Friday, June 8, 2012


There's something hot about a big, muscular guy that begs for a guy that's less than half his size to nail him.

I was browsing Craigslist when I came across his ad. Muscle guy looking to suck and get nailed.  I recognized who he was, even though he dropped a year in his age and said he was the next town over.  Still, I could tell by the urgency and need of his tone.  This was a guy I had before.  Last couple of times, it was in the middle of the night and I happened to be free.  He'd have his apartment lights out, waiting for me with his ass in the air.  A bit skittish, so he never has his ad up for long and it always takes some coaxing to get an invite over.  But once I'm there, he takes what ever I give him and loves it.

Today's different.  Broad daylight and I saw his ad.  He was short on time and so was I.  So I didn't give him a chance to flake out, but instead told him I'd be there in 10 minutes and to have himself lubed up, ass up and waiting.  And that's exactly how I found him.  Lube and condoms lying next to him.

When I say muscular, I'm not just talking fit.  He's ridiculously muscled, 30-inch waist at least triple that for the chest.  Probably 6' and 275# with almost no body fat.  All muscle.  Beautiful bubble ass that trembled at my touch. But he patiently waited while I greased up my cock.  It didn't take me long to go full mast as I took in the sights.  Broad muscled shoulders that tapered down to a trim waist, each muscle in his triceps, his back and legs clearly visible.  I slipped on the condom and without any warning, slide into his as in one slow movement until I was balls deep.  He was tight and I had to push pretty hard.  Halfway through, his ass loosened up a bit and I sank in easily until I started to pull out again.  As I pulled all the way out, his ass spasmed around my cock trying to pull and push the intruder out.  It pulsed around my cock.

And the whimper.

After the initial gasp as I tore through his hole, he started to whimper.  He really sounded like he was crying.  But I new better.  He was hard as a rock and loving every minute of it, every inch in and out.  But still, it made my cock throb, hearing this guy twice my size face the humiliation of submitting to a little kid and loving it.  So I picked up the pace and slammed into his ass, giving him something to really cry about.

I hammered in and out hard.  All the way.  Long strokes.  Before changing it up and stabbing my cock in small short thrusts.  Then long dicked him again.

I slapped his ass hard, causing his ass to involuntarily tighten up, while asking, "You like that dick up your ass, you nasty cunt?"

"FF-FF-yyy-hsss" was all he could manage.  It was the response of a man that wanted to talk but was working with too much sensory overload to work out a coherent phrase.

I showed him I demanded an answer by wrapping my hand around his tiny waist and pulling him hard back onto my cock.  And he gasped while simultaneously drawing in a large breath, causing his lungs to sing a staccato breath that sent me over the edge.  It came without warning.  I didn't even get a chance to tell him I was loosing my load deep inside him.  But he knew it, cause at the same time he whimpered an "ow" that had a question mark at the end of it of both pain and pleasure and then his whole body tensed up as he lost his load.  And I could feel and see it all.  Every muscle bulged and tightened and his ass ring spasmed around my cock.

I smiled as his body bulged even more from his orgasm, knowing I dominated a beast of a man.  Then I pulled out, dropped the heavy sack of cum on the floor and bailed.  I later got an email inviting me back anytime. 


Douglas Etie said...

WHAT A FUCK STORY, had me on "hard-drive" all the way!!!

Bruce Chang said...

And thanks for reminding me of him again. Hm... Gonna need to dig up his contact info again! :-)