Thursday, August 13, 2015

When your fuckbuds know each other...

I saw it before I smelled it.  Don't worry, it was a good smell.  I was pumping pretty hard and fast into TheTwerker.  Full strokes.  All the way in and all the way out and on the outstroke I saw some white foam around my cock.  Could it be?  Nah!  But yup.  There it was, the distinct smell of another man's cum wafting up to my nose that made me drill TheTwerker even harder.

Let me backtrack.

I gotta say, my chest swelled up with pride a little when I got the text from GeekyCub.  Apparently, he and TheTwerker know each other.  Usually, fuck buds don't mention other fuck buds in conversation so I knew something was going on.  Maybe they were planning a group thing or something.  But no.  Apparently, TheTwerker was just talking to him about how he got thoroughly railed the other day.  In a good way.  One of those "holy crap that was a good fuck session" that makes you wanna just tell someone... anyone!  For me, that's usually you, dear readers.  But for TheTwerker, he blabbed to GeekyCub and then shared a pic of the top.  Yup.  That top was me.  Ha!

So I did what anyone would do.  I got us all three together.

When I took over fucking TheTwerker, GeekyCub had deflated a bit so I figured he was just nervous or something.  It's happened before when we shared a bottom.  Little did I know that it was the complete opposite.  He was so turned on that he came inside TheTwerker just moments after he got his dick buried to the hilt.  We were spit roasting the guy when just moments later GeekyCub pulled back and I took over.  I should have felt it.  In fact, I did feel it but sorta dismissed it.  There's nothing quite like fucking a cum-lubed hole.

I pulled out and asked GeekyCub to lay down.  TheTwerker climbed on top and started to make out with him when I re-entered.  And moments later, I saw that TheTwerker had problems keeping up with the make out session.  Spasms.  Yup.  He's cumming.  Handsfree with me behind him fucking that load out of him.

I felt a little bit of pressure to finish up at this point and after a couple position changes, I ripped my load into TheTwerker with a growl.  GeekyCub and I showered up and when I got back to my car, I find that only forty minutes have passed since I first left my car to knock on the door.

We need a rematch.  Forty minutes?!

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FelchingPisser said...

I love mixing my play buds together. Well, if I think it will work and not just be a gathering of bottoms and me.