Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Another side to muscles

Technology has a way of both making the world seem ginormous and frustratingly close/small.  On the one hand, it has the unique position of making you wonder at the fact that hey, there are a lot of people like me in the world and they're all over the place.  Whether that be a forum for left-handed auctioneers that have mothers whose name starts with the letter "B" or something else equally obscure, there are others out there like you.  And then there's the flipside where you're like, damn the world is small.  Maybe it's the fact that even though you met your partner on totally independent means, there was really only one or two degrees of separation between the two of you.  Or in this case, you keep on bumping to the same guy over and over in different contexts in a city of millions.

I was on Grindr when I saw the pic-less profile of a bottom within close geographical range.  Reading the stats, I knew exactly who it was.  It was muscles.  The big brawny black guy that I fuck anonymously every now and then.  He's always waiting there with his ass in the air and freshly lubed for me to fuck.  Sometimes I cum and fling the used, filled condom on him as I pull up my pants and walk out the door.  Other times, he shoots his load when I'm fucking him and then tightens up too much for me to continue.  Other than that, the scene is usually the same.

How could I tell?  Well, there aren't too many black men in this part of town.  But more than that, the stats sounded right.  6'3" and 275# of muscle.  So I messaged him and sure enough, it was him.

He said another top was on his way, so if I were quick, I'd be able to join in.  Of course, he's said that to me a couple times before, so I can't tell if that's just his usual ploy to cut to the chase and get rid of the time wasters or if it's real.  The other top is never there.  And this time around, Grindr got wonky and I wasn't able to message him when I was parking so I just rang his door bell.  He answered naked.  Smiled.  It was the first time really seeing his face in the light.  My neck got a little sore craning up to look at him and I got a bit of vertigo as my eyes shifted in and out of focus trying to get his huge muscular expanse into frame.  Seriously.  I wouldn't doubt him a bit if he told me he had a 60" chest and 30" waist.  The hidden muscles on my body, muscles I could only barely feel were clearly outlined on his body.  And then I'd do what any gay guy would do.  I looked down.  Holy shit!  He wasn't even hard, but that piece of meat was thick and a good half a foot long.  And that was using the ruler of the gods maybe.  Didn't realize what I was missing out on taking him from behind.  I remembered only touching it once before, but his chest was so massive it was a struggle wrapping myself around it from behind and also reaching down to tug on the fucking thing.

We started things a bit slow as I inquired about the other top.  The vibe was really just nice and casual, but I knew he wanted to get things started with the way he kept on glancing at my crotch.  I dropped my shorts and he touched me for the first time, placing his hands on my hip and then the other wrapped around my cock as he gave it a squeeze.  Before I was finished pulling my shirt off, he swallowed it down.  And he was good.  A big guy with absolutely no problems taking me all the way down his throat until my pubes tickled his nose.  On hindsight, I should have let that go on for awhile.  Instead, I ordered him to turn around.  He looked up at me at that point and it was a huge power trip.  Pleading eyes.  Wanting me to give it to him so bad.  This huge guy that could crush me if he wanted, reduced to a little kid whose toy was taken away from him.  He rose and got some lube to get himself ready and then presented me with his beautiful ass.  Damn, it looked good.  Nice round bubble mounds on a tight, slim waist yet firm to the touch.  They were muscular.  There really is not an ounce of body fat on this guy.  I quickly wrapped up, aimed, and fucked my tool inside him in a steady rhythm as stroked himself.  These little high-pitched whimpers are a big contrast to his deep, masculine baritone voice.  And me, this smaller guy dominating him and bending down to trash talk into his ear as I make sure he feels every inch that he's submitting himself to.  And I didn't relent when he started to cum, wailing and sobbing as I fucked his load out.

Afterwards, I'm thinking, "God, I love technology" and "Why didn't I come back for this more often?". With the little waves invisibly echoing through the air from cellular and WiFi signals connecting us all, building visibility to a network that gets us closer together in tight patterns, we still sometimes find new paths that open new doors that surprise you.  And sometimes chasing the fresh and new to fight the claustrophobia of this tightening net kinda obscures the fact that the channels run deep and that the fresh and new was right under your nose. 


Douglas Etie said...

SHIT, you are a superb writer, it's TIT-ta-lating to read. Your descriptive wording gives me a feeling of sharing your experience! Thanks for another highpoint to my day!

Bruce Chang said...

Thanks bud! And I need to get you on my lap! That will be the highlight of MY day!

sc57 said...

Yes, how I would love to get my tight hole loosened and lubed and filled and used. I so enjoy your writing and believe you would be even nicer to enjoy, in me.

Bruce Chang said...

I guess you do enjoy the writing! You’re digging back in the archives! Hehe. Let’s indulge in some fun. Hop on over onto my dick. Oh, and please. Cause I’m a gentleman.