Sunday, May 31, 2015

Flesh, not flesh

So looks like I got to play with a pervy conservative afterall.  

After getting blueballed the other day (it was actually a couple weeks ago, but I've just been behind in posts), I had browsed craigslist and found a guy that simply wanted to jerk off with a fleshlight.  He didn't have one.  He just wanted to find a guy that did so that he could try it out.  "Str8".  Married.  Late-twenties.  And as I had suspected, we both can't host except for every now and then and it just takes awhile for schedules to line up to seize the opportunity.  It was a good exchange, though.  Every now and then you meet a guy that's really eager and then in the middle of the afternoon he says he can host and wants you there now and then when you tell them "Can't now, but how about tomorrow evening after work?" they lose interest and would rather repost over and over again on CL.  This guy was different in that he'd actually say "Maybe, lemme check in tomorrow" and he actually would check in and it usually didn't work out and back and forth until just last week when I happened to be working form home and had the place to myself and he had a lunch break to pop on by.

And I wasn't expecting the guy that showed up to my door.  We hadn't traded any pics.  What can I say?  My standards are pretty low for jerking off with another guy.  But it all kinda made sense.  Vast generalizations that may or may not be true but he totally fell into the archetype of the repressed young republican.  Soft auburn hair that was parted and swooped over his forehead, baby-blue work shirt lightly starched with a traditional tie that was bold only by the quiet nuance of strong color juxtaposition of stripes.  Not that I'm making fun of the way he dressed (he was a helluva good-looking guy and the clothes fit well) but it like even a narrow collar or the slightly tailored flat-front pant at banana republic would be too risque.  So not buying a fleshlight of his own?  Totally get it.  Wouldn't be fitting for a guy like him to even admit he knew what it was, let alone own one.  And the way he sprung a boner through his trousers after just seeing me strip my shirt off, well, I don't think he's so straight as he claims either.

He'd bolt if I took it too fast, so I let him lead.  Gave him lube, the fleshlight, popped in some bi porn...  I just stripped and stroked off on my bed while he did his thing.  And I could tell he was wrestling with something.  And that's what totally gets me off.  Good lookin guy.  Great build.  Nice 7" cock that stuck straight out solid.  But it's figuring him out that really intrigues me.  Figuring out what's in his head.

"So that's the thing with the fleshlight," I tell him.  "It feels nice, but in the end you're still jacking yourself off.  You still need that extra feedback that's not in your control, ya know?  Here.  Let me hold it for you."

And I did.

He started a slow fuck that built up in seconds and just after a few thrusts with me holding it, his breath was getting jagged and he looked me in the eye before they suddenly unfocused and he shot his load.

Poor kid.  He hightailed it outta there before I could even get off my bed.  Lots going on his head.  And I knew that he wanted more.  But I'm patient.  He'll be back.

I fucked in his cum afterwards and added my load to the fleshlight.


bbburghbottom said...

They ALWAYS come back. Eventually, you will be fucking him.

Bruce Chang said...

I hope so. I wanna send back to work with him loaded up with my seed and his his hair all fucked up. :-)

BikeGuy said...

mixed loads. you perv. :)

Bruce Chang said...

And I was gonna taste the mix but lost interest. Ha!

BlkJack said...

Funny how that is with tasting cum after you shoot. Once that last drop cums out...I'm done. Should have let some side into your mouth then added your load.

Bruce Chang said...

The thing is, the smell of cum even after I shoot makes my cock stir. But it's 50/50 on whether it's enough to make me wanna taste it. Love playing with cum after I shoot though.

Elwood said...

Awesome rebelling. He's gotten a view of your bod and your hard cock. His curiosity will have him back.

Bruce Chang said...

Yeah, I'm sure the curiosity will get the best of him. And I'm patient. :-)