Friday, July 17, 2015

Mutual heat

I'm already inside him with just spit as lube, him on his back with his legs over my shoulders when he stares into my eyes and says, "You're so goddamn hot!"  He has those heavy-lidded bedroom eyes that ooze sensuality and desire so when he uttered that remark, you can't help but see it coming from deep in his core.  The message undeniably true.  I couldn't help but break out into chuckle.  Or rather, it was more a rather unbecoming guffaw that I hastened to cut off.  The reaction nearly folded the kid in half and he didn't complain.  He's so fucking flexible.

I'm honored.  But it's me that should be vocalizing the incredulous charm of his partner.  The kid is strikingly handsome.  A tall, lanky otter with some fuzz on his chest.  Soft, floppy brown hair that I can't help but curl my fingers through when I was earlier guiding his head up and down my shaft.  And then the fuzz that grows denser as your eyes are guided down to the monster under his waist.  He's a thick, uncut eight inches or more.  In fact, when I first laid my hands on it, my cock flopped next to it and seemed so incredibly insignificant.  I'm the quarter that you place in a photograph next to a large mass to demonstrate scale.  This kid is gonna be trouble in a couple years.

Kid...  It's then I realize that he wasn't even born yet when I first came out.

We fumble around for a solid two hours.  He never came but tells me it's always been hard for him to cum.  I came rather early but was still hard afterwards.  I'm not sure it was the best sex.  I made him wince a couple times, fucking too deep.  He's a pincher more than a caresser and made me yelp a couple times.  But I did make him tremble a few times with the sensations of my tongue, hands and cock all over and inside his body.  And I really had a hard time leaving because even though I was completely spent, tussling around with a guy that feeds you the same amount of desire you send, even though awkwardly at times, is just simply intoxicating.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Passive, sweat

The rumble of the air conditioner did nothing to stop him from breaking out into a sweat.  Tiny beads all over, bubbling up and growing before they bumped into each other, coalesced into tiny streams that rolled off his back, down the sides of his stomach, and dripping onto the hotel sheets.  He's lying face-down, flat on his stomach but knees spread far apart, legs in amphibious opposing angles that naturally popped his ass up and out at just the right angle for my fuck.  I'm on top of him.  I'm inside him.  And my chest sticks to every inch of the valley of his arched back.  My hips undulate in gentle waves that crash against the soft shores of his ass.  Deliberate but slow movements that make him feel the most inches.  But he's sweating.  Sweating hard lying there.  He's struggling.  His ass clenches and relaxes, bouncing my cock all around deep inside him.  My cock probes without trying and feels ridge of his hole from deep within.  Because he's struggling.  Not struggling because he's tight.  He's struggling because the crook of my arm is held firmly on his throat and as I flex my biceps, his air supply is cut off and he turns red before I relax.  His one arm flails so my free arm feels the top of his shoulders and trace down his arm until my palm covers the back of his hand and my fingers intertwine with his.  I still his arms, but his fingers make to clutch the sheets and I clench with him, white knuckled.  My biceps flex.  Then they relax.  My hips a constant gently tempo.  It's an odd juxtaposition.  Calm regular rhythms causing the tempest below me.  A sweaty, fierce struggling mass of uncontrolled spasms that inadvertently milks the cum out of me.

I lie on his back still until our heartbeats even out and get in sync.

He breathlessly whispers in a coarse voice, "Holy fuck."

Monday, July 13, 2015

Should've been a bike

I saw him earlier get out of a truck before heading to my door.  It was a bit weird cause there are some guys that you just expect to see on a bike (Harley, not Ducati nor Schwinn).  A brute muscle bear that's proportionately added even more mass.  High and tight haircut.  Armband tattoo.  A guy with presence that makes him appear taller and broader than he actually is.  Throw him in some leather and toss a mo' on and he'd be a living Tom of Finland drawing.  But when I opened the door, he was actually my height.  Maybe even a bit shorter.  But fuck, if I don't love playing with these guys.  Nothing nicer than seeing a menacing guy furrow his neanderthal brow in an expression of needy submission.  Or having the palm of your hand getting pricked by the stuble of a buzzcut and then feeling him give up all resistance as your hands squeeze tighter and tighter around his skull when you start to face fuck him.  And then when he looks up at you while he's on his knees.  Tears welling up as you force your dick deep down and block all air and he just moans wanting more, drawing up that deep throat spittle that's so great for fucking.  Or when you bend him over and you see the wide expanse of his back and him just offering himself to you, feeling how tight he is and wonder when the last time he's gotten a good drilling, fucking him at full speed and watching his meaty ass bounce and ripple every time you hit bottom.  And even nicer still when he gets off your bed and you notice a big puddle on the bed as he sheepishly tells you he came twice while you're fucking him.  All handsfree.

Yeah, they need to make more guys like that.

Sunday, July 12, 2015


"Well...  You're a proficient top!"

I raised an eyebrow.  A rather interesting choice of words.  Sounds like a rather formal grade that shaved off a bit of the compliment that it was growing to be.  Stunted.  He might as well have said "satisfactory" or "sufficient" or "perfunctory".  A few too many syllables.  Ironically, when it's good, all you get really is a grunt, sigh, or giggle.

"No, no!" he says, seeing the bemused expression. "It's a good thing.  Some guys are just so one note.  Or all they want to do is slam it home and punch it into the back."

"Aww.  You're delicate!"

He laughs.  "Don't get me wrong.  I like that, too.  Or a hand to the throat or good palm upside the head.  Nothing like a good, perfectly placed and timed smack."

Hm.  Good to know.  I filed that in the back of my head.  It's rare to find a guy that's staying in the same hotel as you, just a few floors down.  Need to remember that for next time as we're both in town for a few days.

But he was a little embarrassed by that admission, it seems as he shuffled about looking for his clothes.  I was sitting on the edge of the bed, so I caught his wrist as he walked by.  He has a good fifty pounds on me and a few inches in height, but my soft hands encircling his meaty paw still stopped him head in his tracks.  His eyes met mine as my other hand landed lightly on his hips, maneuvering him to turn to face me.  He reads expressions well.  And he's easily led.  Hell, if we're going to talk about sex he might as well do it on my lap.

We held eye contact as we continued a little discussion of sexual asphyxiation.  And my eyes started to drop, tracing lines down his bearded jaw.  Counting the few speckles of grey in his auburn beard.  Down his neck and the little spots I found that made him weak kneed.  Down little cup above the collarbone.  Down to his fuzzy chest.  Fuck, that chest!  Fuzz that's been groomed to a length that did not deny his natural masculinity but didn't let it get out of hand either.  My hands snaked up his back, the sweat from earlier cooling in the air and I pulled him to my cheek while I took a long, big sniff of his scent and scraped my day's stubble across to his nips.  My ears were smashed against his chest, listening to the reverberations of thought before they escaped his mouth.  It just took a second before he felt what I was doing and gave me that sigh, mid-thought, mid-sentence, the sigh that I was waiting for.

A grunt.  "Yeah, I'm gonna get hard when that huge load you shoved in there finally comes out.  Gonna be good times remembering."  Then a giggle.

It's been confirmed.  I'm proficient.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Sometimes a guy wants to feel the length...

Monday, July 6, 2015


This pic just doesn't do him justice...  I literally have a hard time wrapping my mouth around that thing.  He's not even fully hard here.

Sunday, July 5, 2015


Love a guy that has stamina to sustain this position...  that’s MegaThick topping...

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Leak 3

Happy fourth, boys!  And yes, even I bottom every now and then...

Friday, July 3, 2015

Leak 2

And this is another clip from the vid...  it really just kept on pouring out of him!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Leak 1

It's hot when your fuck bud sends you a video of his load dripping from his hole...  and then you're amazed at how big of a load you've given him!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A hard bottom

It's a pretty big ego boost when your bottom is rock hard while fucking him...