Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Finding your image online

The first confirmed account of someone stealing my picture was a number of years ago when my fuckbud emailed me directly and said something to the effect of "Hey, I'm free too!  Let's get together."  Problem is, I hadn't talked to him in ages and it seemed like he was picking up a recent conversation.  Apparently, he saw my pic on craigslist and replied to me directly.  He pointed me in the direction of the ad and I was like whoa.  They're like three different pictures of what could be the same person, but was probably different people with very similar body types.  So I wrote the CL guy, saying "Hey, if you're going to steal my pic, at least post it to a different metropolitan area so that you don't confuse my fuck buds".  Ha!

And then there's this guy in these pics.  We first met off of CL and me and the DirtyDaddy/BiMarriedDad have shared his ass on numerous occasions.  I took a few pics and apparently he likes 'em 'cause he uses them to lure other tricks to his bed.  I've ran across these on Craigslist too. Not mad at all.  At least he's not catfishing.  I'm also assuming now he won't mind me sharing these pics with you!

But that's my dilemma.  It's a bit jarring when you come across your own pic unexpectedly.  But at the same time, as long as he's not posing as me, I'm okay with it.  And as long as he honors my wishes to be relatively anonymous (like, cropping off my face if too much of it is showing)...  And as much as I'm a face guy, I usually don't put my face in my nudes.  Just too many guys pulling down pics and reposting as their own (especially on Tumblr...  which I don't get because there's a reblog feature that keeps the source intact and gives credit where credit is due).  And once it's out there, it's out there.  So, sometimes after getting with a guy, I'm so giddy I want to share the details.  But where do I draw the line?  Is a story post okay?  Can I go further and post the headless body shot they sent over?


Dear Zach said...

wow that's so hot! i wanna sit on that cock! lol

Bruce Chang said...

Well, come on down then! ;-)
At first, I thought you meant finding your pic randomly online was hot. Ha!

Not Alone said...

That is a tough one. I guess if I allow someone to take my pic, it would assume I trust them enough to tell them at the time where they can use the pic. But if someone sent a pic through e-mail, I wouldn't use it unless they have given me permission. On the other had, some would not ever find it here if they don't know about your blog. If it is on a public site, like CL or A4A, Grinder, etc, I would think it is fair game.

I have had people who know I blog send a pic and tell me not to use it on the blog. I always respect those wishes, as I assume you do as well.

I have used tineye before to look up pictures. Maybe you should do that with some of the pics you are referring to and see if they are available other places on the web.

Anonymous said...

Do post up grindr pics of your tricks! ;) so hot

Bruce Chang said...

@NotAlone - I've used things like tineye but I haven't had any matches even though I know they are out there. I think sometimes things get resized. Have you had any matches?

Bruce Chang said...

@Anon - I think I will for some folks but will have a couple personal rules like no faces, etc... But what about you? If you came across a pic of yourself that you had sent to a hookup, would you be upset?