Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Throat - splat, gulp

You can tell when a guy is close sometimes.  His legs tense up and relax.  Not quite thrusting but flexing to the point where the hand you have on his thigh feels like tightly woven nautical rope.  Impossibly thick strands of dense fiber.  Raw power under your hand before it relaxes into softer flesh.

Then the toes curl.  Wiggle.  Flutter in the air.

I'm with the supershooter cop again.  I don't always write about him when he visits.  But this time stands out because I'm in a quandary.  I really want to see him shoot.  But today, I also want that load flooding my mouth.

He's on the brink.  And I make my decision.

His cock is incredibly wet with that deep throat slime that his cock has dragged out of my mouth so my dry hands easily sop it up as lube as I cheat.  Sucking him off with a little hand action to assist.  And right before he shoots, I pull back just enough to see it shoot.  And with my mouth open, he shoots a hard squirt straight to the back of my throat even though my face is hovering serveral inches above him.  Before it can backwash, I gulp it down and then suck his cock back down again to get the final shots straight down the pipe.

My decision was to be greedy and have both.  Have my cake and eat it too.


Explorer Jack said...

Because who wants cake that you can't eat! Good choice.

Not Alone said...

GREAT move.

BlkJack said...

Got any pics of the cop's cock?

Bruce Chang said...

Thanks guys. Been awhile since we first met so not sure if I have a pic of his cock anymore but I'll check!

BikeGuy said...

cops should have it any way they want - not the way YOU want. :)

Bruce Chang said...

Oh yeah. I forget these things sometimes... Ha!