Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The handsfree shot

So now that I've admitted to the hypocrisy of being such a slut as to forget an encounter, let's go back to the forgetful blond.  He was in town again for a conference and so we arranged to meet up.  In fact, I was hoping to meet up every night of the week, but that didn't quite work out.  Instead, we saw each other twice and each time was fucking hot as hell.

Now, I gotta say, I might come across as kinda arrogant in my posts, but really.  I'm not all that.  I'm a pretty average guy.  And although it doesn't happen all the time, in fact many times the guy isn't even hard when I'm fuckin him, sometimes a guy surprises me and shoots without touching himself. And with the forgetful blond, I knew it was possible after he talked about edging.

In the weeks leading up to the encounter, he kept on messaging me over IM at work about edging.  Perhaps part of it was him trying to let me know that his ass may be off limits as he doesn't bottom much, but that we could still have some fun without anal.  I, however, it turn took it as him trying to tell me that he likes to be out of control, likes for his partner to take the lead and push him to places he's never been or never tried.  So I, in turn, asked him if he's ever had a failed cumshot...  the one where you jerk yourself past the point of no return, but let go quick enough that you don't fully explode.  You stay rock hard and just dribble out.  He didn't quite know what I was talking about.  But, I knew I could push him to do it.  And if I played my cards right, I could probably make him cum without touching himself.  He's a good candidate.  Why? 'Cause he's hard as a rock when I'm fucking him.  He's so hard that if I stop, I can see his cock pulse in time with his heart beat.  I can see every vein and almost see it getting pumped with blood with every beat.  Secondly, he's in tune with me.  We feed off each other and the chemistry between us.  When he looks at me, he's trying to read me and I can feel his body respond when he senses I'm "there", fully present.  And, I'm not sure if it's voluntary or not, but he lets me know when I'm doing something right.  A gasp when I hit the right spot.  A furrowed brow when I go too deep.  And his ass just milks my cock.

So the first night I pushed him.  Stroked him while teasing his ass a little. Stroked him til he was about to cum.  Once.  Twice.  Third time I purposely went too far and let go while holding his wrists together with my other hand so he wouldn't be able to finish himself off.  It was enough for a little dribble to ooze out.  I scooped some of it up and used it as lube to jerk him some more.  And again, because he lets go and lets his body tell me when he's about to cum, I let go before he cums.  Not too far, but enough.  And just as he was about to settle back down, I forced my cum-slick fingers into his mouth and he gasped and groaned.  He was fucking digging it.  I saw his cock really throb to life.  I jerked him again to a failed orgasm, but this time used the cum to play with his hole.  Kicked his knees apart and plunged in balls deep.  He writhed underneath me with his arms pinned over his head and I muffled his gasp with my cummy fingers again.  I fucked him hard.  Hard enough I knew it hurt a little so that he wouldn't cum so quick if I grabbed his cock.  And he didn't.  Even though I let go of his wrists to grab his legs and support them in the air, he kept them above his head obediently.  I jerked him again to the edge while I was fucking him.  Rolled us to the side to so that I can eventually get him on top, riding me.  Firmly grabbed his hips and worked them back and forth in a rocking motion over the length of my cock.  and I angled up a little so that I'd hit his sweet spot.  Let go with one hand and placed it over his cock and pressed it against my belly so that with every rocking motion, he was fucking my hand.  My other hand was still grabbing his hip to set the pace so he wouldn't falter.  When he was on the brink, I let go completely.  Did that twice.  On the third time, I let go and then used both hands to keep the rhythm going and he shot all over my chest as I made him fuck himself onto my cock.  Even as he was spasming and about to collapse, I kept up the rhythm to maximize the impact.  Every rock back and forth, I hit his button and made his cock recoil and squirt a load until he was out of breath trying to tell me to stop.

The next night, I skipped the edging and went right to the fucking. I knew his body was used to it now.  Knew what it was capable of.  And he knew now not to resist when he felt it coming on.  So I fucked the cum out of him, again without him touching himself.  He was still hard as a rock afterwards, so I kept on fucking.  He was sore, but I pressed to see if he had another load in him.  He didn't though.  But man, that was fun.

He was amazed.  And I told him it was all his talent, not mine.  But either way, he told me, it was hot as hell.

It was.  And it's times like these that I wish I was a bottom.


Anonymous said...

Just started reading your blog and am hungrily going from oldest to newest. Many have me rock hard but holy f batman, this one put me over the top so to speak! Would love to experience this as a bottom!

Bruce Chang said...

Thanks bud! I gotta say, it's probably more his talent than mine. I do wonder how it feels. Is it frustrating or overwhelmingly good?