Saturday, September 19, 2015

Again, he follows

"Damn, that was better than last time," he said.  But then he immediately realized his mistake.  The excitement in his eyes immediately turned to dreadful regret as he stammered out a retraction.  "I mean, well, it was - last time was so awesome too but, I don't know.  It's like - you know?"

His eyes softened when I laughed out accordance.  I knew what he meant.  I might have, at that point, held him to me.  Or maybe I playfully swatted his ass.  Some sort of non-verbal gesture to acknowledge what was exchanged and silence any doubts before we just wallow in the elations of what had just transpired.

A Texan, here on business, that has appeared in these pages before, dubbed as TheFollower.  The first guy that's found me online from this blog and met me in real life.  He followed the tracks I've left by commenting on another blog and has been reading my posts off and on for three years now.  A guy that's into Asian doms and has found that level of diversity lacking in his home territory.

I have to admit, I tested a couple of times to his commitment to being a sub.  From asking him to add me to his room so that I could get my own key from the front desk to making him wait for me fully naked on the bed for me when I got there, dicking around the lobby for a bit for the anticipation to build and get him fully sprung before I barged into his room, to face fucking him deep and slow until he gagged several times and teared up, to spitting in his face while holding him down to take my assault on his ass, to wrapping both hands around his throat until he turned read while I fucked him so hard my balls ached from slamming against his ass.  It was a rough fuck with nothing but his deep throat spittle as lube.  At one point, I fucked him so hard that we inched closer to the edge of the bed and we toppled over, him still impaled on my cock.  And the sight of him folded over onto himself on his shoulders supporting both our weight was so fucking hot that I just used one leg to stabilize us while I just continued to piledrive my cock into his ass.

Sweat, spit, all different types of fluid were being unleashed onto him and he took it all with wild abandon.  All except my nut.  He was pinned facedown on the bed when I slammed into him and my balls started to tingle and I came.  Or maybe I almost came.  I just know I didn't fully nut but I felt like I came.  And my cock softened a little but I was still wanting to fuck.  And we did.  It didn't take too much longer before I made him cum and then I lapped it up and snowballed it into him before jerking out the remainder of my load onto him and it was then, that I was fully spent.  Sweating, heart-pounding, feeling totally out of shape and spent.  I had to rest a bit before my body could muster the energy to match my volition to move.  Knees wobbly and weak.  Yeah, it was a great fuck.  And yeah, it was as comparable to last time in terms of energy.  Perhaps it surpassed the previous encounter in terms of energy and fulfillment.

I guided him with me over to Sawtelle to grab some grub, exposing him to a little bit of the food diversity available in the local area.  And when I placed my hand on his lap, just inside his inner thigh, I felt his cock twitch and harden to steel underneath the smooth, soft denimn of his designer jeans.  Hard flesh pressing against the soft fabric.  Symbol of eagerness.  I have little doubt in my mind that the next time will even surpass this.

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