Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Temporary hearing loss, excuses

I did what I normally don't do when he asked for a condom: I pretended not to hear him.  I continued to slide my cock up and down his ass until I decided when I was done teasing his hole.  Looked up at his face.  Into his eyes.  He was about to say something but I didn't give him a chance.  I plunged deep inside him raw.

And I'm not normally like that.  I honor a guy's wishes especially when it takes some courage to express them.  But fuck if I wasn't gonna take that ass the way I wanted it.  He'd dicked me around three times before on Growlr.  Once, we were about to meet and then he begged off for a work call.  The next time he threw out his back.  The last time, he suddenly had a charlie horse that seized up his leg.  The excuses became more and more flimsy and always at the last minute to the point where I didn't really plan on ever meeting him and not because I wasn't willing but I was just certain that something would come up and he'd cancel.  So when he arranged to meet again, I didn't set aside time to be with him.  If it happened, it happened.  In fact, I made it easy on myself to double-book and cancel on him if needed.  I figured it'd only be fair for me to match my level of commitment to his, with that level being minimal at best, being more akin to a momentary whim.

So imagine my surprise when he actually shows up my door.  His handsome face did nothing to soften my sour attitude so he got the worst of it.  Short clipped responses before I tore his clothes off him.  When I finally entered him, barely a perceptable paused before I laid an all out assault on his hole.  And the ironic law where the less you're into someone the faster you cum held true.  I felt the cum about to boil over and ripped my cock from his hole just in time.  He was on his back and wordlessly he scrambled to turn around and wiggled his ass at me.

Fuck it.  Placed my hands on his fuzzy shoulders and pulled them back while simultaneously thrusting forward.  My aim was dead on.  And I let my hands trace down his fuzzy back as I pounded his ass so hard his full ass bounced and crashed upon each other like waves on a stormy hard, rocky coast.

I came half a minute later and then kicked him out, literally opening the door as he started to try making small talk.  Something about being a classical musician and living a couple blocks away.  Maybe.  I was half listening.  I'm not sure he asked for it, but he got it anyway: a dick in every way imaginable.

Hours later he messaged asking for a repeat the next day.  I used work for an excuse to decline.


BikeGuy said...

I have a 'brother' who just stopped by unannounced for my excuses. i don't even have a brother!

Bruce Chang said...

Well, it might not actually be a complete lie if you didn't enunciate the r... I seem to recall plenty of times where a brutha has come unannounced. ;-)

Oh and I re-read my entry and realized I didn't make it clear that the guy clearly lost his resolve after he got dicked down. He went from oh no please don't with his legs in the air to flipping onto his knees on his own accord and begging for it raw. So I guess I shouldn't feel that bad about pretending not to hear...

Attached GayTraveler said...

good one...I need some one not to listen and force it me raw :)