Saturday, June 4, 2016


He's looking up at the ceiling while he softly ends his sentence with neither the weight of absolute assertion nor the tentative questioning draw of insecurity.  Then he shrugs.  He did it a couple of times over the course of the hours we spent together.  Always at the end of a plainly stated statement that one would like to object to but one is quickly dismissed by those exquisite shoulders, those broad rounded caps that bookshelf nothing less than pure sensual masculinity in between.  It's a powerful move.  I forget the exact statements, but they were just facts.  No more, no less.  It is what it is.  And his shoulders flexed to challenge you to defy the powerful serenity of acceptance.  "I was rather awkward as a child."  Shrug.  "Home ownership is a nuisance."  Shrug.  "The sky is painted with swirls of neon purple."  Shrug.  Okay, maybe I made up that last one, but there's still that tendency to object in some form with all of those statements but the shrug stops you, a shrug that I would normally attribute to some sort of deflection but instead firmly feels sourced in absolute peace.  The fuzz on his chest branches out from the trunk of his abs to reach out to those powerful shoulders.

We're just chatting idly after he shot a massive load on me.  Actually, most of it was over me, hitting the sheets above my head while he was riding me.  I was trying to get through his refractory period so I could fuck another load out of him.  He's just too damn hot to leave after a single load and I was just too intoxicated by everything that is him to follow a coherent thread of conversation.  Wasn't my best work in being a conversationalist.  Random topics that would blurt out my mouth as I struggled to make sense of the things his body in such close proximity was doing to me.

He's only the second tumblr follower that I've played with in real life.  A rather inefficient way to find a hookup but awesome in that I get to see what he's into before we actually meet.  

I gave up the fight and just started pawing at him and his hole.  Hands traced down the swirls across his hairy, solid chest, down the trim waist, and over the firm muscular biker legs that I spread to reveal a massively thick and lengthening cock.  Just one hundred percent pure masculine sexuality.  There's some things that you just can't deny and simply shrug off.