Friday, September 27, 2013

Musings: Bragging rights

I was commenting on a blog when someone used the phrase "fucking for sport", which brought this recent conversation with friends to mind:

"I fucked a general once," my friend (he's active military, buzz cutt and all) says.  "Just to say that I've fucked someone that high up the chain of command."  This was after he went on an on about a marathon flip fuck session he just had with a married military guy.

"Have you ever done a cop?" my other friend asks as we're oogling at the pics of the marathon military fuck boy.

"Not knowingly," my partner chimes in.  "Just found out after the fact. It'd be kinda hot to do them in uniform."

I groaned and rolled my eyes.  "Firemen are way hotter.  Less of that cocky attitude and more of that heroic factor."

But I didn't say any more.  The conversation continued and I didn't offer up that I fucked two cops before (unfortunately, not at the same time and not in uniform) and had a fireman fuck bud that I played with... at his station...  in the living quarters with his coworkers roaming about...

I was corresponding to another blogger and we were contrasting our blogs, him noting that I predominantly focus on the sex while he skims over that part.  And I could and did cite several lofty reasons why I focus on the sex but I really couldn't deny the fact that a good part of it is also that I need an outlet to brag.  I can't really tell my friends (not because they're prudes but you don't want to burden them with keeping a secret) and for some reason, it gets kinda touchy with some fuck buds.  I had one guy cancel on me "because of a family emergency" and when I inquired later, I found out that he was actually just still in bed with the local kid he fucks around with.  We had a laugh about it, but it usually takes awhile before a regular opens up about the others we see.  Or maybe it's me that takes awhile.  Either way, if it sometimes sounds like I'm bragging a bit in an entry...  I totally am.  Ha!

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CoolTop said...

Well, I fucked a porn star! (He was washed up by then, but was outrageously hot 15 years ago.)

I say, brag on.