Monday, December 1, 2014

Snapshot: Quick face fuck

I was completely naked with his head in my hands.  He was squatting, knees hovering above the hard ceramic floor, tangled up in his shorts, still deciding if it was worth it to drop his knees to absorb some of the assault down his throat.  Shirt still on.  Barely three steps into my hotel room before I made him drop to his knees and take me into his mouth.

He had one of those perfect throats that seem to fit my cock in such a way that I feel a warm soft caress throughout the length of my cock, but the pace was off.  And I couldn't get quite as deep as I wanted.  My hands started to dig deeper, ten pressure points starting to massage his scalp and a blunt palm mashing his ears to his head.  His head felt heavier and heavier as the last of his will was silently passed over to me in a soft sigh, prayer position.

I rewarded with him impatience as I growled my dissatisfaction that even in his total submission he could not accommodate the curve of my cock.  With a sneer, I ripped the object of his idolatry from his throat.  Gave my cock a few quick strokes along the full length as he flinched from the gesture, mocking his failure, a flinch from a deep embarrassment. Not the one of automatic response like when I pulled my cock down and let go to have it stiffly rebound and slap him in the face.

He tried to catch it, but my grip from my other hand was too strong and he just opened his jaw to accept the abuse.  My hips aimed for his lips, found its target and then I mashed against his face for a couple deep pumps before I let my load squirt down his throat, as far as I could lodge my inches down his throat as it resisted.  And I spasmed, almost dislodging myself from his lips before he sucked with all his might to keep me in.  He surely felt the other volleys of cum I was blasting against his wet tongue.

And I felt him too.  I felt the wet slime against my calf.  I heard the heavy splatter as the cum that collected around his hand fell to the tile floor.  I don't think he was even stroking.  Just holding on while I took control of the face fuck.

And he looked up at me when I shot him a wry smile that silently flung names at him: dirty cock-sucking cum-whore bitch.  Who else would climax instantly from the taste of cum?

In one move, my palm partly slapped him and partly patted him on the head.  I nodded to the door, silently kicking him out while I turned away to clean up and get on with my day.


FelchingPisser said...

Very hot. I had a guy recently who got off from a face fucking. It's such a nice compliment.

Bruce Chang said...

Right?! I almost feels rude not to say thanks for the nice compliment. Well... Just almost.

BikeGuy said...

Growl? Sneer? Dissatisfaction? Mocking him?

You're playing right into my wheelhouse of what I want from a guy.

{call me}

Bruce Chang said...

Actually, it was one of your posts that triggered this memory... Ha!

Adam Hanes said...

I too have face fucked a guy and when i was cumming he came without touching himself. I laughed at him and said "you truly are a cocksucker" He had was also gagging when I came so some cum was coming out his nose. Was a very hot scene. We still talk about it when I see him online from time to time. Great story.