Monday, September 17, 2012

Too Far?

Mark isn't really too far.  He's only about 6 miles away, but it just seems far since I never head in that direction.  But I was pleased by his eagerness and I made my way over one weekend to meet up.

He was in the shower when I told him I was on my way.  He left the door open hoping I'd surprise him like I did that one time he nearly slipped in the shower from the shock of having a naked guy with a hard, dripping cock invade his shower without warning.  But it didn't work out.  Instead, I walked in on him while he was pulling on his shirt, his hair still wet from morning rinse but quickly drying as it was so short.  I still surprised him.  He jumped a little and then shyly fidgeted while I stood there and took it all in.  He wanted me, but didn't want to make the first move.  After a pregnant pause, I walked up to him and hugged him close, drawing him into a deep kiss.  Everything about him was telling me how he hungered for our meeting and when I pulled back, I loved the pleading look in his eyes.  I moved while he was still in my arms and walked him back to his bed before shoving him down.  I ripped his shorts off him in one rough tug and then grabbed the hem of his shirt before pulling it over him.  He wasn't ready for it and was flopping all over the place.  He barely had time to recover before I inhaled his dick and made him gasp.  His dick was already red and pulsing from making out and having it jammed down my throat was going to be too much for him.  I knew I'd only have to give it a few slurps before he spilled his load.  As his legs tensed up, I pulled off and gave him a few strokes with my hand before he shot a huge load all over his hairy chest.  It was exactly what I was hoping for.

I love using cum as lube and I wanted him to remember this time.  And I knew he'd be feeling all of it after he came.  He was starting to come down from his orgasm when I grabbed the cum off his chest and lathered it all over my pole.  I raised his legs and propped them over my shoulder, pausing to take a loop deep in his eyes before I worked my cock in his hole.  He was tight.  Tighter than ever.  And he took in a sharp breath when I forced my cock through the first inch.  I didn't let up the pressure and was staring into his eyes intently while I forced my cock up his hot hole.  He was taking in short breaths and his brows furrowed before he finally closed his eyes and let out a wimper.  "I'm hurting you, aren't I?"

He paused.  He couldn't decide to tell the truth and risk falling out of favor with me by telling me to stop.  So instead he endured.  I hit bottom.

"Do you want me to stop?"

An immediate, "No!"

"You want my load in you, huh?"

"Yes, give it to me!"

And I let him have it.  I pounded him hard and slowed down when I felt the cum bubbling up from my balls.  I pulled out only to jam it in again and see him wince.  I made sure he'd feel me for the next month or so.  And when I finally came, it was with a roar as I collapsed in front of him.  And with a lot more affection than I showed him, he wrapped his arms around me to hold me close and keep me inside him.

Even when I pulled out, he gasped and his body spasms told me he was still very sensitive.  When I texted him for the first time in a month a couple of days ago, he didn't answer immediately like he usually does.  I worried that I went too far this time.  But the next day, his profusely apologetic response assured me that I didn't go too far.  He was out of town and just arrived home.  And like the 6 miles between us, I don't think it's really that far at all.  He's a tough kid and he knows it feels good being pushed to the limits.


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Cool that he still likes to be fucked once he's shot. A load of btm lads tend to go off sex once they've shot in my experience. Very selfish of them!