a nice mound.  He knew how to up-play all his assets.  Nice chest, beautifully dense (but yet somehow soft looking) body hair and the whole cool indie-geek thing.  He was specific on when he could play and since I had the weekend to myself but with nobody able to host, I went searching for a cheap room on Hotwire.  I got a good vibe that he'd follow through, so I didn't mind spending the fifty bucks for a chance to play.  Yeah, his pics were that good.

Right around that same time, I got other nibbles that started to firm up.  There was this one guy with really hot beefy muscular chest.  A Latin guy that I couldn't tell was either partnered or just really reluctant to show a face pic because he didn't want to be labelled a whore if his friends found him on the app.  Nice cock pic, but the angle was off and I couldn't tell how long it was or how thick, but it was uncut with a really nice mushroom head.  Really dark colored.  Then there was a mid-twenties Latin kid with an adorable face.  A little bit shorter than me.  Stocky.  Totally and naturally smooth chest and a cock that looked thick as hell.  Small arrow-shaped head compared to the bulky stalk with a big bulging vein running across the length of it.  It was something I knew the GeekyCub would like. So what did I do?  I suggested a group thing.  I sent GeekyCub the pic and like I knew he immediately was keen on the idea.  He was an oral only guy, though.  Then I hit up StockyLatinKid and he was into it too, but like with most kids his age, he seemed a bit flakey.  MusclePecs was also down, but really just wanted to get sucked and have his nips worked on.  I knew GeekyCub would be down for that and he loved an uncut cock.  I just needed a bottom.  Apparently StockyLatinKid was all top and "hated to bottom" but I read that as a sign so I told him as long as I get to fuck him first, he can have my ass.  He probably wouldn't show up anyway.  His messages were sporadic.

Now here's where I admit to being a bit of a douche.  So in my quest for a bottom, I hit up this guy that is a total submissive bottom.  Loves to be humiliated and abused and slapped around a bit.  I haven't been a bottom like that in awhile but it seemed out of sync with the others for the group I had going, so I kept him on reserve.  Then I had to break it off with him when the group looked like it was going to form.  I should have been up front about what the deal was, but...  Oh, well.  It's gonna come back to bite me in the ass I'm sure one day.  Or maybe it did that night even, given the lengths I had to go to so that some people would join.

Fast forward to me checking into a hotel that charged for parking and I was trying to rally everyone together.  As I thought, GeekyCub was responsive and showed up right on time.  MusclePecs bailed after hearing about the parking situation, getting all whiny and then belligerent, talking about how I need to scope out a better place next time.  Yeah, next time you're not invited, asshole.  And also just as I expected, StockyLatinKid was unresponsive when it came time to actually meet.  This is, until GeekyCub was knocking at my door.  He looked every bit as handsome as his pics.  I was just about to say fuck it and start playing when StockyLatinKid started hammering me with messages.  Turns out, in addition to not being able to host, he also didn't have a ride, but was willing to bus it over.  I knew GeekyCub wanted the boy's dick, so I offered to pick the kid up.  I was really close to just letting the kid bus his way over, but I knew he'd chicken out.  He was getting pretty flakey and hesitant and even asked me to stop by a liquor store for him so that he could calm his nerves.

I'm glad I took that extra step, though.  It was one of those rare times where the attraction seemed to work all the different directions equally, despite the differences in body type.  We had a Latin guy, an Asian guy and a white guy.  One stocky and smooth, one of a more athletic build, and then the gloriously fuzzy guy.

When we got back to the room, StockyLatinKid nervously flipped on the television and was downing a malt liquor beverage on the other side of the bed.  His cocky, all-top attitude over text went out the window and he became suddenly really shy.  I motioned for GeekyCub to come over and immediately stripped him of his shirt and shorts as I made out with him and gently placed him between me and the kid.  My hands roamed as I clumsily tried to disrobe at the same time.  His body responded well to a light touch.  He threw his head back and his neck stretched long whenever I hit a sensitive spot.  The nipples gave him body spasms.  His eyes were closed and he let out gasps of air when my hands traveled over the sides of his stomach.  My fingers enjoyed the texture of his body hair as they danced across and lapped at my digits.  StockyLatinKid tentatively reached out and joined in.  He had undressed rather awkwardly while he watched us.  Almost robotically, but there was no mistaking his lust for GeekyCub's body.  I let him take over exploring his body while I went for GeekyCub's cock.  It was hard as a rock, dancing and pulsing and begging for attention.  The precum flowed easily and heavily, coating his stomach and matting his hair down.  I almost thought he was going to shoot right then when I wrapped my hands around it.  White hot to the touch and pulsing with his heart beat.  I didn't need any additional lube as I slid my hand up and down completely.  Just him and his natural juices.  And that's when he grabbed my hand to signal for me to stop stroking.  When I looked up, they were locked in a deep kiss and I joined in.  Three heads squeezed in and each tongue dancing across to others.  StockyLatinKid jerked and laugh when I tried the same light touch treatment, his body much preferred the heat radiating from my whole hand, from the palm to the fingertips like a starburst with five points traveling up and down his body.  When I felt like GeekyCub had settled down a bit, I broke from the kiss and started to lap at his balls, relishing the faint musk of a guy that hasn't showered since the morning.  His moans were muffled and I realized that he had taken StockLatinKid's thick cock down to the root, with this kid up on his knees on the bed feeding it to him.  I took that as my cue to take GeekyCub's cock down to the root.  Fuck, it was nice.  Loved the taste of his precum mixed with his mansmells as I went down on him.  We flipped positions a few times, with me getting head from both of them and GeekyCub proving to be the more experienced of the two.  We tried a cocksucking triangle but our differences in height just didn't seem to mesh well and we ended up back in a threeway kiss, all on our knees on the bed and stroking each other.  Out of nowhere, GeekyCub started to shoot on me.  And I mean shoot.  He was a supershooter, spraying me from quite a ways with some force, jet after jet splattering my whole thigh and soaking the sheets.  This set StockyLatinKid off and he started to shoot as well, spraying my other leg and, being another supershooter, landing a few jets of cum clear across to my other thigh.  I was so close, but the hand on my cock was already off tempo and not enough to push me over.  Besides, GeekyCub and I had a chance to talk while we were on our way to pick up the kid.  Turns out, he's not only a heavy cummer, but can go multiple rounds as well.  Despite that, he doesn't like to fuck because he's never in control of his orgasm that way and shoots to quick.  But he's always wanted to see two guys go at it.  That and the chat that the kid and I had about flip fucking, I already had some plans in mind for me to get off.

We bounced on over to the other bed in the room.  No sense in lying in cold, wet sheets if you don't have to!  GeekyCub was in the middle again and StockyLatinKid curled up into him.  I could tell he was starting to drift in and out of sleep while he rested his head on the fuzzy chest.  It was about fifteen minutes into the break that I started to play with GeekyCub's body again, making sure I hit all his sensitive spots with a light touch.  StockyLatinKid stirred and started to roll over on top of GeekyCub to make out.  This was my chance.  I started to play with StockyLatinKid's ass and positioned myself behind him.  He didn't discourage me.  He didn't flinch when I started to rub my cock up and down his crack.  He was completely smooth and fell over on top of him to scrape my stubble across his back.  Spitting into the palm of my hand, I stroked myself a bit before placing it back between his two round mounds, softly thrusting between them.  He started to arch his back and bit and thrusted back.  That was all I needed.  Back on my knees, I straightened up and used my hips to change the angle a bit and line up with his hole.  I started to feel his ass open up and I added more pressure.  Without any lube or any additional spit, I started to squeeze in.  He stopped making out with GeekyCub at this point and had his eyes closed, arms wrapped around GeekyCub and holding on as he concentrated on the sensations in his ass.  He softly moaned when the head of my cock broke the barrier and I kept up pressure, slip-faulting my way through until my balls were resting against his and was loving the way his ass spasmed all along the way.  I gave him a moment to get accustomed to it before I gently rocked in and out.  Starting to build up the rhythm, I pulled almost all the way out before planting it deep.  GeekyCub looked at me quizzically and I nodded to him, confirming that I was fucking the kid.  He started to reposition to get a better look and at that point, I fucked a little too deep and made StockyLatinKid snap out of his reverie.  He gasped in pain and pulled off my cock and turned around.

"Fuck, I didn't think you were really in me."

I'm not sure how he could believe that.  He might have wanted to believe that.  But I was in him.  And he wanted it.

"Damn, you're sneaky."  Ha!  I didn't stealth him.  He knew what was up.  He even arched back and pushed back into me.

"Sorry, I thought you knew.  And we sorta talked about it.  Fair's fair and if you want it, I'm yours.  Just go easy on me at first.  You're working with a lot down there."

The kid's eyes lit up as we got together for a kiss.  Even though I might have been a little rough for him at the end, he was still hard as a rock.  GeekyCub moved off to the side to watch and stroke.  On my back with my legs wrapped around him, he started to dry hump me a bit before spitting on his cock and lining up.  He pushed in.  Hard and fast.  The little fucker.  He needed more finesse with me than that.  It's been a long, long time since I bottomed.  I eased him up and got him to sink in at a more comfortable pace.  Once he was in, though, I let him have at it.  He fucked hard and fast, like I used to when I was younger.  So hard that I was sliding off the bed.  Wish I could say I was able to take it, but by the time I felt my weight shift to almost land on the floor I stopped him and slid off him.  That was enough for GeekyCub, though, he immediately shot and coated his fur with his second load of the night, which was just as impressive as his first.  I used some of his cum as lube to get me hard again and since my balls were aching to release at this point, it didn't take long before I messed the sheets with my load.  I started to jerk off StockyLatinKid, but I could tell he was a bit distracted by the TV (what's up with kids these days?!) so I went in to make out and turn his attention away.  That did the trick and I jerked out his second load.  The first squirt soared past our heads and hit the headboard.  The second landed on my shoulder and the rest came copiously all over my fist and his stomach.  Damn, I love supershooters.  I hit the jackpot with having two equally hot ones in my bed(s).  So, now both beds were messed up and we didn't have a place to rest, so we ended up just washing up to get going.  I left the keys in the room and we headed out.

On my way to dropping off the kid back at his house, he and I had a chance to talk a bit.  It was his first time doing anything more than one-on-one despite the bravado he displayed in our chats.  He had a good time.  And I remarked how unusual it was for the chemistry to work out as well as it did.  We all enjoyed each other and after he calmed down a bit, we all meshed well together.  Even in the car rides two and from his place, the conversation flowed easily, especially since he and the GeekyCub shared a bit in common.  I was in cumpig heaving with two supershooters letting it fly over me and nobody seemed to be left out.  Quite the contrast of my earlier rushed threeway with the couple where I made a mad dash for the door before knives came out (of course, that was just me misreading the situation but it wasn't any more comfortable nevertheless).  Back at home, I got some messages.  Both the GeekyCub and StockyLatinKid wanna do it again.  One-on-one or another group thing.  And I'm eager to do it again, too.

Friday, September 27, 2013

More... "pussy"

It's different this time.  Actually, it's different every time.  Sometimes I'm there to fuck him hard and rough, focused on dropping a load.  Other times I'm there to see how long he'll last before I let myself cum.  Maintenance fuck then.  Leisurely fuck other times.  Exploratory fuck others still.  But this was different; the things I could count on were different.  I could always count on him leaving the door open, him being in his room with the lights out and the bedroom door closed, him being rock hard before I even get there and harder still every time I call his hole a "pussy."  What really was constant throughout was the air of anonymity as he masked himself in darkness and spoke in a hushed but fervent manner that promoted this clandestine quality.  I fucked the darkness as much as I fucked him.

But this time was different.

The feigned anonymity was there for mere fantasy.  You can easily infer his name from the mail on the table.  He's a chiropractor with a holistic approach, opting for organic foods and cooking using his home-grown herb garden, and has strong familial ties based on his excuses when opportunities for a tryst are missed.  All this, unfolded from the string of emails and the twenty-second segments of each visit as I disrobe in the living room and make my way to his bedroom, all completely obvious when viewed in a time-lapse.  Just observation.  No facebook, no Google, no other technology required.

When I opened the door to his place this time, his bedroom door was wide open and his bathroom light was on as he bathed in its spotlight.  He was on his back in bed, knees bent and parted with both feet flat on the bed.  His hands grasped his cock tightly, pointing it straight up into the air.  His proud, angry red cock an attention whore, pulling my eyes to the valley between the twin peaks of his knees, while his knees cast long shadows that beckoned me in.  His muscles shone tight all over, stretching over limbs and accentuated by the single light source.  I could almost see every fiber strain, tiring out my eyes in turn trying to take it all in.

I was still in a daze when I kicked off my shoes and ripped off my clothes to hop in bed with him.  So much so, I didn't think to question him on whether lotion was a good lube-substitute given that he demanded to play safe, I didn't think to slap his hand away when he guided my cock inside him as if I couldn't navigate his body and read his signals to make the entry feel good, didn't snap out of my daze as he referred to his hole as a organ I really knew nothing about.  With the light blazing on him, I feel like I peeked behind the curtain a bit but was far from let down.  The mystery just shifted from him to me.  I just couldn't understand how this sculpted specimen of man wanted me so bad as to coo, "My pussy's been needing this so bad...  misses it."

I was in deep, jabbing in short strides to try to get deeper still before pulling all the way out and long dicking him to feel my length.  I tried to wrestle his cock out of his hand but he resisted, confessing that he was so close that just me touching it would make him pop.  So he held on to it, not stroking but just held it trying not to acquiesce to his urgent need to cum.  His legs started to tremble and tighten and I used that as leverage to hike his legs higher and lean back to fuck up into him.  But my body couldn't take it either.  Seeing him there in the light was more beauty than I could handle so I had to stop.  His tight hole was milking me way too fast, even with the rubber.  I slowed down and then pulled his knees closer to his chest, throwing my weight into him and pushing him deeper into the pillows.  No matter how slow I went, I was already over the edge and I could barely manage a few grunts out before I started to push deep and unload.  He instantly started to shoot and I kept on fucking to revel in the sensations of a spasming ass around my cock.

As I was walking back to my car, a shameful mere half-hour after I arrived as if I were some virgin that just couldn't keep it together from the first taste of pleasures of the flesh, I reflected on that extra glimpse I saw of him.  It just spurred on many more unanswered questions.  And as much as I can admire the beauty up close in my face, zoomed in to admire the individuality, strength and flaws of each loop and stitch of a hand-knit sweater, that brief peek makes me want to step back and see the whole thing...  to own it all.  To know it fully.  So that I can fold it neatly and tuck it away in a well-known corner of my storage unit of secrets, thereby packaging it back in the dark of mystery.

Musings: Bragging rights

I was commenting on a blog when someone used the phrase "fucking for sport", which brought this recent conversation with friends to mind:

"I fucked a general once," my friend (he's active military, buzz cutt and all) says.  "Just to say that I've fucked someone that high up the chain of command."  This was after he went on an on about a marathon flip fuck session he just had with a married military guy.

"Have you ever done a cop?" my other friend asks as we're oogling at the pics of the marathon military fuck boy.

"Not knowingly," my partner chimes in.  "Just found out after the fact. It'd be kinda hot to do them in uniform."

I groaned and rolled my eyes.  "Firemen are way hotter.  Less of that cocky attitude and more of that heroic factor."

But I didn't say any more.  The conversation continued and I didn't offer up that I fucked two cops before (unfortunately, not at the same time and not in uniform) and had a fireman fuck bud that I played with... at his station...  in the living quarters with his coworkers roaming about...

I was corresponding to another blogger and we were contrasting our blogs, him noting that I predominantly focus on the sex while he skims over that part.  And I could and did cite several lofty reasons why I focus on the sex but I really couldn't deny the fact that a good part of it is also that I need an outlet to brag.  I can't really tell my friends (not because they're prudes but you don't want to burden them with keeping a secret) and for some reason, it gets kinda touchy with some fuck buds.  I had one guy cancel on me "because of a family emergency" and when I inquired later, I found out that he was actually just still in bed with the local kid he fucks around with.  We had a laugh about it, but it usually takes awhile before a regular opens up about the others we see.  Or maybe it's me that takes awhile.  Either way, if it sometimes sounds like I'm bragging a bit in an entry...  I totally am.  Ha!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The unexpected

I love a guy with wired nips but even more than that, just love making a big-framed, beefy guy, a guy with a hundred pounds of muscle over me, making a guy like that tremble with just a gentle flick of a tongue.  And I mean tremble.  Teeth chattering, shivering and speaking in tongues type tremble.  I'm sure a large part of that is the sexual power you get, especially with a smaller guy like me dominating him, but it's really his art, his talent, his beauty that he lets lie there totally exposed with a sense of abandon that I both respect and enjoy.  Diving head first off a cliff of unknown heights, not thinking of the bottom but just focusing on the feeling of the air whipping against him and letting his body just react without restraint, letting his vocal chords do whatever they want.  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the neighbors in this airport hotel knew exactly what was up.  He squealed at a pitch to shatter glass before letting it die out to a deep masculine groan that I could almost feel in my core like standing next to a giant subwoofer at a club.  Beautifully complete and unrestrained abandon.  That was fucking sexy.  And completely at odds at how I am right at that same moment.  My mind was racing, swirling with thoughts that interrupted my enjoyment of the achingly beautiful form below me.  I was so completely drawn to him that I felt incredibly insecure and I was alternating between painfully hard and frustratingly limp.

But he didn't have the same issue.  He was completely in it and it made me smile.  I had just sucked his nipple ring into my mouth and chewed at the base behind the piercing to pinch off the blood and send sharp sensations through his body before I let go and lapped at the nub made prominent by the ring, made extra-sensitive after the assault.  Talking to his nipple, I said, "I love how you squeal like a bitch."  I was letting the heat of my breath and the vibrations from my voice bounce off his skin to send a shiver down his spine.  He tried to answer through violent seizures, convulsions that didn't settle until I pulled back and blew cool air across his chest.  But just a faint change before his body rolled into a gentle laugh.  "My partner says that all the time.  I gotta tell him you said that."  A brief pause and then, "God, you're so sexy.  I'll do anything you want, Sir."  Capital "S", Sir.  Just like that.  Easily moving between the two thoughts completely without affectation.  His eyes didn't shift focus between talking about real experiences with his boyfriend and the glazed, dreamy expected slutty bedroom talk.  It was all one with him.  Completely real.  Unrestrained truth and sincerity on both ends.  And I was completely enamoured by it.

I met him of Growlr.  A pic-less profile messaged me and unlocked his private photos that still didn't reveal much.  He rapidly sent a backlit face pic that made me roll my eyes a bit (c'mon.  really?!), but being a visitor from one of the smaller cities in a red state, I could see how previous experiences might have made him a bit shy and lean to acts of extreme discretion.  But it was nice that he was otherwise direct and eager to meet.  The only time that worked was later in the evening after I had already arranged to play ball with some friends and after he had a work dinner to go to.  When I finally got to his room, I was a sweaty mess but was greeted by something completely unexpected.  Yeah, he looked good in his pics that he had sent me but holy shit and fuck, fuck, fuck he was hot.  Well over 6' with broad shoulders.  Beefy.  Quintessential bear really, with a shaved head and goatee.  And a bright smile that's completely charming.  He had an easy confident laugh that was contagious as I excused myself to rinse off some of the salty sweat on my body.  Coming out, I toweled off a bit and continued out in the room, exposed and already starting to stiffen up at the prospect of putting my meat inside him.  And that was the one moment the whole night where he stammered a bit and lost composure before his gentle smile returned and we fell into each others arms for a deep kiss.  At this point, though, he was eager to match me in my nakedness and stumbled across the room disrobing.  When he finally pulled back to take off the last article of clothing, his shirt, I sucked in a gasp.  He was even more hot naked.  Artwork inked into his skin from his shoulders and wrapping down elegantly to his firm chest, both nipples pierced and a heavy gauge PA in his cock...  none of which were displayed in his pics.  We fell into a kiss and I eagerly attacked his nips first.  His body responded to my every touch, whether my fingertips were lightly dancing up his sides like a crisp breeze or my whole palm exploring his back and spreading it's heat like a starburst.

I hadn't shaved that day, so I let my stubble rake across his nipples and down his chest before I swallowed his cock whole in one shot.  And that's when I finally experienced the clattering of metal on teeth that people have talked about in the blogs with regards to sucking a guy with a PA.  My solution?  Suck that puppy down to the back of my throat and use my throat muscles to swallow it down my throat and use my tongue to undulate across the length of his shaft and my lips to lock around and massage the base of his cock.  He felt me struggle with the metal and was telling me over and over he could take it out until I maneuvered it back there.  When I did, he just let out a gasp at the surprise and a shout that made me beam with pride.  Fuck I loved that thing tickling the back of my throat, but I was choking too.  I pulled off and rolled onto my back, guiding his head to my rod and he did he exact damn thing to me, making me rock hard in moments by mirroring my previous moves.  Unfortunately, this also meant that I grew more than he could handle and I felt his whole body heave as he gagged and his body protested.

Throwing him off, we spent the next hour rimming and fucking in an easy way in several positions: on his back, on his side, on all fours, him riding me.  I was still in my head though, reeling from the unexpected.  That, combined with all the position changes made me alternate between rock hard and soft and hard again but in the end all I wanted was to make him feel as good I did and for him to shoot with my cock inside him.  Despite how much he sighed when I hit his sweet spot, though, he couldn't cum until I got up and sat on his face, smothering him until he had to tap me to let him breathe.  That got him rock hard and in turn got me worked up to the point where I started to spray.  I lifted up and shot directly into his mouth and all over his lips before he sucked me in.  God I love a guy that isn't afraid to go ass to mouth and things finally calmed down, he quietly requested a towel for the cum that landed near his eye.  Ha!  Poor thing.  I wiped him clean before easing into a make out session where my hands explored and my fingers invaded his hole (one, then two, then four), which was completely wet and frothy from the precum that I oozed into him.  After the fourth finger and his hole started to give to the knuckle when I felt his body start to contract and his hole tighten around me while he shot his load.

I think I'm leaving a lot out.  It was truly a surprise that a guy that I had pegged for a vanilla fuck turned out to be such a pig.  From the piercings, to going ass to mouth, to the revelations in his slutty talk... Egging me on to fuck him deep and groaning whenever I pulled his ass apart and went that extra inch.  Telling me about how often he and his partner would play and what they would do, getting groups together...  what I would be permitted to do with the both of them... him wanting my piss, my cum, my fist, my whatever I gave him.  And it was all with that easy abandon.  It was just how he was feeling right there and then, not just some unrealistic slutty talk but something almost tangible and real.  Options for me to use or discard.  And that's how I'll remember him.  As someone living in the moment and real and completely giving.  And that's what I was thinking when we collapsed side by side on the bed afterwards.  Two guys, cut from the same cloth, completely and comfortably exposed.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Musings: The industry, body issues, and fuck buds

Been trying to write up a story about this guy I played with a couple months ago.  Problem is, there's a few different things about this guy that I wanted to write about that I couldn't just focus on one.  So, I'm just going to babble on for a bit instead.

So, I get the sense that when people hate on LA, they're really talking about the "the industry" and the culture that has developed around it.  You get words thrown around like "attitude" and "fake" and I can see how clamoring to break into the industry, people tend to be selective about who they hang around with and things become kinda superficial and all that (I'm just guessing).  But really, the majority of the people I know aren't in that industry at all.  They work in finance or technology or something else.  And the few friends that I have that are cameramen or writers or managers, we hardly talk about it.  If we do, it's to commiserate.  You know, the "I can't believe my damn coworkers and the shit they do"-type stuff.

This guy, let's call him BeefyIndustryGuy, has some job related to the studios and fuck he's fun to play with.  Maybe a couple of inches taller than me but a beefier frame.  You can tell he works out, but he's also settled into his body a bit.  In a good way.  He's a damn, good-lookin' beefy guy.  Curly dirty-blond hair and blue eyes (usually not my thing, but fuck I love his beefy frame...  nothing better than a solid guy that whimpers for your cock in his ass).  We hadn't played in over a year and I remembered him telling me the last time to make fun of his gut and to punch him in the stomach (not to do harm, but to ridicule him).  I went with it and had fun, even though it was weird to do so.  I mean, this guy wasn't fat.  He didn't have rippled six-pack abs either.  But he was an in-shape, good lookin' guy with a larger, broad shouldered frame.  A guy that...  well, enjoyed being healthy and eating sensible meals three times a day.  So this time, without announcing it or previously discussing it, I started in on the tummy play.  Pinching and smacking and pressing and he shot a massive load.  At least ten squirts that alternated between long shots and short.  Long splatter to his neck, then a quick follow-up to his navel, then another to his nipple and a small follow-up that hit his wrist and then another long gusher to the neck...  Well, you get the idea.  The sight was hot and in the middle of that long, sloppy cum load, I shot a really heavy load all over his face as if he decided to dunk his head into a tub of white-colored honey.

Afterwards, he told me he didn't remember me playing with his tummy last time, but remembered that I gave him a royal fucking that he loved.  (And yeah, we fucked this go around too).  And then as I was coming down from the high of sex, I looked at my body next to his and sorta understood why he chased me after so many years.  Funny how body issues works.  I wish I was built more like him and he probably wishes the other way around.  And with the posters of Endless Summer on the wall and other things like that, he seemed to have a definite media-driven body that turned him on.  (But not that I have a chiseled surfer look.  I don't.  But I just approximate it a little bit more.)

Then I wondered why we didn't play more often.  We've known each other for at least 7 years and we've only played  four times.  Twice at his place in hollywood and twice at his place on the west side that he kept just because it was rent-controlled and it was ridiculously cheap.  And we always have a lot of fun.  Maybe it's because he's a bit more aggressive than I like my bottoms to be.  And a bit more verbal (I kinda have to be in a mood for it).  Or maybe I just enjoy being chased.  But I do remember him saying how likes piss play and it's been a damn long time since I've last had a bud to indulge in that with.

I guess I'm just a bit puzzled at why I don't consider him a fuck bud as opposed to a guy that I fuck on occasion.  I was reading about how his boyfriend wants him to be more selective in playing outside the relationship and I kinda started to wonder what my selection criteria is.  I definitely have some.  I'm obviously more inclined to play with one more than the other, have a fuck bud with TooFarCub but only fuck BeefyIndustryGuy every now and then and totally ignore or reject others.  But the pattern is kinda hard to perceive.  But like the whole tummy play thing, I'm just gonna go with it and it'll probably land me with a lot of fun.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Devouring pale

He was lying there face-down, flat on his tummy save for a pillow he was hugging to his chest in such a way as to give a slight arch in his back that accentuated the round mounds of his perfectly smooth bubble-butt.  My hands softly traced this arch, his back as smooth as the rest of him.  Pale-white skin, milky and translucent.  So translucent you can almost see the rush of blood to his ass after I playfully smacked it with the lightest force I could muster given the strong need to just devour him.  Just one small smack and his ass flushed warm.

Fuck!  He was beautiful.  More beautiful than the pics he sent on Grindr.  He messaged me from his hotel room a couple miles away, here for a convention with coworkers in nearby rooms.  His main picture of him holding a full beer mug in the middle of a cobblestone street.  The instagrammy filters that were applied accentuated the cool colors, making his skin more pale, his eyes more blue, and his surroundings more grey.  I had assumed he was from the UK, especially with the pics of his uncut cock, but he was from a more local region where the sun tends to avoid touching skin (the pacific northwest).  I usually go for guys with darker features, but something about him was captivating.

I laid both hands on each globe of his ass and just couldn't hold back.  I feasted on his ass.  Long strokes of the tongue to his balls and back, probing, flicking, sucking.  I couldn't get enough.  I lost time just lapping at his hole and burying my tongue, my nose, my whole face into his perfect ass.  When I looked up, he was already twisted about, head turned behind him to watch me work, his solid blue eyes just staring straight into me.  Without a word, I flipped him all the way over and his legs instinctively flailed in the air until the latched around my back and I fell into him.  Chest to chest, arms reaching under him and pulling him even closer in, his legs pulling me in even more still.  I wanted to smother him.  Forehead to forehead, we paused for a second to stare at each other before we eased into a long, wet kiss that quickly escalated in intensity.  My cock was perfectly aligned to his hole, drooling all along his crack.  I could have easily slipped inside but he hesitated and reached for the condom.

I honestly don't remember the fucking, but I do remember fucking the cum out of him before shooting my own load and tossing the heavy rubber aside.  Even more, what I remember is his rosy, cherub cheeks on my chest as he curled up next to me.  His head rising and falling as I slowly regained my breath.  His leg wrapped around me and the white hot cum that was on his tummy, running onto mine...  as if his smooth pale skin had melted into pearly languid swirls of translucent white that oozed heat onto my darker skin.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The four-hour workout

After a disastrous episode at one pool party and then an amazing experience at another, I decided to press my luck and the very next day after work, went to the bathhouse.  What ensued was four hours worth of sweat and flesh.

I don't remember everything in sequence and there was way too much to write down to help me remember, but the night started off with me awkwardly bumping into a platonic bud while he was checking out of the joint and I was checking in.  He's a good lookin' guy but it was way too close to home.  We ended up inquiring about each other's partner and then making some vague promise of meeting for a playdate in the future.  I even got a text from him a few hours later but I just kinda let that fizzle out.  I didn't want to say no, because in all honesty, I'll probably say yes some time down the road but it just didn't feel right.

Once I got in, I remember stripping down to a towel and barely making it out my room when I felt eyes on me.  I turned the corner to a public play space and an Asian guy hovered around behind me.  I turned around to give him a smile and feeling a good vibe stepped close to intrude on his personal space.  I leaned in for kiss but he pulled away.  Thinking I might have read things wrong I started to pull even further back before he tentatively reached out, but he lacked the will to even touch me.  I took the initiative to feel under his towel and he was hard as a rock.  Not that long, but pretty thick.  It was then I understood what he was after.  He was a voyeur, too afraid to give in and commit to anything physical but perfectly content to watch and I didn't mind having him warm me up.  And besides, we were attracting some attention.

An incredibly fit guy with perfectly combed hair walked by, hair that was so light and feathery yet dense and structured.  He had an even coat of fuzz on his chest, having trimmed it down to an exact uniform length.  Perfectly groomed yet an attitude that was the exact opposite of proper.  He strutted around knowing he turned some heads and the strut changed when he honed in on something he wanted, stalking his prey before he pounced.  I got to him and pulled him in before he had any chance to attack.  With one arm, I pulled him into a deep kiss while using my other to pull TimidVoyeur closer.  The voyeur pulled back though and I was happy to turn my attention to PerfectlyGroomed.  We attacked each other with a hunger and slobbered all over each other, making out and mashing our cocks together.  It was easy to tell that we were both tops, but that didn't stop us from sucking and grinding and groping and making out util limbs were flying everywhere.  A couple of people tried to work their way in and we were nothing but inviting but it was hard to compete with the energy we had.  One guy, I mentally thought of as "TheCoach" with his baseball cap and jock.  He was in his fifties and built wide but solid.  A gut from indulging in life but still built.  Then there was ImpossiblyTallBear, eager to catch my attention and fidgeting about, hopping on each leg like a little, eager pup wanting to join in on the fun...  as if he needed to do anything but stand there for people to notice his imposing figure.  They, including TimidVoyeur, hovered around but didn't try to join in.  Instead, vocalizing encouragement and placing an extra hand here or there.  I was sucking PerfectlyGroomed when I felt a change and pulled off to give a couple a strokes before he shot a massive load onto his chest.  His body was still shaking and convulsing when I put my forehead to his and used my other hand to rub him cum in.

We all disbanded to shower and clean up only to meet up again later, like a splash of oil in water scattering out in little units and then reassembling into one.  I found TheCoach in his room, face down flat on him stomach.  I walked in and felt up his ass only to quickly withdraw.  He smelled of chemicals oozing from the pores of his skin and I just wasn't in the mood to figure out if he parties well or not.  But immediately after I left, I found ImpossiblyTallBear with his hand to the doorknob of his room and his foot tapping on the floor in an obvious attempt to get my attention.  I chuckled to myself since there really wasn't any way I could miss him or misunderstand his intent, even without his ostentatious gestures.  once I was in his room, the eager, his innocent quality never left.  His kisses were tender and sweet.  His touch equally soft.  Huge difference from the passionate, raw piggy mashing of body parts with PerfectlyGroomed.  I took the lead and he sweetly followed, sucking me with such tenderness that made my knees buckle.  His eyes looked up directly into mine when I nudged my cock at his hole and he handed me a condom while pleading me to take him.  He admitted that he hasn't been fucked in awhile and he wasn't lying.  He was tight and when I hit bottom and just stayed still to let him get used to me, I could feel his hot ass pulse and throb with blood, straining against my meat.  He never asked for anything in return, just looked at me enraptured.  I played with his cock and stroked it until I finally had to pull out.  He was tight but so was the condom.  I needed to go back to my room and grab the magnums or else all I could feel was a bad death-grip around my cock.  And 5'8 vs 6'6 gets kinda hard to manage after awhile.  I broke away with the promise to come back and play later.

Grabbed the supplies from the room and I went back only to find his room closed so I took a little stroll to the gloryhole area they have.  It's a large open room with a bed against one wall and then on the walls to the right and left two sets of gloryhole areas.  One involved a row of "private" booths, private in that they were cubicles with doors on them but not so private in that there are cutouts in each of the partitioning walls.  The other was a ramp where a guy can stand up on one side while the other guy on the other side can stand up and suck.  And of course, the room is incredibly dark.  I still made out the form of a younger latin kid watching two guys got at it on the suck ramp, though.  After taking a peek at what was holding his attention, I reached out and flicked his nips.  He didn't turn his attention to me, but he also moaned some encouragement.  I took that as a sign to mouth at his nips and flick my tongue across.  Holding him by the waist tight against me, he couldn't ignore me anymore.  He made a motion to his head to go over to the gloryhole booths.  Door closed. Towels drop. I push his shoulders down and he takes me into his mouth for a bit.  A little rough with the teeth so I pull him up and start tonguing his uncut meat for just a few seconds before whispers me to stop and pushes me away.  Too late.  He's squeezing his cock hard to try to stop but he's unloading all over the floor before collapsing against the wall.  I hear the door to the adjoining booth open and close.  Apparently we had an audience.

On my way to wash up again, I bump into ImpossiblyTallBear and he's fully dressed headed to the checkout.  Apparently I ended play when he was really close and he ended up stroking off shortly after I left.  A gentle giant.  Too sweet to ask me to stay and give him the release he needed.

I was still a little bummed that I couldn't fuck the cum out of ImpossiblyTallBear when I crossed paths with an insanely gorgeous latin guy about my page and a perfect body.  And sometimes I call a guy built in trying to describe a guy with a strong masculine power behind his physique but this guy was gym-built.  Naturally smooth with ripples over his stomach that was anything but natural.  Broad shouldered with nicely defined lats that tapered down to a trim waist.  Triceps that flexed and bulged as he walked.  He wasn't ridiculously muscled but proportionate.  And the discipline that he has with his body was amazing in bed as well.  We ended up in his room, making out passionately before he forced me flat on my back while he rode me.  As he lowered himself down, he worked his hole to milk my cock.  I mean, he did things that I can't even do with my hand.  And he expected the same muscle control from me.

"Can you make it jump?" he asked at one point, letting his whole body weight rest in my lap.

"You mean like this?" I asked as I made my cock pulse deep inside him, making it swell and straighten out a bit towards my belly and directly onto his happy spot.  Hey yelped a bit in surprise (even though he asked me to) and grinned like a kid at Christmas before I pulsed it a few more times.  Then he worked his magic up and down the length of my meat.  Furious pummeling in all sorts of positions alternating with slow thrusts to just enjoy being connected.  I was edging and it got to the point where my cock just kinda gave up.  Still hard but it pretty much gave up on trying to cum so after an hour of play, I collapsed on his sweaty back and forced him down flat on his stomach and waved the white flag.  I needed a break.

I left and rinsed off and walked around a bit before looking at the clock and realized that I was there for way too long and needed to get going if I wanted any sleep before work the next day.  I was just going to go to the steam room to relax a bit and shower to go home, but there were two guys already in there and I think I made them break up from playing.  It's kinda funny.  Not sure why they were being modest.  It wasn't like they were in the steam room at 24-hour fitness.  So I went over and started to play with both of them.  Bearish-types, thick bodied with one tall and the other shorter, one cut and insanely thick while the other nicely hung and uncut.  The shorter one went back to sucking the taller one now that it was "safe" to resume while I made out with the taller one.  We then switched positions and something about a cock that is so thick that you can't get your mouth around it flipped the switch for me.  I was ready to cum.  I was making gargly noises as it was getting close and the tall guy stopped making out with the shorter one to ask me to cum on his face.  He got on his knees while I stood up and shot a huge load that was simmering in my balls for four hours onto his face and chest (hey, I never said I had good aim).

When I finally came to, I realized that the perfect bodied and amazing ass latin guy was watching and he smiled at me and nodded as I made my way out to shower, fully drained and spent in every way.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Double-Header

The room to his bedroom was dark, the shades thick enough to keep the summer evening sun out, but I could still make out the grimace on his face as I held onto his cum-slick cock while thrusting my own cock into his tight hole.

It was just a couple of hours before that I, myself, was convulsing in a dry orgasm as an old fuck bud shot his huge load over my face.  I purposely kept my hands off my cock then, saving my load for this moment right now with TooFarCub.  His one leg over my shoulder, the other off to the side, giving me access to his cock.  We'd been going at it for about an hour and I was edging him for about half of it, swatting his hands away as he got close until I finally just gripped it tight, letting the rhythm of the fuck echo through his body and directly to his cock whenever I drilled it home, causing a ripple of little micro-vibrations across his shaft through my tight fist.  My grip around his meat held him in place while my fuck pushed him into the stroke.  I was reinforcing the direct association with my cock pummeling his ass to his pleasure.  Each hard thrust was one wave of pleasure on his cock.  And then he finally squirted.  As usual, without much vocalization, just his body heaving a bit afterward to betray his orgasm.

And I kept fucking.

If I'd asked, he'd beg for my cum.  If I stopped he'd whimper and grasp at me to keep me inside.  He'd work though the overload of sensation as his body became super-sensitive after shooting just to get my nut.  With his eyes shut and brow furrowed in concentration, he milked me.  The smell of his load, his faint musk and the lingering memories of another guy on my face, it was a bit too much.  My head turned to the side to where I draped his fuzzy leg over my shoulder and scraped my stubble on the inside of his knee before shoving in with one final push and unloading deep inside him.  I was trying to go easy but my body had other thoughts and my hips thrust hard and deep a couple more times to make sure my load stuck.  And even as I was coming down, my cock pulsed and I could feel his hole tighten up in response.

When the haze cleared, he came into focus and for a split second I wondered what he saw in me.  Just what about me that he likes so much that he'd work though the pain.  What is it that made him almost shoot just by me working his nips?  And with another man's odor still lingering on my face, why would he choose just me to share how sexy and giving and fucking hot he is in bed?  It was just a split second that I thought that when I suddenly remembered I had to get my ass out of there.  He's told me that he doesn't play with other guys anymore but that doesn't mean he keeps his talents to himself.  "When is your girlfriend coming over?" I asked.


And in case you're wondering, here's a pic of the load from the super-shooter earlier that day.