Monday, February 24, 2014

The kid and the chain

I've always been drawn to men that can pull off a gold or silver chain without making it look ostentatious or feminine around their necks.  Usually a thicker band, no pendant, but not so big as to be the focal point or flashy.  Instead it just blends in, completely congruent and harmonious, without any rush to match the expectations of an archetype.  And this kid did it well.  At least on his Grindr pic.  A 20 year-old latin kid half-smiling and sporting a black tank top that displayed his chain.  It wasn't bling or some pimped out thug life thing.  Just an effortless accessory that made the kid look fucking hot as hell.  Not sure how else to describe it.

But I'm also kinda freaked out that the kid would be into a guy nearly twice his age and was pleading to sneak me over to his parents' place while his brothers were asleep in the other rooms.  That is, until I remembered the summer between my freshman and sophomore year in college where I did the exact same thing to a bass player in a ska band (back when ska bands from OC were the rage).  Perhaps it was even riskier.  My parents were home and it was the middle of the night.  I left the gate open and the backdoor unlocked for him to sneak in and crawl up in the bed behind me.  I had tried to go to sleep but I was wide awake and shaking, shivering despite the thick blanket and the warm summer air that hung thickly on top of that.  And the shivering didn't stop until after he had already left, his sweat intermingled with mine and the smell of our cum filling my head and lulling me to sleep as the beads of fluids ran together and off my body before finding the the fibers that were willing to soak up the sex.

The kid with the chain wasn't as daring but he wasn't any less needy.  I pulled up to his house in the middle of the day to find him fidgeting in front of his porch, shifting his weight from one foot to the next as he stared intently at his phone.  Apparently my car was faster than the signals that crisscross the air to link us all together and he didn't get my text saying I was around the corner.  Though, we were completely in sync when I got out of the car.  I met his hesitations with a warm smile, reassured him with a firm hand on his shoulder that gently guided him to lead me into his house, and silently massaged his neck until his eyes lifted to mine when he softly pleaded for me to be discreet and quiet.  Whatever he saw when he looked up, I felt under my hand.  Slight shift.  Shoulders shedding the extra weight of worry.  That abandon symbolized by the way he leaned in for a soft kiss.  In the open just inside his parents' house.

This wasn't the place where we should start things, even though the house was remarkably dark for being high noon.  He led the way through the cavernous maze of hazards all over the floor to his bedroom.  On the way, I almost tripped over a yapping dog that I was sure going to give me away until we got into the safety of his room and he shut the pooch out.  And to my disbelief, his room was even darker.  Pitch black save for the glowing red LED lights of an alarm clock spitting out a time that completely wrong, by a good half hour even if you were in London.

I didn't wait for my eyes to adjust.  Instead, I used my hands to reach and and feel what I couldn't see.  He's my height, so I knew exactly where to reach to grab his hips and pull him to me.  When our chests met, he shifted his feet in-between mine so that he could melt into me as my lips sought his and my hands roamed up his back, fingers digging into his back.  And he let out that soft sigh of submission and need as his body slumped into me.  Slight gasp when my stubble raked against his neck.  I found a sensitive spot right below the ear that made his knees buckle when I blew my hot breath against it before nibbling on his lobe.  Fingers traced the outline of his tank top, dancing over his broad shoulders and softly strong back before following the seams down to the hem and pulling it over his head.  His nipples hardened from a soft touch across his back, so I leaned in for a taste.  And my hands reached lower to grab his full, round and perfect ass and pulled him into me.  And I softly smiled when I felt his cock pulse against me when my tongue flicked across his nips.

My eyes had adjusted by then and I could make out the bed next to us.  Since I was crouching a bit lower, I used that leverage to pull him up and over onto the bed.  I left him there while I hastily shed my clothes.  Regretfully, he helped himself out of his shorts, his thick uncut cock never quite flopping back to his stomach as he laid on his back.  I wanted to set the pace, but when I saw what he was packing, I couldn't help but swoop down and take him down to the root in one swoop.  It was sudden and his cry spoke to that.  Sharp gasp.  Unexpected.  His hands flew to my head to pry me off him but I wouldn't give in.  His back arched and it wasn't until after his hands slackened off my head that he fell back into the cushions.  I was perfectly still.  When I felt him relax again, my tongue began to explore but he was too thick for me to do much.  Pulling off, I let my tongue swirl under the skin and tasted something that wasn't so fresh but sweetly alluring as well.  It was at that point I also smelled a slight sting of musk wafting up.  Something about this grungy kid was violating all the rules that I had in a defiantly attractive way that made me eat the kid up.  Lapped at his balls, his taint, his groin.  Worked my way up to his nips again and settled between his knees, my cock drooling precum down his balls.  When my lips found his nips again, he was on fire, clutching me.  I alternated between a flick, a swirl, a nibble.  Hot breath hovering over him to pulling back to blow a stream of cool air.  And each nibble turned more into a bite until I was chomping so hard I could almost taste how raw his nips were.

And the kid never complained.

He buckled and squirmed and clutched at me.  At one point, when I raked my stubble across his chest his legs kicked out involuntarily.  I raised one back up by the knee and ground my cock against him.  We were going at it for quite some time so his hole was already really wet from my precum.  So with my lips locked on a nipple, he raised his hips just slightly and the next time I ground into him, my cock slid right into his hole.  Just one steady push and I was balls deep.  There was a skip in the beat for a second before his body recognized what happened and his hole clenched tight around me.  I felt it throb at the sudden invasion and then him loosen up when my lips let go of his nipple.  It spasmed again when I flicked my tongue across his nip.  I didn't really saw it into him.  Just relished the feeling of his warmth fully engulfing my cock and his ring just dancing around the base.

When I had enough, I hiked up his other knee and rested it on my shoulder before bending over.  Forehead to forehead, I stared into his eyes, slightly glinting in the dark, as I tried to read what he was feeling as I slowly withdrew and slammed it back in.  I wanted him to feel me, feel every inch of me, and want his ass to memorize every ridge and vein of my cock.  And then our lips softly met.  He hungrily sucked me in, welcoming how I was folding his body onto itself and I was drowning in his kiss.  I fought. I fought hard.  And when I finally came up for air, I had to use one hand on his shoulder to hold him down and bear most of my weight while I held onto his cock with the other.  I had barely held onto it for five or so strokes before he shot and the beauty of it all was more than I could take.  I slammed my cock home to breed him deep.  He was starting to end his spurts when I shot but that extra deep lunge pushed a final, larger spurt up out of his cock and flashing up to his neck.  His body still convulsing in a dry spasms as his ass seemed to swallow my cock and milk me for more of a load.  My toes curled so hard, they almost cramped up before I slumped on top of him.

I was unkind.  Since my body slumped right onto his chest, I raked my stubble across his chest and his overly sensitive body that wasn't quite recovered made him throw me off him to the point where I was ripped from his tightened ass.  That had to hurt.  I felt bad, but I also mildly laughed in a playful way from the other side of the bed.  I remarked how his nips are still going to feel me a week later and he responded with a meek, "It's okay."  And that hurt me.  I lifted him up a bit and pulled him to me, holding him close and letting his head rest on my shoulder.  I tried to use the warmth from my hand convey the warmth of my affections as it roamed his body and it was then I noticed that he wasn't wearing his chain.  Not that it mattered.  I just hoped that this secret tryst fulfilled his need as deeply the ska bass player did mine and that link in that cycle remained, unbroken and unabandonned.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Musings: Cockiness and Indifference

So is it just me or do a lot of tops put on airs of being so self-assured and cocky that they almost regard you with indifference?  I don't quite get it.  I'd like to think that when I hook up with my bottoms, they have my full attention and even if they feel trashy and utterly used afterwards like a piece of meat, they'll still know that for those moments I was an active participant and they were unequivocally the source of my lust.  Every now and then, I don't let the fact that I'm hitting on a top bother me and we end up meeting on the pretense of swapping oral (but me knowing full well I am going to do every trick in my book to try to flip them).  And more often than not these days, I end up hooking up with a guy that just seems to go through the motions as if sex was routine maintenance of the body...  as utterly unsexy as clipping one's nails (though, I have a hunch that the domain is taken...  just a hunch).

Let me offer you a case study:
Bobby is a recent east coast transplant.  From DC, to be specific, and works in retail management.  Beautiful masculine form.  160 pounds of testosterone packed in a 5'9" frame.  Beefy and fit with a little bit of padding.  A guy that's settled nicely into his body.  Full beard, trimmed and perfectly rakes the nerve endings in my back and fluffs them to full attention when he glides his cheek down the valley of my back to the mounds of my ass.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Bobby has a penchant for hitting up chasers on Growlr for some action.  I took the bait.  Hell, I ate that line up knowing full well I'd sail through the air and land in his apartment flopping around.  The fucker was hot.  But when he opened the door, the wall came up.  Defenses up, making out with him didn't seem quite as intimate.  When I dropped to my knees, I gobbled him up greedily and tongued his balls while his cock was buried down my throat.  He kissed all around mine before he swiped his tongue a couple of times across the length and stood up for me to continue sucking his.  No dice.  I'm not gonna do that.  Instead, I wrestled him onto the couch and we ground into each other for awhile.  When he got me on my stomach, he scraped his beard down my back and fuck that gave me goosebumps.  But it was all an accident on his part.  He was on his way down to rim me and try to get me to relent and bottom for him.  Instead, I clammed up and it just didn't work out.

Slight digression: I haven't met that many total tops.  Even I get the itch to bottom every now and then and my partner is closeby to take advantage of that.  But I'm gonna really have to want it to make it work out right.  Otherwise, it's like jamming your hand up a vending machine to steal your favorite snack only to find out that it's 10 years past its expiration date and tastes like shit (hm...  bad choice of words maybe).  AND THEN the vending machine is down for repair for like months afterwards.  Strapped down with yellow caution tape.  Back the fuck up or else.

Back to Bobby.  He tried to rim me but that made me tense up so instead he just laid on top of me and started to dry hump me for like two seconds before he reared up and let a load fly up across my back.  Handsfree.  Searingly hot cum slicing up my back and pellets of white hot heat raining down in succession.  It was quick and totally unexpected.

Afterward, I made an offhand comment about wanting to flip fuck someday and his eyes lit up for a second before the defenses came back up and it was like "Sure.  Yeah.  Whatever."  So we made tentative plans to meet again in a week and then I didn't really hear back so made other plans.  I mean, I got such a lukewarm response, I really didn't think he was into me.  I, on the other hand, had no squabbles letting him know that he's like living porn to me.  Rewound and played over and over until the tape broke.  Permanently stuck in my VCR and you'd know exactly which scene brings me over the edge every time cause the same part comes up every time you turn on the machine and the clip gets kinda crinkled and snowy at that part.  How he felt about me?  Meh. I was a chemistry experiment and although I worked as a catalyst producing the right result, there were better things out there to concoct.

Or so I thought.

The day comes and he's all jazzed about flip fucking and I'm like, "Huh?"  He made all sorts of arrangements and cancelled with friends and the president called asking if he could help bring world peace but he had to postpone that for another time because he has a date with an Asian hottie that he fucked around with the other week and wants to be inseminated by him over and over until it oozes out of his body like sweat.


So he realizes his mistake by showing his disappointment and suddenly goes cold again.  Wall is up.  Defenses high.  Back to indifference.

And I think he just begs off and says he has to go clip his nails.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snapshot: Perfectly hairy cub with cap likes it rough

So three things with this guy:

First: he made this ridiculous move to put the baseball cap back on his head after it fell off when I pulled the shirt off his head.  I grabbed it in disdain and tossed it to a far corner so he wouldn't be tempted again.  And I loved the way he looked without it.  Didn't realize that he was a dirty blond, dark scruff on his jaw.  He's a good eight years my junior and still wasn't comfortable with his hair that was starting to thin.  But it looked good on him.  Strong and masculine features that he just hasn't grown into appreciating just yet.  And besides, the hat took away from his piercing blue eyes.

Second: when you mention things like "wild" and "rough" in your profile, I'm going to take that as a free pass at manhandling you until you cry uncle.  From the start, I made him receive my kiss instead of making out with him.  I know how to work my tool and twist it just right so that when I'm full-on face-fucking you, you're gonna gag.  And if you don't respond either positively or negatively to nip play, I'm going to go harder until I get some kind of reaction.  All that was in the first ten minutes so I was a bit surprised when I fucked my raw bone into him and pounded it hard from the start, he started to reach for his cock and his breathing changed to let me know he was about to cum.  We were going at it missionary and I slapped his hands away before pinning his wrists to his sides with my hands, putting my full weight on them.  But it was too late.  Even though I stopped, a dribble of cum came out.  Leaking out, he started to go soft.  In frustration, I pulled him up by the legs and started to fuck up into him while he started to tighten up, not relenting until I fucked my load deep inside him.

Third: goddamn he was gloriously furry.  A soft velvet felt all over.  Chest, stomach, legs, ass...  back.  Soft and luxurious like chenille or cashmere or something.  He must use conditioner to soap himself up.  Or maybe he counts out the strokes as he combs his hair like Marcia Brady.  All I know is that he's the model for the next generation of blow up dolls: a body pillow with soft fuzz all over and a warm moist hole you can lose your load in like three seconds.

I was feeling like a stud after we fucked.  He was the third guy in an 8 hour period that I made lose his load and the second load I gave up in the same timespan.  Too bad he deleted his profile a couple weeks later cause I would have loved a repeat.  I have a feeling he wasn't exactly single.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Geeky Kiwi

I was rock hard and deep inside him, trying my best to keep still and just relish in the feeling of his ass spasming around my cock as he came down from his orgasm.  Small movements, little waves.  Testing to see if he's done or if he's ready for some more.  He doesn't resist and when I cock my head to the side in a gesture to ask if he's okay, he nods and answers in the affirmative.  I forget what he says.  Either an "I'm good", "I'm fine" or something of the sort and I take that opportunity to ask something that was nagging me from the start.

"Is that...  Australian?"  Not British, not...  well, wasn't sure what.  Nope.  Turns out he's from New Zealand.

He was in town for a SciFi convention.  And he totally geeked out when I first stepped into his hotel room and inquired about the three large plastic crates sitting in the corner.  Merchandise to be sold, some freshly bought.  Then he started talking about panels he participated in.  Animated tones that was so endearing that I just had to smile.

I found him on Growlr, really close by and the distance told me he was a downtown visitor.  The profile pic was a bit blurry.  Shirtless but with a cap on and that scares me.  A cap totally changes the shape of the head and sometimes when the jig is up and the cap comes off I involuntarily go fist to mouth trying to stifle a gasp.  So I was a little relieved when he had answered the door without the cap and his neatly groomed hair accentuated his finely tuned facial features, perfectly proportioned and so damn cute.  Especially as he rambled on and on about the convention.  So I pounced and silenced him with a deep kiss.  We were exactly the same height, so it was just a slight tilt of the head and we fit perfectly together.  Pulling him close, I felt him melt into me a little before he resisted and then suddenly drop lower, lift me up and threw me on the bed.

That made me laugh.  Probably not quite the most appropriate response but it was out before I could filter it.  I knew from the way he folded into my kiss that he wasn't trying to out-top me or anything.  We just fit too well together.  I could feel the temporary surrender and his body yielding right before he resisted.  So I pulled him down to me on the bed and rolled over on top, only to feel his legs come up and wrap so easily around me, a position that was so natural we seemed to snap back into that space after repeated interludes where we fumbled out of clothes.  I unzipped him to reveal a nice designer jock, complete with some leather lacing tying up the front.  Superhero red, of course.  And I left that on him while we settled back into that embrace where he'd clutch me to him on his back while my body hovered over him and enveloped him.

Nuzzle the neck.  Tentative kiss.  Hungry, angry face sucking.  Back to a gentle scrape of his beard on my cheek.

It was quite noticeable the way his cock pulsed against me when I lapped at his nips.  And, as always, curious to see exactly how wired his nips were I tested his limits and couldn't find any.  The harder I worked them, the harder his cock strained against me.  And then I'd let up and twirl with my tongue to hear a moan escape.  Back and forth until I couldn't take it anymore and ripped off his jock to let his cock free.  Uncut.  Big mushroom head.  The kind that lodges in the back of your throat and chokes you when you try to suck it down. Red-faced and light-headed from being deprived of air, I couldn't take it anymore and had to get inside him.  Ignoring the condoms laid out on the nightstand, I spat on his hole and worked some on my cock before applying some pressure.  With just a flick of a finger across his nipple, I popped inside.

With a frenzy and a hunger, I fucked him hard and fast, holding onto his meaty, thick cock and relishing the heft of it as I pounded away, feeling it pulse in my hand and feeling the warmth of him from the inside.  Even though I was overloaded from all the sensations, it was he that came first.  I was too wrapped up in it to even realize he was that close.  I would have let go of his cock if I'd have known.  And just as I was cursing my luck, about to pull out, I realized that he made no moves to get me off him.  In fact, he was still hard.

That's when I asked him if it was alright if I just stayed inside.  And then had a little bit of small talk about his country of origin.  Just trying to get over that hump before he's fully in the mood again.  I slow fucked him, focusing on making him feel every ridge of my cock as I slowly moved in and almost all the way out.  A lazy fuck as my hands explored his body.  And as my body began to feel heavy, I settled in on top of him and we made out.  Nice, gentle small movements in and out of his ass while our lips explored the many different ways they fit together.

I felt my load start to rise and just as lazily let it loose inside him and he sighed, feeling it pulse into him.

I was spent, but still completely hard.  I rolled over onto my back to catch my breath only to feel him pounce on me, impaling himself on me, and mashing himself hard against me to get me in as deep as possible.  Furiously jerking his cock until he released his second load all over me.

I was still completely spent and just smiled as he used me to get off.  After he came, I just pulled him down to me and we started to stick together as I drifted in and out of sleep.  I didn't realize it but he actually only had a few hours to get cleaned up and head to the airport to go home.  So he woke up from a lazy nap with a start and we quickly showered and dressed.  He had a 6 hour layover somewhere.  Kinda wondered if he'd recharge as easily as he did before and hunt for another play bud.