Friday, January 22, 2016


So BikeGuy was remarking how the downside to having a couple of guys over is that sometimes they start pairing up with each other without you.  And I have to admit I'm a guilty party to that.  Don't really mean to.  The DirtyDaddy is an example of that.  We were tag teaming a mutual fuck bud when we realized that we had pretty good chemistry and then I started fucking him without our bottom bud in tow.  And apparently I bring out that bottoming instinct in him in a way that our fuck bud doesn't.  And I'm glad we still play with the other fuck bud cause I can't take half of what the DirtyDaddy dishes out when he's in that mode to just rail on and use a hole.

And then there's this one time just recently where I answered a Craigslist ad a bottom posted for a couple of tops to come by and use him.  I pulled up right at the same time that a biker pulled up.  Big slab of prime beef straddling a loud chopper with handle bars that are way higher than I think is comfortable.  The bottom turned out to be a guy with some bad body odor going on and not completely cleaned out to the point where I'm kinda glad he insisted on a condom.  As I fucked the guy, I turned him a bit so that the Biker and I could spitroast him.  The biker guy just sat there in that detached, masculine way that almost made it seem like an expectation that he's entitled to be serviced.  It's that whole ironic aggressive passivity, that whole "yeah, bitch, suck my cock while I sit back and look down at you with disgust" kinda machismo thing.  It didn't last very long and I had assumed that the bottom was just getting tired of sucking.  Nope.  The biker guy came already.  After just a couple minutes.  He muttered by way of apology, "Yeah, just never seen anything like that before."  Ha!  Read that completely wrong.  He was more so inexperienced he was frozen in sheer terror as we fucked.  No, that's not the guy I poached although I would have loved to.  If he thinks spitroasting his hot, wait until I work my cock into him!  No, it was the guy that came right as the biker left.  This hot latin guy with a jock frame and smooth chest under a scruffy beard.  I just shot my load right watching the biker get dressed and was getting dressed myself when the latin guy came in.  Fuck, I wanted his perfect bubble butt.  So I left a note on his car.  To my surprise, he answered.  To my further surprise, he's versatile and really wants my cock inside him.

Yeah, sorry bottom dude but I swear I'm leaving the bottoming to you!


BikeGuy said...

what i hate is setting it up, hosting it and then being the fucking third wheel. that's bullshit! :)

Bruce Chang said...

That IS bullshit... Well, although I guess that could be a "thing" for some people. Ha!