Saturday, January 23, 2016


I really tried to play off the fact that I lept off R while making out with him when C walked in from work.  They're the couple that plays together and have welcomed me into their bed quite a number of times now.  Yeah, there was some guilt in that and I was trying to play it off as if I'm totally cool with making out with a taken man when his partner walks in unexpectedly.

"You guys didn't have to stop," C says with a snicker.

So we went back at it, but in a more reserved way and moved into a bedroom so that C can work on the computer instead of making sloppy kissing noises on the couch as he got caught up with personal emails after work.

Try as I might, I couldn't get R off playing one-on-one until C joined us a little later.  That amount of devotion that R has for C that translated to physical as well as emotional desire?  Yeah, I was a little jealous of that.

R got off right when C joined us.  Then C came while dry humping me as I made out with R, which turned Ron so much that he came again while I sucked him off.  Then the next morning C woke up and came into my room to casually note that he's the most horny in the mornings while R is always horny in the evening when C is completely exhausted.  I took that as cue to start sucking him and he shot for the second time in a ten hour period like R had the earlier night.

Yeah, I'm jealous of their chemistry.  But I also don't discount myself as the catalyst that they use in their bed to turn their emotional attraction to physical ones.  I'm able to bridge night and morning, bridge obligation with desire, tip the scale just enough to want to set aside normal passionless routines and indulge in a little playtime.  And a secret part of me hopes that my role as catalyst just makes them each a little bit casually jealous as I am of them.  

I was thinking of that secret wish as I sat at work smelling their cum on my face.

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