Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Snapshot: Hurt

He balls his hand into a fist and thumps it against my chest.  Once.  Twice.  Not knuckles, but the pinky side.  The way you'd slam your fist down against a table for emphasis.

"Owowowow.  You fucker.  Owwwww..."

I feel his spasming ass loosen for just a second.  Less than a second.  The microsecond which is all I need to capitalize on and slam the remaining inch of my cock deep in his ass.

"Oh, you fucker!"  Thump.  Thump.  Another couple of punches that don't have much weight or force behind it.  It could be because he's in a compromising position and doesn't have much leverage using his hands, him on his back with his legs forced back: one on my shoulder as I'm leaning into him and the other on his side as I push it back by the ankle.  But he's twice my size.  I know that if he really did want me to stop, he could easily buck me off.  I've played with enough tops to know when I'm going too fast, that involuntary flinch that you can feel coming from the core that forces you off... and out.  

No, he wanted it.

The theatrics are aligned with what I know about him.  One moment he's complaining about something and then he suddenly smiles big and creepy, his eyes a little too wild with a "but how you're doing?!"  He speaks and gesticulates in exclamation points.  And he has an interesting gait: a pouty walk that makes each step look like a chore but at the same time his upper body glides from side to side.

"That's GREAT!!"


Eyes still big and kinda creepy.  Then back to normal speech.

He definitely doesn't bottom often.  That's not an act.  I can feel his pulse throbbing around his swollen hole with me just taking a pause right there, buried to the hilt.  He's not trying to milk me.  That's not just muscles contracting around my cock.  Those are engorged blood vessels throbbing and pulsing in his puffy hole.

I start to fuck and he finally realizes he's holding his breath.  He lets it all out and then starts sobbing at the intake of his next breath.


"Fuck..." soft airy shout.  Gasp.  Exhale.

And he's hard as a rock.  I'm watching it flail in the air in time with my thrusts.  I don't think he's gonna last long, so I will myself to shoot.  I grasp his cock and fuck him in long deliberate strokes so he can feel every inch and simultaneously slam the last quarter of the way each time to get in as deep as I can.  It's insane, but his hole contracts even more and I can tell cum that's boiling in his balls are being launched and just as he does, my cock breaks through that tight inner ring and I unload.  Fuck, I love it when a bottom shoots... especially when I'm riding out my own orgasm.

The next day, he texts me that his hole is still swollen and hurts.  My dick gets hard reading that.  And his next message he sends before I could reply requests a repeat.

Apparently, a good hurt.


Anonymous said...

Hot, hot, hot. I really like it when you write about fucking guys twice as big as you are. And the way you write about how his felt on your dick -- you have a real talent for both fucking and writing! I, too, love to see bottoms shoot while being fucked. It means you're doing something right!

Paul, NYC

Bruce Chang said...

It's definitely an ego boost! Ha! Although I have to admit that I think it's also chemistry and what's going on in their head and not just my talents... But I'm still gonna strut a little like I'm some fuck stud superstar regardless. Ha!

BikeGuy said...

it should hurt good. it's important to remember that a man was up there.

...or so I've heard.

Bruce Chang said...

And I trust the wisdom of the crowds!

Anonymous said...

Pourquoi les asiatiques sentent salés?