Friday, October 26, 2012


There's something really hot about a guy that wants dicks so bad...  no craves it to his core...  that he doesn't even care about the guy it's attached to and is willing to wait silently, patiently with his ass in the air for someone to smother the burning need before it bubbles up again the next day.  Eyes covered.  Lights low.  Concentrating on just the tickle in his ass and the cock that he hopes will invade his channel and provide some relief...  hopefully a guy that knows what he's doing and hammers it home to leave a legacy of a dull ache that ironically soothes the need for as long as possible.

I was in bed with the trusty iPad in the early morning hours, flipping through the craigslist ads as casually as anyone would reading the morning paper, scanning the titles for something of interest.  It was done mechanically, just a morning ritual to ease into the day and get the day started, when I came across his ad: Dark Room, Bent Over.  The title didn't betray anything that spectacular.  Just another bottom looking for a pump and dump scene.  But when I popped it open to read more, I felt my cock stir.  He was specific.  Hours available, closest major cross-streets, and a description of his need for an anonymous scene with words and phrases that casually fall of the tongue in easy little waves but opened a view to an ocean of desire.  I read between the lines.  He was partnered or married, had the day off, and needed to get off.  Bad. 

You'd think that two guys that are attached and have some mutual attraction and compatible sexual likes would make for a perfect fuck buddy relationship, but in my experience that's not usually the case.  Instead, the logistics become a cock block for any play.  But this guy was different.  He was five minutes from work and directly on my route home.  So we arranged to meet that afternoon on my way home from work.

I emailed him on my way and he let me know the number to get buzzed into his complex.  But I ended up not needing it.  A helpful neighbor let me in and I wound my way though the maze of corridors to his unit, tried the handle and smiled to see that it was unlocked.  I walked into a room that was comfortably lived in for a number of years, furnished with strong masculine clean lines next to ornate feminine curves, two heads swirling together and struggling to make the mismatch work.  And the fallout was a number of trinkets and gadgets that have accumulated on their surfaces.  Into the bedroom and I found him there as advertised.  Bent over, feet on the floor, head buried on top of the comforter of a high bed.  Got to love that.  A man totally devoted to the scene that he gets in position without relying on the security door to alert him.  It's that need and that patience that makes my cock stir in my pants.

"I guess you found a way in."

In answer, I put my hand on his ass and he let out a long sigh.

Shuck off the shoes and drop the pants with one hand while my other seeks out his hole.  It's not as dark as I think, but it takes awhile for my eyes to adjust.  A few long minutes in fact, so I have to feel his full ass before working it down his crack and onto his hole.  It was already puckered out in anticipation, making my cock leap.

He's a bigger bear of a man of my height.  As my eyes come too, I start to see the wide shoulders set atop a solid build.  Heavy, but not soft.  My hands explore his smooth back while I rest my growing cock on his crack.  And then I lean in, scratching his back with my days growth, scraping my chin down from the top of his neck as I grind into him.  He shudders under me.  I can't tell if it's from the prickly face against the smooth back or the hard cock insistent upon his hole.

I get up suddenly and slap his ass.  I need to get in and I need to do it now.  I spied some lube and condoms next to him and quickly slapped both on.  A little too quickly as I tear into him and he visibly writhes away.  A little more lube and I impale him swiftly to my nuts.  I then collapse back ontop of his back and slide my arm underneath him.  To my surprise, his chest is as hairy as his back is smooth.  A dense layer of short curled hair coarsely glide against my forearms.  My other arm slides under.  His stomach is just as hairy.  An even coat of fur across his hole front, except for two small spots where small, hard nubs of his nipples point out.  My arms crisscross and nab both nipples between my fingers.  And I use that firm grip on his chest to pull him into the fuck, hard and rough, making him feel me acutely from the front and the back.  I love a guy that squirms under me.

"That's one." He suddenly announces.  I wasn't sure what he meant, but I kept on fucking.

I vary the strokes.  Short so that I can rapid fire thrust before his body can respond and slow short strokes so that he can feel every part of my seven inches.  I push off of him and bury his chest further into the bed as I reach down and feel his balls... and then feel my cock and it glides in and out of him.

"That's two." He says.  He wasn't even touching his cock, but he reaches down to snatch up a strand of cum before it hits the floor and then swipes it on a hand towel he had lying by his head.

Fuck that's hot.  I was about to pull out.

"No, keep going."

It dawned on me what he meant.  That was his second load.  While I was putting it all together in my head, I managed to fuck another one out of him.  The scene got me so hot that I forcibly repositioned him, kicked his heels apart, grabbed him by the waste and really gave everything I got.  He responded by working his cock over hard.  And with a muffled cry as he shouted into the comforter, he shot a massive load that I could feel even through the condom as his ass twitched sending me over the edge and making me deposit a huge load.

I ripped my cock off him and threw the used condom on his back.

While I was recovering and dressing, he explained.

"I have these little mini orgasms when getting fucked, but if I jerk and cum completely...  going to past the point of no return, I can't take the fuck anymore."  He said all this to bed.  He was still in position.  Back facing me.

And that's what I'm talking about.  A guy that has a need so deep that he can cum without touching himself.  Failed cumshots that happen over and over again until he touches himself.  And so addicted to cock that he still doesn't see me after I spend minutes washing up and tying up my shoes...  Just reveling in the afterglow.

"Fuck man, that was awesome," he says as he hears my footsteps going away.  I still haven't said a word aloud to him.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Within a day, I've rode the pendulum across the spectrum of personalities and sexual chemistry... and in just two encounters!

I was visiting family out of town and I knew if I turned on Grindr, I'd get at least a few more hits than the general indifference I get at home being fresh meat.  And I was right.  The most promising was a guy with an amazing smile and an enthusiams that was overwhelmingly flattering.  He was a cub with an endearing honesty and vulnerability that made me want to scoop him into my arms to comfort him.

I should have known though.  He was a romantic looking for love in all the wrong places.  And although he has intellectualized his need for physical gratification, his nesting tendencies vehemently protest.  Although I was perfectly candid, reflective of the personal information that he's divulged, he ultimately wanted a hook up that would convert into relationship two minutes after.  It was a little strange.  That duality was present in so many ways.  The completely uninhibited emotional abandon I found endearing was met with an equal but disonnant sexual resistance.

I was a bit casual about it all and told him that I was going to a nearby electronics store to find a charger for a new phone.  Since he lived half a mile away, he decided to meet me there.  I was a little late though, and by the time I got there, he got tired of aimlessly walking around and was waiting for me at the front entrance.

His online pic only partly did him justice.  He was a tall kat at about 6'2" and a couple hundred pounds.  He wore it well, though.  A broad face that beamed when he saw me and a perfect smile that would make any orthodontist cry.  It was that enthusiasm that made me, in turn, feel giddy and rush to him with a huge bear hug.  But he resisted.  Despite his enthusiasm seeing me, he was an uncomfortable bag of potatoes in my arms, about to spring a hole and spill to the floor.  That should have been a big clue.

I hopped in his car and we rode the rest of the way to his house holding hands while he was giddy with excitement.  His enthusiasm was contagious and the door was hardly closed before I attacked him.  I grabbed him close and went in for a kiss and he met me with pursed lips.  He eventually relented to some tongue action, but I figured he just wasn't into kissing.  So instead, I shucked off his underwear and gobbled up his soft cock in my mouth.  He was only half hard and was continually apologizing, noting how he was so attracted to me that he didn't understand why he was soft.  It was beginning to get to me so I threw him onto the bed with his head halfway down while I worked myself to the head of the bed to encourage him to suck me.  He took the hint rather easily, but first wiped the big glob of precum from my tip.  This was after he confessed to loving bareback sex.  I was rock hard and enjoyed watching him go to town on my cock.  He was great, working the shaft and tickling my balls before he got on his hands and knees to really work on it.  The view of his ass in the air as his head bobbed up and down was too much.  I pulled him off and he knew what was next, so pulled a condom and some lube out.  And that's where it went to hell.

He let me put on the condom, but told me to make sure I put it on the right way. Then, when it was one, I could touch my dick for risk of contaminating the condom with my infested hands.  Then we had to replace the condom because it was compromised for some reason.  By this time, I had gotten soft and let him know that it wasn't going to work out.  Then he chastised himself for ruining his chances with me with the condom and I, in turn, chastised him for thinking of compromising his comfortable risk levels just to get laid.  It just wasn't gonna work out.

Now fast forward a few hours and I was at a guy's house where he was whoring out his bottom.  And fuck, was it a hot bottom.  A latin kid in his early 20s, freshly out of the marines with tattoos proclaiming his allegiance to the armed forces.  Totally smooth and lean, aside from his bubble ass and the soft dusting of fuzz on his cheeks that got a little denser toward the hole.  When I first walked in, two guys were behind him while he was on all fours at the edge of the bed.  A cute guy in his late 20s was smiling rather sheepishly.

"Sorry man.  I just came.  Couldn't hold back when you left to let him in.  I just haven't cum in so long!  We both came."

And he looked down.  My eyes followed suit, traveling in the same direction, down his pale skin sitting in sharp contrast to the light fuzz of his pecs, down the treasure trail, to the fat cock that was dripping cum still, onto the floor.  And then the bottom's hole all wet.

"It's cool," my host said.  Then he looked at me.  "You wanna fuck him."

Fuck yeah.  But I've never fucked a cum-sloppy hole before.  Well, not with someone else's load at least.  But I love using my cum as lube to jerk off another load.  It's just gonna be different with some else's cum for my first load...  and a fuck inside a hot hole.

While the other tops got dressed and left, I quickly disrobed and impaled him with my cock.  He was a bit loose as I had expected having just been bred, but fuck was it wet.  Really slick and wet and once I was balls deep, I felt an extra heat.  It was almost as if it wasn't just the kid's internal temperature, but the added heat of the molten lava from the otter's load.  And I lost it.  I hammered it into him hard, using his shoulders to pull me back onto my cock.  I fucked so hard he lost his balance and fell off his knees onto the bed.  And then I continued drilling before he started to pull off me.

"Need a break?"

"Yeah, I'm hyperventilating."

"Just breathe boy," my host said.  "Deep breaths."  And then tossed him a bottle of poppers.  Didn't think that was a good idea for a guy that was hyperventilating, but I figured the bottom would figure it out.

My cock at this point was still hard as a rock and bouncing up and down with every pulse of my heart.  It was still dripping wet, with the cumload from the other guy dripping down, leaking onto my balls before it pooled a little and tickled me before dripping to the hard wood floors.

For the first time, the bottom looked at me.

"Fuck you have a huge cock.  And you went in like gangbusters."

Then he averted his eyes.  I'm not sure what he's talking about.  At 6.5"/7" and not very thick, I'm hardly what anyone would consider large.  But I knew what it meant.  He wasn't into it.  As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure he was sketching.  He was just all over the place.  After a couple of more attempts to restart the fuck, I asked for a bathroom and cleaned up.

"You're leaving?  I want your cum."  I was just a cum factory to him.  And I didn't mind that.  Except for the fact that he just wasn't present in the fuck at all.  He just wasn't there.  And I couldn't just use him as a hole, cause a hole doesn't usually complain and try to pull away nor gets distracted by everything that's going on.  I guess I could have jerked my load for him, but I just wasn't feeling it.  The attraction was obviously not mutual.

So I went home.  On the one hand, having a guy where the attraction was mutual, but the sexual buzz was lost and then another guy where there attraction was obviously not mutual, went a lot further, but ultimately failed as well.  And the funny thing is that the cute cub was a guy I had at great lengths talked about barebacking and the other guy that was being whored out was all about safe sex.  It was a wild ride, that day...  And not exactly in the best way.  But in a way, I'm still honored to have met both guys and had a small part in their lives.  I learn a little more about myself with everyone I meet and what it means to have incredible connections...  and incredible sex. 

I generally like to write about my encounters with a central theme or idea I'm trying to get across that makes it special.  To be honest, I don't know what I'm trying to say here.  Maybe it's because barebacking is such a charged topic.  I've always played wrapped with the Pussy, but it's always have been hot.  At the same time, unloading into an ass skin to skin is also hot as hell.  But what makes it or break it is the compatibility between two people...  Sometimes it meshes and people connect and other times it just collides.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The "Pussy"

He comforts himself by shrouding himself in darkness.  And he hides there, hoping nobody sees how vulnerable he is.  A massive frame at least over 6'3" tall, broad shoulders, all muscle, little body fat but still really weak.  Weak for cock.  'Cause he knows deep in that tough exterior is a guy that just loves being a fuck hole.  A cunt.  A pussy.

I only go there in the early morning hours.  We're both morning people and wake up early for work and that routine has spilled over even on the weekends.  When I'm horny, I roll out of bed and toss an email his way and tell him what time I'll be over.  Sometimes, he beats me to the punch and emails me first.  And it's always the same scene.  He leaves his door unlocked to his apartment and waits for me in his room.  The lights may be on in the living room, but he's hidden in the shadows of his room, behind the closed door, on his back with his knees bent making little pyramids flanking his rock hard cock held tight in a vise-like grip.  I undress in living room.  Sometimes I make some noise and slowly make my way into his room, making him uneasy with anticipation.  Other times I just shuck everything off as quickly as possible to try to catch him by surprise.  This time, it's the latter.  I'm already late for work. 

I burst in and close the door behind me, carrying some lube and a condom I brought over.

"How's my pussy?"

He moans and visibly trembles at the word.  The word hold power with him.  He tells me how hot his hole has been for cock and how horny he is.  He winces a bit every time he says the word, but he still uses it.  Over and over again.

And his hole really is hot.  Hot to the touch.  My cool hands that have been unprotected from the morning crisp sends a shock through his body when it lands on his hole.  The initial shock subsides and my hands warm, but every time my finger pass over his pussy, his body trembles.  His body convulses.  Hard enough to knock me off balance a couple of times.  It's those involuntary spasms that gets my cock hard and dripping wet.  I've never met a guy that has an ass that craves dick so bad.  He can probably cum not touching himself just from having my cock glide over his hole.  It's a yearning that's so strong, he's even a little ashamed of it as he lies there in near total darkness.  And I can always see a bit of fear in his eyes when we get carried away and we make a bit too much noise.  Even my steady breath seems to reverberate through the morning stillness, though.  But it's that fear that makes him remind me nine times out of ten over email to be quiet when I get there.

We haven't gotten to that point yet.  Although I didn't have much time, I spent a bit just playing with his hole.  I want his body to be reminded of what it wants, what it craves, because I'm not going to be gentle when I fuck.  And he trembles with need.  I finally relent and lube up my cock and add a bit of lube on the inside of the condom.  That bit of extra moisture will grease my dials enough to cum pretty quick.  I roll it on.  A bit more lube on my hand as I use the other to raise his legs to rest on my shoulders.  One slow stroke of my cock with the lube and then I stop.  I look into his eyes, full of anticipation.  And when I feel like he wants it enough to take it without going in slow, I plunge in with steady pressure until I'm balls deep.  It's not until I hit bottom where his body responds and involuntarily squeezes down hard on my cock to try to expel the invader.  I even feel mini-spasms as his body adjusts and any leftover discomfort is reconciled by the overwhelming desire to be taken.

"Oh, yes.  Pussy feels good.  Pussy needs cock."

He's tight.  There's no doubt that I'm one of the few that gets the pleasure to do this to him.  But I don't try to go easy on him.  It's not what he wants.  He wants to be used.

I honor his request and try to be as quiet as possible so that his neighbors don't hear.  I grind in as deep as I can, make my cock pulse, and then fuck mini strokes deep inside him. Nothing but an inch or two of a stroke, nothing far enough to make my balls and body audibly slap against his thighs, but hard enough to make him feel it in his core.  Four or five of those and then I pull out to the tip, pause enough to hear him stop breathing for a sec, and then plunge all the back back in feeling his ass squeeze and spasm across the length of my seven inches.  The cycle happens a dozen times over the course of a few minutes when I notice that his breathing quickens and he's not mumbling about his pussy anymore.  He doesn't stroke.  He just holds it in a tight grip.  But I know what it means.  He's going to shoot.  So, I throw caution to the wind and hammer it home to build up my load and finally unleash my load hard into him.  By the time I come down, he's already trying to bring his breathing back to a normal pace and I reach down and feel the puddle on his stomach.

I pull out, admire the hefty load in the condom before I flush it away and wash up.  He stays in bed and recovers.  He doesn't even move from the bed when I get dressed in the living room.  He doesn't make a move until I'm gone.

On my drive to work, I chuckle a bit.  I actually think calling a guy's ass a pussy is funny.  But with him, the word means something.  I'm pretty sure he's closeted.  He's paranoid of the noise and uses the dark to conceal his desires.  But over the years, he's let his gaurd down.  I know who he is and what he does for a living.  I even know his eating habits and workout routine, though we've never exchanged more than ten words.  And they're the same ten words.  All of which refer to anatomy, sex, and bodily fluids.  I feel like I'm taking advantage of him and playing a peverse game by wielding the word to berate him and allow him to be objectified.  I wonder if he's ever going to cross the line and allow himself to be comfortable with his sexual desires to the point where it's a more mutual exchange, making out and exploring a guy's body and the like.  But then something reminds me of his hot, eletric hole and my dick twitches and then I say fuck it.  I'm gonna enjoy the ride where ever it leads.