Thursday, May 28, 2015

Snowball. Boundaries

I've dubbed him TooFarCub since he lives the opposite direction of where I usually go to get to the gym or to play ball or meet up with friends, making it hard to meet up. But I'm always glad that I make the trip out there. He silently gives me permission to take things to a darker side. I can't tell if that's because he has a girlfriend and I'm the only guy he plays with, fooling himself by saying that I'm such a good find (I'm really not, though, cause he's cute and charming and can attract a bunch of guys if he wants to) that he has to do everything needed to please me and keep my interest, or if he truly likes his boundaries being pushed. In the past, I've played his nips, working them up harder and harder until he came hands free with me gnawing viciously at his nubs. He's a quick trigger and I often fuck the cum out of him first and then keep on fucking him harder and harder until I cum even as his face contorts in pain being hyper sensitive after cresting. I've pissed on him, play choked him, slapped him around a bit. And this time, I treated him to a blowjob... But only did so to get his load in my mouth and see his reaction when I snowballed it back to him and making him swallow his own load before fucking him mercilessly until I came.

But no matter how much I abuse him and make him cringe or leave aftershocks of tenderness (funny how that word can mean showing gentle care or being sore as fuck... I'm referring to the latter of course) the next day, he always emails asking for more. No, scratch that, he literally begs for it.

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