Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Double-Header

The room to his bedroom was dark, the shades thick enough to keep the summer evening sun out, but I could still make out the grimace on his face as I held onto his cum-slick cock while thrusting my own cock into his tight hole.

It was just a couple of hours before that I, myself, was convulsing in a dry orgasm as an old fuck bud shot his huge load over my face.  I purposely kept my hands off my cock then, saving my load for this moment right now with TooFarCub.  His one leg over my shoulder, the other off to the side, giving me access to his cock.  We'd been going at it for about an hour and I was edging him for about half of it, swatting his hands away as he got close until I finally just gripped it tight, letting the rhythm of the fuck echo through his body and directly to his cock whenever I drilled it home, causing a ripple of little micro-vibrations across his shaft through my tight fist.  My grip around his meat held him in place while my fuck pushed him into the stroke.  I was reinforcing the direct association with my cock pummeling his ass to his pleasure.  Each hard thrust was one wave of pleasure on his cock.  And then he finally squirted.  As usual, without much vocalization, just his body heaving a bit afterward to betray his orgasm.

And I kept fucking.

If I'd asked, he'd beg for my cum.  If I stopped he'd whimper and grasp at me to keep me inside.  He'd work though the overload of sensation as his body became super-sensitive after shooting just to get my nut.  With his eyes shut and brow furrowed in concentration, he milked me.  The smell of his load, his faint musk and the lingering memories of another guy on my face, it was a bit too much.  My head turned to the side to where I draped his fuzzy leg over my shoulder and scraped my stubble on the inside of his knee before shoving in with one final push and unloading deep inside him.  I was trying to go easy but my body had other thoughts and my hips thrust hard and deep a couple more times to make sure my load stuck.  And even as I was coming down, my cock pulsed and I could feel his hole tighten up in response.

When the haze cleared, he came into focus and for a split second I wondered what he saw in me.  Just what about me that he likes so much that he'd work though the pain.  What is it that made him almost shoot just by me working his nips?  And with another man's odor still lingering on my face, why would he choose just me to share how sexy and giving and fucking hot he is in bed?  It was just a split second that I thought that when I suddenly remembered I had to get my ass out of there.  He's told me that he doesn't play with other guys anymore but that doesn't mean he keeps his talents to himself.  "When is your girlfriend coming over?" I asked.


And in case you're wondering, here's a pic of the load from the super-shooter earlier that day.


Explorer Jack said...

Super hot story and photo! You look like one of those Pillsbury turnovers I made as a kid, after I poured on the little pouch of sugary glaze!

Bruce Chang said...

As a kid? C'mon. You know you still make 'em!

Ric D said...

Damn such a hot story photo. You had my cock and ass quivering.

Bruce Chang said...

Wish your ass was quivering on my cock!

Weston Liggett said...

Great pic. At the shooting range, we'd call it a '9'.

Awesome story as well.... Keep it up (as it were)

Bruce Chang said...

Well, I think I need to try again and again until I get a 10!