Sunday, October 25, 2015


It was a long while before I realized what was happening.  I had let it all go.  Usually, a part of me is probing and exploring.  Trying to figure out what gets a guy turned on.  And then aggressively exploiting the facts I uncover, whether it's varying degrees of tactile responses as my hands sweeps down a guy's side or the moan from my tongue lapping at just the right angle of a guy's neck or the shiver when my hot breath tickles the nape of his neck as my cock presses against his hole.  Then I fuck the shit out of them.  But this was different.  Before I realized it, I'm the one being explored.  I was just lying there.  Not focusing on them but on me.  Yes.  Them.  Plural.  I was just focused on what I was feeling.  Four hands were idly running up and down my body.  They already knew some triggers.  The nipples.  The back.  And I was helpless between the two of them just soaking up the attention and purring before they looked at each other and with a moment of recognition, that lust in their eyes, they started to passionately make out above me.  And that was the best trigger of all.

C is about six or seven years older than R and though I don't think they meant to have a daddy-son thing going but you can't help but note the look of adoration in R when he defers decisions over to him and level of brooding respect that C counters with in accounting for his other half's needs.  R is playful.  Excitedly talks about things going on, speeding down channels of discourse before haphazardly mowing down things in his way.  And he has a habit of randomly flopping down on top of me.  Over two hundred pounds of cub meat flopping down on a guy a third lighter.  I was impressed by that.  He had no qualms about it.  And that weight just pinning me down into the bed kinda turns me on.  But it wasn't really meant to be sexy.  At least not at first.  So I wiggle my hands from underneath and then lightly run it up his trunk as his body convulses off me with a "No fair" bellowed out at me.  And C just silently watches.  Bemused expressions with a hint of exasperation as he witnesses the shenanigans. And then as C mocks a tantrum from the edge of the bed, R says, "Come on now, R...  use your words..."

Two gaymer cubs.  A culture I've always lived on the outskirts of.  Aware of but never really a part of despite working in technology.  And then there's me.  Here I am jammed in the middle of the two of them.  Smaller guy just soaking in the attention.

They break from their kiss above me and look down.

"What is it?" C asks, half with legitimate concern and half with embarrassment from being caught in some self-consciousness.

"I'm just here enjoying the view..."  And with that, one takes a dive for my lips while the other for my cock and I'm lost in an overload of sensory reception.