Friday, August 7, 2015

Snapshot: Engorged, Sinewy

I let the Kleenex float down to my belly and as soon as I felt it lightly land on my skin, the thousands of hungry little knotted fibers reached out to engorge themselves on my cum load.  I had just finished jerking off.  Here at my desk at home.  Constantly distracted my a scene in my head that played itself over and over in my head until I couldn't stand it anymore and had to rub one out.

I had placed an ad on Craigslist for a bate bud.  I had just landed a few hours ago and was beat so didn't want to do anything too involved and ironically, placing an ad for something so pedestrian in my huge bag of tricks actually tends to yield the best results in terms of actually connecting.  Checked into my room, took a shower and then he messaged.  Young kid.  A number of inches taller than me but lighter than me.  Thin.  Lanky.  He just happened to be using the WiFi from the McDonald's a mile down the road so it was perfect.  And when he came over, he was damn near perfect in other was as well.  Didn't want to kiss, but was damn eager to do everything else.  Stroking led to him sucking me down, gagging on each downstroke but eagerly trying to deep throat me again and again.  And when my hand played with his ass, he looked up at me with my cock still in his mouth and paused.  Just a moment.  Then whirled himself around and presented his ass to me.  Ass in the air, head and shoulders flat to the mattress.  And that ass!  An angry pink against the pale translucence of his ass.  And an insistence that could not be denied.  Just seconds and a wad of spit in his hole before I was sinking inside his tight hole.  The harder I fucked, the deeper I went, the more he screamed into the mattress and the more he bucked back to meet my thrusts.  His taut skin over his sinewy muscles that are flexing and stretching to milk me of my load, long fibers straining to suck the cum out of core.  I could feel his hole body reaching out to me and I collapsed onto his back with my arms reaching under him and pulling him back in a tight embrace, fucking more and more of my mass into him until I came and crushed his limbs onto himself in a mass of ruins.

Later, he absurdly produced a roll of toilet paper out of his backpack to sop up the mess I've made of him and of the mess he's made himself despite having a the hotel towel and shower so ready for the taking.

But it's that moment where the ferocity of his thirst equally matched my profoundly direct infliction that I keep referring back to.  And even as I lift the tissue off my body after it had thoroughly soaked up my emissions, so saturated that faint remnants still cling to me as I noted it's heft, it's weight and toss it into the wastebasket, light and limber transformed to heavy and full.  And I still feel the echoes of our connection pulsing around in my head.

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