Friday, September 5, 2014

DC - Part VII - Gag Me

Okay, call me a purist but when a guy has a blank profile with no pic but with a headline noting how he wants to choke on a big fat piece of meat, I'm gonna be a little perplexed when he balks after finding out I'm a visitor and that I'm partnered.  I mean, "Gag me" isn't quite eharmony marriage type material.  But he sent me a slightly out-of-focus pic of a cute little cub (but never trust me when I talk about height  'cause I repeatedly find out that a guy I thought was shorter than me has parts that don't align with that assumption when I pull them in for a kiss) and I was hooked.  I wore his reservations down by sending him pic after pic in regular intervals of my cock in various angles during our chat until I could just send him a pic of a banana or a pen and he'd be salivating like Pavlov's bell.

He originally messaged me right after I had a mediocre session with a guy at a hotel.  I didn't cum yet, so I fired up Grindr in hopes of someone to take care of my aching balls.  I had a choice between this cub and another guy that was up front about his pic and address.  Good thing I did, though, 'cause the cub couldn't host.  Found that out over the course of the next day, where I also found out that he was a freaky little kid that loved oral, loved piss, and loved a dom guy making him choke on a schlong.  After coaxing him to overlook my relationship status, I finally got the kid in my room and gave him exactly what he wanted.  Well, almost exactly.  He was also turned on by geeky/nerdy types and being naked with contacts, I couldn't quite pull that look off.

I greeted him with a kiss when he walked in and I could immediately feel him tense up.  I don't think he would have issues with that normally.  He's actually a great kisser, but the whole partnered thing was still in his head.  So I just decided to get down to business and stripped him of his shirt that looked like it's been slept in for a couple of days and some cut-off sweats for shorts.  Fuzzy chest.  Same color as the wavy brown hair on his head.  And a dick that was just starting to chub up a little in anticipation.

I quickly shed my clothes and dragged him over to the bed.  I knew the making out bit wasn't going to go anywhere so with steady pressure on the back of his neck, I pushed him down until his lips met my cock.  And the kid was good.  He took me deep down his throat in one shot.  Pause.  Then started to suck me at a frantic pace.  I grabbed both ears and slowed him down to a temp that worked for me and he suction and slobbery wetness was great.  I'd hold him down on my cock every now and then until I could feel him struggling for air and he would snap his head back and take a deep breath in with just the tip of my cock still in his mouth.  Without even finishing his inhale, he greedily went back all the way down without any assistance.  He impaled himself on my throat.  Then slow strokes, deep throat, hold, let go for him to breathe.  The cycle went on and on and I kept him down on my cock longer and longer until he couldn't take it and started to gag before I let go.  Still though, with tears in his eyes, he'd go right back down and impale himself with cock.  The kid liked it.  He wasn't all talk.  He liked to gag.  His cock was just slightly chubbed up.  I thought it was from concentration.  But when I forced him and made him gag, his cock would twitch.

I pulled him off and dragged him to the edge of the bed with his head hanging over.  He knew what was coming.  I climbed off, stood at the edge with my dick bouncing near his lips, that deep throat spittle that I dragged out from him gagging dripping off the end of my cock, slapped my cock across his lips and told him to open up.

Then I face fucked him.

Four pumps in and then I fucked my cock to the back of his throat until his legs started to flail as he struggled to breath. And then I'd withdraw just enough so he could breathe.  His tongue instinctively mashed my dickhead to the roof of his mouth, preventing entry down his throat as he breathed in and when I felt his tongue loosen just a fraction, before he was even fully recovered, I started the sequence again.  My balls were slamming against his face, making wet noises as I made contact with the spit and tears my face fuck was producing.

He was fully hard now.  In fact, he seemed to get harder only when I was fully down his throat making him gag.  Gotta love a guy that digs having his throat abused.

I was deep down his throat.  Holding it down there.  When I grabbed his cock.  I felt it harden in my hand when he started to gag.  Instead of withdrawing this time, I instead fucked it in even deeper.  One centimeter mini-thrusts meant to just tickle and remind him what he had back deep down his wind pipe.  He really heaved and both hands tried to pry me off him but I stayed just one second longer and that's what it took.  He came.  No stroking.  Just me holding onto his cock that pulsed and hardened the more I kept it down there and the more he gagged.  And that's what made him cum.  After the initial shot I withdrew completely and let go.  Big deep breath in and a couple of coughs and then his body was twitching and writhing from another sensation, from his orgasm.  Small little spurts as his body finished cumming.

I flopped down on the bed.  My work done.  And he then slowly and silently curled up next to me with his head on my chest.  A little bit of pig, a little bit of tenderness.


BikeGuy said...

no offense, but why would you even bother telling him your relationship status? :)

Bruce Chang said...

I'm pretty open about it but in this case, I was just trying to set up expectations. In the spectrum where an impersonal nsa fuck is one end and rings and a uhaul is the other end, he seemed to want more "strings"...