Friday, June 5, 2015

And again

So they say that if you play with fire you should be prepared to get burned...

I have a habit of finding or attracting (vers) tops and I don't always have that hard of a time in getting my cock up inside them to fuck a load out of them or to fill them up with mine.  BiMarriedDad from the previous post isn't an exception.  Every now and then we get together without a bottom to share.  The mood is different.  It's less about the fuck and more about just enjoying each other.  Or maybe that's because we know that once cock meets hole, neither one of us can last long.  A tight hole for me, a new sensation pushing his joy button for him, and the mutual lust for each other ensures a rapid ascent to the top edge and the plummet over.

But this time, maybe it was being frustrated after having not been able to fuck last time with our bottom, maybe it was just finally that time, but I knew it was different.  He had one thing in mind.  It's always pretty passionate.  I forced him with his back to the wall and mashed my body against his.  He hugged me tight and all but threw me on the bed.  We rolled around over and over lips locked until I was on my back and he pulled up.  He eyed the lube on the nightstand and reached for it while I raised an eyebrow at him.  Yeah.  It was time.  He needed it.  And I actually wanted it.  Quick lube and then he slapped his thick heavy dick on my hole with an audible smack.

And he entered.

Fuck, it hurt.  He's never been easy on the bottoms we share but I actually felt like he was trying to ease it in with me but it still hurt like fuck.  He's thick.  Really thick.  And all I can see was a shock of white as my ass was ripped apart.  My mind was willing.  My body was not.

I must have made a face.  In fact I knew it when his face changed to that of grave concern.


His words made me snap out of it and I realized the face I was making, a contortion of extreme pain.  And I realized I was holding my breath.

Panting, I barked out, "Don't you fucking go easy on me, boy!"  Yeah.  I called him, "boy".  I wasn't trying to elicit some sort of response of indignation to encourage a forceful fuck or anything.  Kiddo.  Boy.  It just falls from my lips sometimes during sex.  But whatever brakes he had pumped on before he let go and totally assaulted my ass.

I can feel my ass spasming around his cock.  I willed myself to relax my hole and it worked until he punched deep into my gut and hit that other ring deep inside that made me flinch and made my hole tighten and spasmed.

He stopped.  Fully inserted.  Deep inside.  Relax, tighten, flinch, relax, breathe.

"Dammit, I can't last," he says.

I just nodded.  And made my hole twitch on purpose this time.

He rammed me four more times, deep long strokes and I knew he was shooting in me.  I could feel it with each stroke.  More and more slick.  More and more wet.  Less and less friction.  Less and less pain.  I felt what my eyes have seen over and over before.  Swirls of fluid mixing, waves of strands curling around each other as the cum, sweat, musk, ass all intertwine and dance together.

No big growl.  No theatrics.  Always subdued.  Always substantial.  The way he cums aligns with his straightforward modest demeanor.  The way he fucks is completely opposite.

He came too quick and he's still rock hard so he keeps on pumping until the sensations are just too much.  It was a bit messy when he pulled out.  Not in a good way.  Not a good smell.  Ugh.  What can I say?  I wasn't prepared.  And he knows as well as I do that when you play with fire...  So no, I wasn't just referring to the fact on having another top making you flip.  Ha!


BikeGuy said...

role reversal reversal. It's all so confusing. :D

Bruce Chang said...

Ha! It's like a triple negative...

Anonymous said...

Well, that's one way to work out your frustrations, isn't it? Hot story. Would make a great porn shoot -- the two tops get sucked by the bottom who gets called away (We don't want to deal with any messes in porn). So the two tops wrestle around until one gets to be the top! I put a few tokens in the box for that!!

Paul, NYC

Bruce Chang said...

Yeah, messes are only appealing to a select few I think. :-)
But if you're directing I think you'd end up in the shoot!

FelchingPisser said...

Oh, my heart...Somehow after your hint, I was expecting it to go the other way.

Off the cuff may be hot, but if we were to ever make good on our online flirting, we'd be planning it. I want to take a long time getting you ready for my big tongue and beard massaging you open...preliminary pushes of my cock head against your widening hole...more spit...reverse felching of your precum into you... I want to make you beg for me to finally fuck you...

bbburghbottom said...

Nice! Although I would have happily taken the bottom part for both of you!

Bruce Chang said...

FP - Um... I think after all this time, I'm alreading begging! And you bet I'm gonna plan for it!

Bruce Chang said...

bbburghbottom- we are totally down for that!! Ha!