Saturday, June 2, 2012

It's all lies... sometimes

So the problem with being a cheater is that you become a little jaded and don't trust anyone.

I was at home and had a rare opportunity to host.  Sure, I had work to do, but I couldn't help but browse craigslist, Grindr and Adam4Adam.  It wasn't too long before a scenic picture hit me up on Grindr.  My pic doesn't show my face either, but at least it shows a bit of my body.  But I was horny and he was less than a half mile away, so I took the bait.

"Looking?" he asked.
"Fuck yeah.  What you into?"
"Only done this once before.  Just looking to JO with a guy and watch porn"

Eh.  That sounded kinda boring but I didn't have much time before my partner came home.

"That's cool. Got a pic?"

He has a kind face.  Quite handsome with a killer smile. An early thirties guy.  Tall and slim, but not exactly athletic.  A guy that's starting to settle into his body.  But the problem is that neither of us want to host.

"I'm not single here," I say.
"I'm not either."

A pause, while I contemplate my next move.

"Okay, I don't have much time, but come on over."

And he does...  After a lot of coaxing.  He's nervous someone will barge in on us.  And he insists that he's only done this once before and noted that I was "really aggressive".  I don't think I was.  I'm just blunt.  I'm not going to hide the fact that I like to fuck and that I'm settling for just a hand job.  But I'm a nice guy and I'm not going to force anyone into a situation they're not comfortable with.  I'm not going to have any fun if he's constantly looking for an escape route.

He doesn't trust my words though.  And to be honest, I don't trust his either.  I remember that scenic pic chatting me up a few months ago.  Nothing came out of it, but I really don't think this will be his second time playing with a guy. 

But there he was in my living room, hands shoved under the buckle playing with himself while watching some porn from Treasure Island Media.  Probably a little too hardcore for a guy that's new to it all and skittish, but it's a hot video and it instantly got my 7 inch cock rock hard and pulsing.  Every other pulse made my cock leak more and more precum and I openly started to stroke.  We were silent for a few minutes before he glanced over and saw my sticky mess and took it as a queue to get more comfortable and started to undress.  I rubbed his thigh a little when he got back down on the couch and slowly started to stroke him.  His cock lurched the moment my hand made contact and it was as hard as steel.  A good 7 inches himself, and thick as hell.  A lot thicker than me.  He gave me a look that betrayed his lust for more.

"You want me to suck it, huh?"
He didn't answer, but just gave me a smile.  I moved down and tentatively licked the length of his shaft and lapped at his balls.  Then in one quick swoop I had the whole length of his cock down my throat.  He gasped and his back arched for a second.  I don't think I'm that great at giving head, but man, I was horny.  I was able to deep throat him without gagging and he loved it.  But he still hadn't really touched me yet.  His hands were at his sides and he almost seemed loathed to touch me.  Maybe I wasn't his type and was just geographically convenient.  But then again, he was hard as rock since he got here and there was no indication that it was going to deflate, even when the porn video went bad and started to freeze.  He wasn't paying attention to that anymore.

The cock swelled even more inside my throat as I sucked on him with slow long strokes.  His thick base made it a challenge to stop teeth from grazing, but I managed to do it.  Just before the head, his shaft quickly tapers off so he's perfect for swallowing with a tight throat.

And then his hands suddenly grabbed my head.  I was started to feel his hands touched me for the first time as he pulled me off him.  "I don't want to cum yet." I love that I got him to the edge so quickly.

I nuzzle against his fuzzy nuts and take a deep whiff.  Clean, but a hint of masculinity bubbling up in the moist area between his sack and thigh.  And I lap him up.  I tickle his balls and work my finger lower to his tight pucker.  He doesn't stop me, but I can tell I'm not going to be able to drill that today...  but I also know it's not off the table for next time either.

I worked myself up to a frenzy and I don't know what possessed me to do it, but I hopped on top of him.  Face to face, his cock squeezed tight between us.  I spit on my hand and lube him up a little more before I let it slide against my ass.  And before I could talk myself out of it, I placed it against my hole and lowered myself down.  It wasn't until I bottomed out that he let out the breathe that he was holding and his eyes rolled back.

"You like that, huh?"

He answered by grabbing my hips as started to bounce on his lap, milking his cock in slow strokes.  And his hand then moved to my hard cock, stroking me as I was fucking myself on his dick.

"I'm not gonna last if you keep doing that," I said, but he kept on stroking and stroking, until I felt my cum bubbling up.  Let me make it known that I'm a dribbler, more than a shooter, but today, his cock was hitting that sweet spot and and shot a huge load between us.  It hit his nipples and stomach and I don't think he was expecting it.  I'm not sure he liked it either.  He tensed up and maneuvered to try to avoid it almost. I don't know what he was expecting.  I warned him.  I barely finished cumming when he tried to push me off him.  I hopped off and he stood up.

"Where do you want it?" he asked.
I knelt and said, "Just do it, man" and slapped his ass.  It was just a couple of strokes and he flooded my chest with his baby batter.

I quickly went to get him a towel to wipe himself off.  I like to think that I wasn't aggressive, but was just picking up queues on where he wanted to go.  But despite his passiveness, his aversion to a guy cumming on him, his aversion to even touching me, I had a lot of doubts about him being a married guy that's only had one other man to man play session.  The words were out of my mouth before I could stop myself.

"You're not really married.  C'mon.  You've done this before."  I couldn't believe I just accused him of two counts of lying.  Ha!

He was getting dressed and stopped to fish his phone out of his pocket.  "I'm not going to have a random girl and kid on my phone".  He showed me his wallpaper for a quick second.  It was a pic of him and a blond girl with a child on their lap.  His green eyes pretty lit up.  It was a disgustingly sweet pic.  I was going to make a quip about that only proving that he's at least an uncle but I actually exercised some control this time and stopped myself.  I just laughed. 

I still think he stretched the truth. But it really didn't matter.  I got off; he got off.  We're good.  Actually he was really good.  Hot as hell.  After showing him out and shutting the door, I looked down and realized that I was still wearing his massive load on my chest.

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