Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Snapshot: Distractions

The things that race through your mind when you're giving head...  I mean, when I'm sucking a guy I'm either so damn wrapped up in how sexy he is and sucking him down is just part of wanting to consume every inch of him or... the complete opposite.  I'm picking apart and analyzing the situation in my head in an objective/abstract way like an anthropologist studying the mating rituals of an obscure, hidden culture lost deep in the jungles of...  well, Orange County.

So what was I thinking when his cock hardened to steel and suddenly spurted a load directly down my throat?  Well, I was wondering how the hell, this guy (Megathick) was able to so quickly adapt to my unit while I'm still struggling with his.  He was able to take my cock down in one swallow and then when the head hit the back of his throat, he accommodated the curve and sucked that puppy down the last two inches and made these swallowing motions that felt like someone was fluffing a thick felt blanket across the length of my shaft...  that flick of the arm after you grab two corners of a bedsheet and fling and snap it in a wave to fold into a condense flat mat.  That crack of thunder and then the rolling roller coaster hills through the air.  And I, on the other hand, was trying desperately not to let my molars scrape the sides of his cock as he fucked his inches down my throat.  I felt like a fat kid stuffing his face with cake, afraid that a crumb would get stolen if left behind.  The etymology of biting off more than you can chew, 'cause despite my efforts that was exactly what I was doing:  Chomping.  Chewing.

But luckily Megathick was distracted by another guy.  An Asian guy.  Tall.  A former high school linebacker in more of a wide receiver's body.  And that boy was on his knees on the bed, pummelling his cock down Megathick's throat as Megathick was lying on his back, legs spread for me to do my thing and contemplate the science of cocksucking, calculating and estimating cock volume with my measuring tongue and doing a mental google query on the capacity of the average oral cavity.  Racing to crest over and unleash in Megathick's mouth, I could hear the kid's rhythmic slap of flesh on flesh as he face fucked him suddenly stop and falter.  Ricochets and aftershocks.  And that's when I felt Megathick suddenly get as hard as steel, forcing itself down my throat whether I liked it or not and feel his balls retract on my chin and rapid pulses that seemed to shoot through and explore every cavity in my head.  I swear it shot up my nasal passages or something before I was able to react and pull back, relishing a few more pulses of his cock's recoil as it fired its sweet cum onto my tongue.

I snapped back to.  All the other thoughts about how improbable it was that I could sufficiently suck Megathick went away and I myself went suddenly rock hard, harder than diamonds, harder than explaining quantum physics to a college jock.

But with no one else left to relieve me.


CoolTop said...

I think you just won the "harder than X" simile contest.

Bruce Chang said...

Ha! Every now and then a loose synapse yields some interesting results...