Sunday, October 6, 2013


I've always been skeptical of threeways.  If you've read my entries for awhile, you'll know I'm no stranger to group play, but threeways are hard to pull off.  You always end up with two people being more into each other than the third.  Or you can end up with the unrequited triangle that leaves everyone miserable.  Of course, it's mostly my own damn fault.  If I were into clones of myself, it'd be easy.  Just find two other guys with the exact same body type that are just as narcissistic and then off you go.  But I tend to like guys that are different than me.  Bigger beefier guys, or hairy guys, or shorter compact guys.  So you get me and my opposite trying to find a third that's into both extremes equally...  well, that's gonna be tough.

Within a weekend, I somehow managed to work myself into two different threeways with two totally different outcomes.  One was just plain bizarre while the other had me grinning from ear to ear the whole ride home.

I was out running errands and was chatting with a Latin kid off of Growlr that happened to be close to the stores I hit up.  Mid-twenties, scruffy-faced.  His profile noted that he was in an open relationship but they warned that they seldom play outside the relationship, so I really didn't think anything of it.  Pretty much thought we were going to swap pics and that was that.  But apparently my dick pic really enticed him because he suddenly came on really strong talking about how he wanted me inside him.  We were going to have a one-on-one but by the time we worked out the details, he couldn't host.  That is, unless I didn't mind having his bf joined in.  Hell, I don't mind an audience.  Other issue, he only had an hour max before he had to go to work.  Popped on over as quick as I could and his boyfriend met me outside the apartment complex.  To my surprise, he was a guy I hit up a couple of days ago off of Growlr just to make small talk about Shakespeare of all things.  So, we picked up on that friendly conversation that ended rather abruptly when we get into their bedroom and was joined by his partner, fresh out of the shower.

So. faced with the decision of trying to recuperate and segue from the platonic conversation into some action or just going all out slut-whore, I opted for the latter and pounced on the kid, grabbing his towel off him and pulling him close for a deep kiss.  I pushed his head over to his boyfriend's while I worked on getting undressed and I immediately saw a difference.  There was a bit of tender familiarity in their kiss that was missing from mine, down to the hand softly placed on his chest while they made out.  It spoke more of puppies and fields of daisies than the raunchy dungeon grime that I had in mind for a threeway, but it was still really hot to watch.  The Latin kid turned his attention back to me and wrapped his paws around his prize while his boyfriend got undressed and flopped on the bed.  He was down on my cock before I knew what was going on, trying to deep throat the thing with one gulp.  My cock curves and it just doesn't slide down a guy's throat when he's on his knees.  I grabbed my cock and twisted it a bit and shoved it back in a little too roughly as with the new twist, the curve went straight down his throat and triggered his gag reflex.  It wasn't gonna work out too well, so I pushed him down to the bed so that he could make out with his boyfriend.  That was what was turning me on anyway.  That seemed to be what turned on his boyfriend too.  It was that sweet gentle nuzzle of the nose and the tentative kisses that made the boyfriend perk straight up and damn it was a beauty.  Thick as hell and straight as an arrow, big mushroom head.  The Latin kid was uncut, not as thick nor as long, but still pretty hefty.  I started with him first before I moved to his boyfriend and swallowed it down.

I got the sense that the boyfriend wasn't really into it.  He definitely was hard, but it wasn't because of me.  So I was really surprised when he stopped making out and leaned over to me to take my down his throat.  Whereas the Latin kid struggled, his boyfriend was all skill.  He had me down his throat easily and he did things with his tongue and lips that made my knees jerk.  He could easily make me cum, and that's saying a lot since I don't usually cum from just oral.

Since we didn't have much time, I reached for the condoms nearby and suited up while the Latin kid worked on his boyfriend's tool.  Lubed up and played his hole a bit before gently putting pressure.  Fuck.  The kid was tight.  There is no way that this kid bottoms for his boyfriend.  I may be as long but not nearly as thick and even I was having trouble gaining access.  So the Latin kid took a hit of poppers before I felt his hole start to dilate a little.  It wasn't much though.  So when he took another hit and started to flower open, I took that and ran with it, slowly pushing in with enough pressure to break on through and not letting up until I was balls deep.  When I bottomed out, the Latin kid groaned and just held on to his boyfriend while his boyfriend jerked off.  The boyfriend just sat there and enjoyed the show.  Well, I think he enjoyed it.  It looked like he was gonna cut a bitch the way he stared at me, but he was hard as a rock, so I think he enjoyed watching.  I figured I'd better move things along and at least get something out of it before the boyfriend tries to beat the shit out of me, so I went for it and sawed in and out relentlessly out of the poor Latin kid's hole.  Fuck.  He was so tight, I was sure the condom was gonna break.  Then suddenly, the boyfriend spills his load, spraying five or six good volleys of cum into the air and landing on his belly.  It was a good, thick load.  I knew I went too far, both in terms of my rather clumsy breach of his hole in addition to the depth of my attack.  I could tell things would be messy when I pulled out and they were.  That pretty much ended things, but I wasn't expecting much more since we were short on time.

Before I left, though, the Latin kid took a couple of pics of my cock, half hard.  Then me in my trunks.  After he snapped them, he said "Woof."  I mean, really?  I thought that's just what people say in text chats.  Didn't know people actually woof at each other aloud.  And me?!  His boyfriend has the cock a size queen would drool over.  Hm...  And the pics weren't even that great.  I should teach him a few tricks about lighting to really make it look more impressive than it really is!

I later confirmed my suspicion that the Latin kid doesn't bottom much.  And with the boyfriend, he told me that he actually had a great time, but was just really tired having just got home from work.  Who knows what was really going on, but I just wanted them to understand that I'm not some psycho trying to break them up.  And I wanted to let them know that they would make really good bear porn together.  Ha!

So, same weekend and I was basically a bachelor since my partner was out of town.  Decided to go visit my parents and got on Growlr.  I was idly chatting the guys in the area, enjoying lookin at the fresh meat since I'm not in the area all the time and got a couple of good nibbles but none of them could host.  I ended up locking things down with a guy in his mid-thirties, scruffy-faced with a full beard and hairy all over.  And his guy knows a thing about taking pics.  One selfie was him taken from above looking at the camera in his nerdy glasses, shirtless showing his amazing dark blond fur that seemed soft and had no ends, and some funky purple superhero briefs with a nice mound.  He knew how to up-play all his assets.  Nice chest, beautifully dense (but yet somehow soft looking) body hair and the whole cool indie-geek thing.  He was specific on when he could play and since I had the weekend to myself but with nobody able to host, I went searching for a cheap room on Hotwire.  I got a good vibe that he'd follow through, so I didn't mind spending the fifty bucks for a chance to play.  Yeah, his pics were that good.

Right around that same time, I got other nibbles that started to firm up.  There was this one guy with really hot beefy muscular chest.  A Latin guy that I couldn't tell was either partnered or just really reluctant to show a face pic because he didn't want to be labelled a whore if his friends found him on the app.  Nice cock pic, but the angle was off and I couldn't tell how long it was or how thick, but it was uncut with a really nice mushroom head.  Really dark colored.  Then there was a mid-twenties Latin kid with an adorable face.  A little bit shorter than me.  Stocky.  Totally and naturally smooth chest and a cock that looked thick as hell.  Small arrow-shaped head compared to the bulky stalk with a big bulging vein running across the length of it.  It was something I knew the GeekyCub would like. So what did I do?  I suggested a group thing.  I sent GeekyCub the pic and like I knew he immediately was keen on the idea.  He was an oral only guy, though.  Then I hit up StockyLatinKid and he was into it too, but like with most kids his age, he seemed a bit flakey.  MusclePecs was also down, but really just wanted to get sucked and have his nips worked on.  I knew GeekyCub would be down for that and he loved an uncut cock.  I just needed a bottom.  Apparently StockyLatinKid was all top and "hated to bottom" but I read that as a sign so I told him as long as I get to fuck him first, he can have my ass.  He probably wouldn't show up anyway.  His messages were sporadic.

Now here's where I admit to being a bit of a douche.  So in my quest for a bottom, I hit up this guy that is a total submissive bottom.  Loves to be humiliated and abused and slapped around a bit.  I haven't been a bottom like that in awhile but it seemed out of sync with the others for the group I had going, so I kept him on reserve.  Then I had to break it off with him when the group looked like it was going to form.  I should have been up front about what the deal was, but...  Oh, well.  It's gonna come back to bite me in the ass I'm sure one day.  Or maybe it did that night even, given the lengths I had to go to so that some people would join.

Fast forward to me checking into a hotel that charged for parking and I was trying to rally everyone together.  As I thought, GeekyCub was responsive and showed up right on time.  MusclePecs bailed after hearing about the parking situation, getting all whiny and then belligerent, talking about how I need to scope out a better place next time.  Yeah, next time you're not invited, asshole.  And also just as I expected, StockyLatinKid was unresponsive when it came time to actually meet.  This is, until GeekyCub was knocking at my door.  He looked every bit as handsome as his pics.  I was just about to say fuck it and start playing when StockyLatinKid started hammering me with messages.  Turns out, in addition to not being able to host, he also didn't have a ride, but was willing to bus it over.  I knew GeekyCub wanted the boy's dick, so I offered to pick the kid up.  I was really close to just letting the kid bus his way over, but I knew he'd chicken out.  He was getting pretty flakey and hesitant and even asked me to stop by a liquor store for him so that he could calm his nerves.

I'm glad I took that extra step, though.  It was one of those rare times where the attraction seemed to work all the different directions equally, despite the differences in body type.  We had a Latin guy, an Asian guy and a white guy.  One stocky and smooth, one of a more athletic build, and then the gloriously fuzzy guy.

When we got back to the room, StockyLatinKid nervously flipped on the television and was downing a malt liquor beverage on the other side of the bed.  His cocky, all-top attitude over text went out the window and he became suddenly really shy.  I motioned for GeekyCub to come over and immediately stripped him of his shirt and shorts as I made out with him and gently placed him between me and the kid.  My hands roamed as I clumsily tried to disrobe at the same time.  His body responded well to a light touch.  He threw his head back and his neck stretched long whenever I hit a sensitive spot.  The nipples gave him body spasms.  His eyes were closed and he let out gasps of air when my hands traveled over the sides of his stomach.  My fingers enjoyed the texture of his body hair as they danced across and lapped at my digits.  StockyLatinKid tentatively reached out and joined in.  He had undressed rather awkwardly while he watched us.  Almost robotically, but there was no mistaking his lust for GeekyCub's body.  I let him take over exploring his body while I went for GeekyCub's cock.  It was hard as a rock, dancing and pulsing and begging for attention.  The precum flowed easily and heavily, coating his stomach and matting his hair down.  I almost thought he was going to shoot right then when I wrapped my hands around it.  White hot to the touch and pulsing with his heart beat.  I didn't need any additional lube as I slid my hand up and down completely.  Just him and his natural juices.  And that's when he grabbed my hand to signal for me to stop stroking.  When I looked up, they were locked in a deep kiss and I joined in.  Three heads squeezed in and each tongue dancing across to others.  StockyLatinKid jerked and laugh when I tried the same light touch treatment, his body much preferred the heat radiating from my whole hand, from the palm to the fingertips like a starburst with five points traveling up and down his body.  When I felt like GeekyCub had settled down a bit, I broke from the kiss and started to lap at his balls, relishing the faint musk of a guy that hasn't showered since the morning.  His moans were muffled and I realized that he had taken StockLatinKid's thick cock down to the root, with this kid up on his knees on the bed feeding it to him.  I took that as my cue to take GeekyCub's cock down to the root.  Fuck, it was nice.  Loved the taste of his precum mixed with his mansmells as I went down on him.  We flipped positions a few times, with me getting head from both of them and GeekyCub proving to be the more experienced of the two.  We tried a cocksucking triangle but our differences in height just didn't seem to mesh well and we ended up back in a threeway kiss, all on our knees on the bed and stroking each other.  Out of nowhere, GeekyCub started to shoot on me.  And I mean shoot.  He was a supershooter, spraying me from quite a ways with some force, jet after jet splattering my whole thigh and soaking the sheets.  This set StockyLatinKid off and he started to shoot as well, spraying my other leg and, being another supershooter, landing a few jets of cum clear across to my other thigh.  I was so close, but the hand on my cock was already off tempo and not enough to push me over.  Besides, GeekyCub and I had a chance to talk while we were on our way to pick up the kid.  Turns out, he's not only a heavy cummer, but can go multiple rounds as well.  Despite that, he doesn't like to fuck because he's never in control of his orgasm that way and shoots to quick.  But he's always wanted to see two guys go at it.  That and the chat that the kid and I had about flip fucking, I already had some plans in mind for me to get off.

We bounced on over to the other bed in the room.  No sense in lying in cold, wet sheets if you don't have to!  GeekyCub was in the middle again and StockyLatinKid curled up into him.  I could tell he was starting to drift in and out of sleep while he rested his head on the fuzzy chest.  It was about fifteen minutes into the break that I started to play with GeekyCub's body again, making sure I hit all his sensitive spots with a light touch.  StockyLatinKid stirred and started to roll over on top of GeekyCub to make out.  This was my chance.  I started to play with StockyLatinKid's ass and positioned myself behind him.  He didn't discourage me.  He didn't flinch when I started to rub my cock up and down his crack.  He was completely smooth and fell over on top of him to scrape my stubble across his back.  Spitting into the palm of my hand, I stroked myself a bit before placing it back between his two round mounds, softly thrusting between them.  He started to arch his back and bit and thrusted back.  That was all I needed.  Back on my knees, I straightened up and used my hips to change the angle a bit and line up with his hole.  I started to feel his ass open up and I added more pressure.  Without any lube or any additional spit, I started to squeeze in.  He stopped making out with GeekyCub at this point and had his eyes closed, arms wrapped around GeekyCub and holding on as he concentrated on the sensations in his ass.  He softly moaned when the head of my cock broke the barrier and I kept up pressure, slip-faulting my way through until my balls were resting against his and was loving the way his ass spasmed all along the way.  I gave him a moment to get accustomed to it before I gently rocked in and out.  Starting to build up the rhythm, I pulled almost all the way out before planting it deep.  GeekyCub looked at me quizzically and I nodded to him, confirming that I was fucking the kid.  He started to reposition to get a better look and at that point, I fucked a little too deep and made StockyLatinKid snap out of his reverie.  He gasped in pain and pulled off my cock and turned around.

"Fuck, I didn't think you were really in me."

I'm not sure how he could believe that.  He might have wanted to believe that.  But I was in him.  And he wanted it.

"Damn, you're sneaky."  Ha!  I didn't stealth him.  He knew what was up.  He even arched back and pushed back into me.

"Sorry, I thought you knew.  And we sorta talked about it.  Fair's fair and if you want it, I'm yours.  Just go easy on me at first.  You're working with a lot down there."

The kid's eyes lit up as we got together for a kiss.  Even though I might have been a little rough for him at the end, he was still hard as a rock.  GeekyCub moved off to the side to watch and stroke.  On my back with my legs wrapped around him, he started to dry hump me a bit before spitting on his cock and lining up.  He pushed in.  Hard and fast.  The little fucker.  He needed more finesse with me than that.  It's been a long, long time since I bottomed.  I eased him up and got him to sink in at a more comfortable pace.  Once he was in, though, I let him have at it.  He fucked hard and fast, like I used to when I was younger.  So hard that I was sliding off the bed.  Wish I could say I was able to take it, but by the time I felt my weight shift to almost land on the floor I stopped him and slid off him.  That was enough for GeekyCub, though, he immediately shot and coated his fur with his second load of the night, which was just as impressive as his first.  I used some of his cum as lube to get me hard again and since my balls were aching to release at this point, it didn't take long before I messed the sheets with my load.  I started to jerk off StockyLatinKid, but I could tell he was a bit distracted by the TV (what's up with kids these days?!) so I went in to make out and turn his attention away.  That did the trick and I jerked out his second load.  The first squirt soared past our heads and hit the headboard.  The second landed on my shoulder and the rest came copiously all over my fist and his stomach.  Damn, I love supershooters.  I hit the jackpot with having two equally hot ones in my bed(s).  So, now both beds were messed up and we didn't have a place to rest, so we ended up just washing up to get going.  I left the keys in the room and we headed out.

On my way to dropping off the kid back at his house, he and I had a chance to talk a bit.  It was his first time doing anything more than one-on-one despite the bravado he displayed in our chats.  He had a good time.  And I remarked how unusual it was for the chemistry to work out as well as it did.  We all enjoyed each other and after he calmed down a bit, we all meshed well together.  Even in the car rides two and from his place, the conversation flowed easily, especially since he and the GeekyCub shared a bit in common.  I was in cumpig heaving with two supershooters letting it fly over me and nobody seemed to be left out.  Quite the contrast of my earlier rushed threeway with the couple where I made a mad dash for the door before knives came out (of course, that was just me misreading the situation but it wasn't any more comfortable nevertheless).  Back at home, I got some messages.  Both the GeekyCub and StockyLatinKid wanna do it again.  One-on-one or another group thing.  And I'm eager to do it again, too.