Friday, April 5, 2013

I'm a cocksucker

It's not that I don't like to suck on the first "date"...  Sometimes, I just don't think I do it well.  Honestly, I didn't understand the fuss until college, when I decided to give the cruisy bathrooms a try.  There, a guy didn't suck me, but milked the cum straight out of my nuts through through oral channels alone.  Sucking almost seems like a misnomer compared to what he did.  There really wasn't that much suction at all.  Instead, his mouth just seemed to envelop my cock completely on all sides in a warm moist chamber.  A perfect fit that felt like home.  The warmth, the moist feeling surrounding all sides of my cock and the modulations with his tongue and throat just made me shoot in under a minute and I still remember my knees buckling at that moment, thinking "Fuck, now I know what it's all about."

Me?  I just not confident enough that I can do the same job.  But that didn't stop me from trying with guys that didn't know any better whenever I got the itch to go on my knees.

First, it was a stocky east coast transplant that lived by the beach.  He was straight/bi and he swore I gave the best blowjobs he's ever had, despite being a bit of a player with the ladies and having sampled many mouths.  Most guys I'd doubt the boasting, but I do remember a couple of occasions where his girlfriends would call and leave a message on the machine while he was busy watching pussy porn and shooting his load down my throat.  Unfortunately, he moved away.

Second was another bi guy that lives on my route home.  We first met about seven or eight years ago when I answered his craigslist ad after a late night at the office.  I was worn out, but I also just needed to get off.  I didn't care what we did.  Good thing cause I left with his load in my tummy after he thoroughly assaulted my throat with his 8-inch cock.  Maybe it was 9 inches.  He forced that thing down so deep, tears welled up in my eyes and I was still coughing and gagging on the road home afterward, snot running down my face.

When he texted me the other day, I was in the mood again.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe it's all the chatting about blowjobs with the bloggers and his text just came right at the best time.  Our texts always have the efficiency of a pawn store transaction.  A rapid ping-pong of dates and times and sometimes we have a deal and sometimes we don't and just walk away.  That day, I didn't have any lunch appointments or anything in the afternoon, so I headed over and took my place between his knees as usual.

This guy is a stunning 6'4", slim with a boyishly handsome face.  Really, he's a good-lookin' kid.  And by kid, I mean he's in his mid-thirties like me, but he has a job that keeps him youthful.  He teaches after-school programs, coaches kids in soccer and other sports.  He's usually in gym shorts or track pants when I come over.  A jock, but not in the traditional gay sense of a worked-out guy with a gym body that couldn't handle contact sports.

And a cock that's long, completely straight, always hard as a rock and shoots geysers that rival old faithful.

I start by lapping at the tip, moistening his tool a bit so that my lips can later glide effortlessly up and down.  Then I envelop the head, making sure my lips create a seal around it completely as I swallow, making my tongue undulate across the bottom.  His cock pulses and hardens even more with the attention.  Open wide and slide down another couple inches before I lock down again.  First the seal, then the tongue.  Then I rush the last few inches and start to gag.  He uses that opportunity when my throat opens, trying to dislodge his massive meat to instead force it straight down.  He holds the back of my head in place and keeps my head buried in his pubes and my body protests and revolts.  He lets out a low snarl before he lets go.  But I don't give up.  Instead, I take a few deep breaths, as much as I could muster with half his cock down my throat before I slide down the shaft.  Long, slow strokes up and and down.  It slips down past the narrow channel of my throat by an inch.  Another stroke and I get two inches in.

"Fuck your throat is tight."

Then he reaches for my head and forces me down again.

Gag, choke, spittle flying, gasp for air.

And the game plays on like that.  Him forcing it down... me trying to accommodate.  He backs off a few times and grabs his dick while I lap at his nuts.  He's gotten too close to the edge.  On the third time, I lap lower and swipe across his taint and his back arches.  Then my tongue dives in further and laps at his hole.  It's really the first time I'm rimming him and instead of being shocked, he slinks lower in the chair and hikes one ankle onto a desk to give me better access.  That works me up and then I go back to his cock with renewed energy.  My finger plays with his hole and I can feel his tight sphincter throbbing with blood, unaccustomed to anything playing with it.  I work a finger in and he's going crazy, forgetting about holding my head down.  But he stops me.  And stands up.  Pushes me back onto my haunches.

I'm a good two feet away when he gives his cock a couple of strokes and shoots me directly in the face.  His next shot goes a little high and I can feel it rain down on my hair while a trailing tail lands perfectly from the top of my forehead to the tip of my nose.  The next shot goes dangerously close to the eye, so he aims up and lets it rain down on me again, hitting me on the cheek and chest.  A couple of smaller spurts that lie wasted on the floor between us when I close the gap and take him into my mouth once again.  It just barely softens, enough for me to swallow it all the way down and nurse on the remaining seed in his shaft.  A couple of strokes of my own took me over the edge and my load puddles on the floor, mixing a bit with his.  I back off and my throat lets go of his shaft.  My tongue involuntarily snakes out and tries to lick the cum off from around my lips.  God that felt good.

Driving back to work with the smell of cum and musk still faintly wafting up my nose, I text him to thank him.  He found that funny since "the pleasure was all his...  literally."  I've asked him before why he keeps on coming back to me since I know there are guys that can deep throat better than me.

"Nah.  I actually like it when you gag."

I know exactly what he means.  And that's when I chuckle 'cause it sounds exactly like something I would say.  And I then realize why I keep coming back.  That fucker is just like me.


Explorer Jack said...

Wow, hot story. I love it when a cock owner and cock sucker find perfect harmony.

As a cock sucker, I've never found it. I've never had the oppurtunity to please someone as a few guys have pleased me.

I love my dick. It's rare, but certainly appreciated when I find someone who loves it more.

I'll bet people go lifetimes without finding someone who loves their dick, like the two or three guys have loved mine.

My favorite is a married guy that loves sucking my dick so much, he gushes each and every time he sends me to oral nirvana.

And why HE is the one thanking me, I really can't say. Certainly he must know how great his blowjobs are, and how they effect me. I'm screaming and almost blacking out by the time he's finished finishing me off.

Perhaps it's like a musician playing a favorite instrument. The harmony between man and machine, working together to make beautiful music, only my body is the machine, and I'm just an innocent bystander, watching the master and his instrument.

Oh shit. I've got to quit drinking an commenting. Hahaha. Loved your post man. One day day!

Bruce Chang said...

Oh, so you're drunk and easy to take advantage of? Damn! Missed my window. =)
You know, sometimes I read my posts and my metaphor and analogies sound so forced and lame. But let me say I love music and wish I had the ability to play an instrument. But if practice makes perfect, well, I hope you wouldn't mind being used over and over again.


I know... one day...

Anonymous said...

Love your stories.

Bruce Chang said...

Thanks, kiddo! Great to hear feedback from y'all.

gb said...

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Anonymous said...

A cocksucker knows what a cocksucker likes