Monday, May 4, 2015

Quick-ish romp with geyser otter dude

It was supposed to be a quickie and I suppose it was.  We're both in Vegas for the same work conference and I felt like a stalker, having seen him pop up on a couple of the apps and hitting him up on each one.  But the persistence paid off one morning when we were both up early and decided that a quick blowjob was in order before the conference started.

He's handsome.  And tall.  So tall that I am about to stand on my toes before I just grab his head with two hands and pull him down to meet me in a deep kiss.  His kisses are nice.  They respond and search out like his eyes do I pull back and smile.  I stare at him with open lust.  His eyes seek out in a different way.  They question, they inquire.  They're not sure why the kiss ended and seek answers.  And behind it all, I can see how they seek to please.

So I answer.

"Fuck, you're breathtakingly hot."

Immediately the eyes refocus and the moment breaks as he struggles to verbalize the absurdity of my statement, anything to deflect the attention away for as much as he delights in the praise, he's far more comfortable with the tables turned and him trying to do his best to measure up and to serve.  But I pull him back before he can pull away too far and kiss him again, the fuzz on his face scratching at my skin.  Hundreds of pin pricks on my face, piercing in different angles around my face as our mouths moves to a rhythm they both create freely, autonomously.  As his beard stabs me, I hold his head again and press him closer, the burn of his scruff coalesce as the individual follicles orchestrate themselves to smother my insistent need to consume him.

I paw at his clothes.  We are short on time, after all.  And I liberate him piece by piece.  A nice polo.  Denim in a fashionable colored wash, tailored perfectly to his body in a way that was neither garishly tight nor unseemingly loose but instead was smartly modern.  I work my shirt off myself before I pull back and he stands before me naked, fidgeting and fighting the urge to fold his arms self-consciously, feeling utter exposed as I work my shoes and pants off slowly while openly appreciating the form before me.

We're about the same age.  His salt and pepper scruff neither unruly nor perfectly groomed stand in deep contrast to his deep, thick black hair carefully sculpted on his head, even at this early hour in the morning in his hotel room.  He's naturally and moderately hairy.  An otter.  All natural.  Slim, average build that makes me want to pounce.  Just all around naturally beautiful, completely masculine in a way that rejects commercial appeal of muscle-bound sculptures.

I spin him around and whisper into his ear, "Show me your bed."

I push him so he's falling backward onto his bed before I fall onto him again.  His long legs naturally wrap themselves around me as I kiss him and tongue his neck, chew on his shoulders.  I work my way down until my lips are mere millimeters above his cock, and it pulses and strains as it feels my breath on it.  My tongue dances on the length, the tip, the hole, before I fully suck it down my throat.  But after a few laps, I feel it start to wane.  I tongue his balls and his cock jerks.  I work my self lower and lower and then my tongue flicks across his hole, causing him to jerk violently away.  A shock of electricity.  It looked like he was in pain.  His breathing ragged, he willed himself to relax.  And when he does, another flick of the tongue.  An equal response, but from his balls.  They tighten up and I could see his dick surge back to full mast.  And as I tongued his hole in circles, lapping, licking, and flicking, I can feel his legs start to relax and fall to the sides.  I start to tongue some spit into him before pressing my mouth around his hole and sucking it till it puckered.  He nearly lost it when I then used my chin.  I just shaved, but I knew it'd be a different texture nevertheless.

I pull back, put his legs on my shoulders, and with considerable effort trying to wrangle a guy a good half foot taller and equally heavier, I lift and scoot him up the bed, letting my pulsing cock rest its length across his hole when I lean in for a kiss.  I can feel him groan as we swap spit and I slide across his hole, mock fucking him.  And when I thought he was ready, I changed the angle and the tip of my cock hit squarely against his hole.  And then another lightening bolt jolted him from me.  I pull back and stare into his eyes.  His breath ragged again.  And I see that look in his eyes again.  That questioning look and the eagerness to please behind it.  When I saw that, his legs went limp on my shoulders and he let out a deep sigh, a sigh that I used to push my cock in.

Fuck, he's tight.  But with my head popped just inside his hole, I felt hundreds of new sensations.  A warmth that pulled me in.  A slickness that wasn't just my spit on his hole.  Muscles that contracted and relaxed.  When I hit the bottom, I just rested there for a moment, luxuriating in being inside him.  Watching him intently.  We rock a bit, micro angles of change.  I wanted him to feel me inside him, probing him deep, all corners.  Not just me sawing into his ass.

But as much as he grasped at me from his hands and his hole, his eyes snapped back to me and in an inaudible whisper, he says, "I... can't..."

I understood.  I wasn't hurting him.  He was rock hard.  And he wanted to, but he just didn't want to fuck raw.  I acquiesced, but was greedy and pulled out really slowly.

I get off the bed and order him to turn around so that his head was hanging off the end.  Slapping my cock against his face, I feel his scruff on my balls and moaned loudly.  He loved hearing that and started to lap at my balls.  And he's still rock hard.  Pulling back, I aim my cock at his lips and he understood exactly what I intended.  Hell, I'm pretty sure he knew what I wanted when I asked him to flip around.  It didn't take much instruction.

With little coaxing, I went ass to mouth and assaulted his throat with my cock.

Fuck, he lovea that.  He's so damn hard.  Pulsing in the air and waving all around with the violence of my face fuck.

Spit on my hand and grabbed his cock.  It took very little before he shoots ropes of cum everywhere.  Amazing arcs of white fluid erupting with such velocity I wondered if I should be wearing goggles to protect the eyes.  When I felt like he finished, I drop his cock and pull mine from his mouth and give it a quick few yanks.  The sight of the sheets, his chest, everything messy with cum and the smell of it wafting up to my nose makes me shoot.  And he opens his mouth the accept the load I had to offer.

I glance over at the clock.  We somehow managed to play for three-quarters of an hour.  We have about five minutes to make the morning sessions of our conference.  On my way out, I make small talk with a guy (also a conference attendee) on the same floor while waiting for the elevator.  I'm pretty sure it's obvious that I wasn't coming from my room, the way I fumbled to find my way around.  This isn't my hotel.  And I'm riding fucking high after blowing my load, so I don't really care.


Nathan Deisher said...

hot post like always you sound like to play with

Bruce Chang said...

Thanks bud! I appreciate the note!