Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Housekeeping: Swapping stories

So I've been chatting and swapping stories with a bud that also travels for work and I think though our conversations he's decided it's kinda nice to put these stories out there so he's started a blog:

Pop on over and give him some love.  He's got a good style going on.  Completely honest and straightforward and true.

I gotta say, it's been a great ride since I've started blogging and you guys out there have sorta filled this space that's been a bit of a void until then.  And as I see some bloggers stop writing, I'm glad to see others using the platform to take up that space.

On other news, I was chatting with a bud that's made these pages before.  He's a hairy cub that can cum multiple times.  Anyway, he messages me out of the blue one day and says we have a mutual friend.  It's the twerker!  We tried to arrange a threeway, but it fell through.  But I got a nice ego boost from the fact that I was mentioned as a good fuck.  You know, you have a fuck bud and you guys swap stories and you talk about a great experience you just had.  Well, I just happened to be that guy that was worth a mention.  Ha!  I was self-deprecating but still had a little bit of a swagger as a strutted about that day.

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