Sunday, December 21, 2014

Snapshot: The couple

"Did you cum in me?" he asked, maybe a little too loudly, a little too jovially (with a hint of accusation) for 3am in the morning, walking back into the bedroom.

I was making out with his husband in bed, under the covers.  The question sliced through the moment quite violently and it took me a moment to get my bearings to respond.  A brief chuckle from me.  For a brief moment I was wondering if I crossed a line, but quickly dismissed that when I recalled how they both made it a point to tell me that they were both on PrEP before we had headed out to dinner that night.  The story was shrouded in some elaborate story about insurance and liver tests, but the message was clear.  The chuckle actually came from a sudden flashback to a guy that noted with some disappointment that I'm not always that vocal when I cum.

"Yup," I responded.

"Fuck, that's hot.  I just shit out your load."

His husband groaned.

"That's real nice.  Did you really have to put it that way?"

"Oops!  Sorry," he said with a grin.  Or at least it felt like he was grinning, but it was way too dark to tell.  He casually deflected the admonishment in a way that told me that it's just routine usual banter between the two of them, that the words of reproach were trivial and harmless.  With that, he jumped back into bed, turned his back toward me and wiggled that amazing ass back into my crotch.

I was half hard.  I could blame that on the fact that I just came, or that we all had a lot of alcohol that night, but I knew it was something more.

I know that I'm describing the guy that's practically begging me for another load (or at least to continue fucking him to finish him off) as some flightly, adolescent type, but he's far from that.  We're all in our thirties, pretty well-established in our careers in technology.  He just comes at sex from a rebelliously direct approach, borderline both frivolous and mundane but vehemently liberal in an intellectual way.  Tall, scruffy faced but totally smooth from the neck down, as smooth as he is uninhibited about sex and what he likes.  A fellow pig that's unabashed about his activities,  No standard coy and chaste responses from this one.  And I love it.  I fed off it, manhandling him and twisting him about in several positions until I had him on his stomach and kneed his legs apart so that his back arched slightly and his ass raised in that perfect position to piston my load into him.

But his husband.  He's a completely different animal.  Animal isn't even the right word.  When we make out, it's sweet and tender.  His hands danced across my back softly but I nevertheless felt the lead weight of meaning behind them.  It's that beautiful moment between firm and intimate.  Someone you wouldn't mind handing the reigns to because you knew he'd take care of you.  Shorter, Asian, with a buzz cut that worked for him in a military disciplined sort of way.  I remember watching them C&W dancing and thought it was interesting to see the shorter one lead the taller guy but it all made sense now.

I had tried fucking the husband, but he was tight as hell and just shoving my long poker into him would be out of place with the type of sex he's into.

So there I was, half-hard having just shot my load, two incredibly hot guys in bed with me and I'm equally attracted to both of them for completely different reasons, both of them eagerly wanting to get off but having completely different styles of hookup sex, and to top it all off, all I could think of was something they told me earlier in the night: they never play together.  I took that responsibility of being the conduit between the two of them seriously but I couldn't reconcile how they wanted to have completely different types of encounters.  Fuck, I'm all for each of them individually but it's hard to play two different roles at the same time.  The taller one responded better to me having balls to the wall outrageously animalistic sex.  He practically shoved me off when I made out with him too long as it would have brought him off too quick.  His husband though, loved the long makeout session with us feeling each other up and as my cock teased his hole.  The attraction worked out between the three of us in a surprising way.  Very surprising.  We were all definitely into each other.  And I get it.  It's hard when you're in an interracial relationship with one guy taller one guy shorter, one guy scruffy and the other clean shaven, etc to find a third that works out.  One guy in the triangle inevitably has the weaker connection.  But that wasn't the case here.  I just lacked the skills to bring us all together harmoniously, despite all my experience with group play.  This was different.

We all ended up getting our fill, but I finally dozed off with my own words of reproach echoing in my head, words that I couldn't deftly maneuver as trivial and harmless...  well, not until the next morning at least.

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