Sunday, August 26, 2012


Much like the guilt one feels getting out of bed disturbing the cylces of rise and fall of the chest beside oneself to run to the restroom, I've reluctantly sought escape from the rhythms of the daily routine with my partner driven to relieve my sexual tensions with another.  Despite the guilt, I still do it but I try not to disturb the rhythms as much as possible.  As a result, some of my fuckbuds go for long periods of time without seeing me.  This one guy, Mark, has been pleading for a load for the past three months.

Mark's a really great guy.  Mid-thirties, cute and boyish face on a beefy body.  Cute little cub sporting some hair on his chest but with a clean-cut, shaved face.  He has a strongly curved cock that's rock hard the minute his lips lands on my cock.  It snaps rigidly back in place, slapping his tummy, after I give it a tug.  The white-hot heat emanating from his cock is just another symbol of his eagerness to please.  I've fucked him hard and have seen him wince, but he's still rock hard.  After a few strokes of his cock while I'm inside him and he's cumming in my hands.  But he still lets me fuck him although he's visibly uncomfortable after cumming.  If I stop, he grabs me to keep me from pulling out and begs for my seed.  His eagerness is hard to resist.

But the reality is that he's a few miles away from where I normally go.  Just the way the communities go here, I'm usually traveling north or south, never east.  The detour just adds too big of a ripple in my daily routines to conceal.  But today, I'm going to meet up with him anyway.  The urge is to great and the kid needs another fill.  After three months of saying no, it's nice to see him perk up from a yes.