Thursday, March 10, 2016

Pool boy

He's a pool boy. I'm not making it up!
What I remember most about this guy is how his long, lanky limbs would stretch for days. And the way they'd wrap around my back and pull me into him for a deeper fuck.


Anonymous said...

Well, these pics and one in the previous posting, are hot, hot, hot.

Your brief descriptions leave room for all sorts of santasizing.

thanks for sharing the results of your labors!

Paul, NYC

Bruce Chang said...

Yeah, wish I had time to give them the full account I think they deserve

LP - Hired Stud said...

I would love to be a pool boy! Sun all day, for the hot daddies and Studs, I would clean their pools naked and hopefully service more than just their pools when at the house.

Bruce Chang said...

I seriously wonder if he gets any action while working. I have a feeling he does. He's young, cute, has a massive tool, great in bed, and is a great kisser. Well, not that they'd know all that just from doing his routine duties... :-)

Fit Studs said...

Hot stuff!

Bruce Chang said...

Yes! Unfortunately our schedules don't usually align even though we live only a mile apart.