Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sexual Bingo

I was reading a blog and I think it's interesting how there is a bit of a culture of sport fucking where people try to nail different guys to check off a list, sorta like squares on a sexual bingo card. You know, people that want to fuck a cop, and a fireman, a doctor, a professor...  And a blogger would be the free space in the center of that bingo card since they're so easy to nab.  Ha!

Well, I never really thought about it until recently, though, until I started with chatting with Raw Fucker after reading his blog.  I'm totally infatuated with him.  Something about the level of honesty with his frustrations, his vulnerabilities, his depravity, his guilt...  It made something click.  So we've been chatting and it's actually gotten to the point where I would consider taking a couple of days off to fly halfway around the world to meet up with him.  I have fuck buds, but with him, I think it'd be something a little more than that.  Even with my fuck buds, there's a bit of restraint as we pretend we don't sleep with a bunch of tricks.  I feel like I can be totally open an honest with him and get well-intentioned advice instead of judgement in return.  A person where both small talk, pillow talk, and silence won't be uncomfortable.  That feeling where I can be totally naked with him physically and emotionally but still not consider ourselves anything other than good friends intrigues me.  That strange intersection where intimate and casual doesn't just emulsify but actually dissolves into each other.

Never really knew I was playing the game, but I'm totally vying to mark that square with his cum.  Ha!

Then there's the guy that made the analogy in the first place.  He has a way with words that rocks my world.  It's always nice to come across a turn of a phrase that turns an emotion to a tangible object that's so meaty you can chew.  And a guy who wields his prose like a weapon in battle and is victorious at every battle.  I just know that in person, he's a guy that's gonna mind fuck you and tickle your very core.  He's not halfway around the word, but just at the other end of the country.

And finally there's the cum-hungry versatile bottom that always makes me smile when he posts his mug covered in spunk.  You can always see that beaming grin as he accepts load after load from his tricks.  Something about the way he's addicted to cum that makes it even more than a drug, but a revered object.  Maybe it just strikes a chord in me being a fellow cum freak and the look he sometimes has in his videos that makes me recognize myself.  And he, at least, lives in the same state as me.

But I keep turning to the kid from England.  Maybe it's because we're both cheaters.  Or maybe it's just because he's so far away, it's easier to put my defenses down and that feeling of openness and comfort will go out the window if we ever really meet in person.  But for the time being, I'm enjoying the feeling.  Not sure if he's going to be the one that fills that bingo card square, though.  Hell, I may have already filled it without knowing it.  It's a big blogging web out there.

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Raw Fucker said...

Of course, I kind of knew most of this already from the chats you and I have had on MSN and via email.

But I'll make a few comments. I've fucked the odd lad here and there (lol) and almost without exception they are just someone to fuck, dump my massive load(s), and go. Just occasionally, someone gets to me emotionally and it ends up becoming a very horny, passionate fuck. But that's exceptionally rare as most of the guys I end up fucking are dirty depraved bottom lads who simply want cock and cum no questions asked or they are young twinky types who are too immature to deal with emotions during sex.

You and I have never met. We have swapped pics. We have chatted quite extensively lately. We've both admitted stuff to each other we probably wouldn't to any other "stranger". Clearly there is some form of connection - the question is whether that would manifest itself into a real life connection or whether it's destined to be restricted to being a virtual one. All I can say is one day, I'd like to find out! ;)