Friday, October 26, 2012


There's something really hot about a guy that wants dicks so bad...  no craves it to his core...  that he doesn't even care about the guy it's attached to and is willing to wait silently, patiently with his ass in the air for someone to smother the burning need before it bubbles up again the next day.  Eyes covered.  Lights low.  Concentrating on just the tickle in his ass and the cock that he hopes will invade his channel and provide some relief...  hopefully a guy that knows what he's doing and hammers it home to leave a legacy of a dull ache that ironically soothes the need for as long as possible.

I was in bed with the trusty iPad in the early morning hours, flipping through the craigslist ads as casually as anyone would reading the morning paper, scanning the titles for something of interest.  It was done mechanically, just a morning ritual to ease into the day and get the day started, when I came across his ad: Dark Room, Bent Over.  The title didn't betray anything that spectacular.  Just another bottom looking for a pump and dump scene.  But when I popped it open to read more, I felt my cock stir.  He was specific.  Hours available, closest major cross-streets, and a description of his need for an anonymous scene with words and phrases that casually fall of the tongue in easy little waves but opened a view to an ocean of desire.  I read between the lines.  He was partnered or married, had the day off, and needed to get off.  Bad. 

You'd think that two guys that are attached and have some mutual attraction and compatible sexual likes would make for a perfect fuck buddy relationship, but in my experience that's not usually the case.  Instead, the logistics become a cock block for any play.  But this guy was different.  He was five minutes from work and directly on my route home.  So we arranged to meet that afternoon on my way home from work.

I emailed him on my way and he let me know the number to get buzzed into his complex.  But I ended up not needing it.  A helpful neighbor let me in and I wound my way though the maze of corridors to his unit, tried the handle and smiled to see that it was unlocked.  I walked into a room that was comfortably lived in for a number of years, furnished with strong masculine clean lines next to ornate feminine curves, two heads swirling together and struggling to make the mismatch work.  And the fallout was a number of trinkets and gadgets that have accumulated on their surfaces.  Into the bedroom and I found him there as advertised.  Bent over, feet on the floor, head buried on top of the comforter of a high bed.  Got to love that.  A man totally devoted to the scene that he gets in position without relying on the security door to alert him.  It's that need and that patience that makes my cock stir in my pants.

"I guess you found a way in."

In answer, I put my hand on his ass and he let out a long sigh.

Shuck off the shoes and drop the pants with one hand while my other seeks out his hole.  It's not as dark as I think, but it takes awhile for my eyes to adjust.  A few long minutes in fact, so I have to feel his full ass before working it down his crack and onto his hole.  It was already puckered out in anticipation, making my cock leap.

He's a bigger bear of a man of my height.  As my eyes come too, I start to see the wide shoulders set atop a solid build.  Heavy, but not soft.  My hands explore his smooth back while I rest my growing cock on his crack.  And then I lean in, scratching his back with my days growth, scraping my chin down from the top of his neck as I grind into him.  He shudders under me.  I can't tell if it's from the prickly face against the smooth back or the hard cock insistent upon his hole.

I get up suddenly and slap his ass.  I need to get in and I need to do it now.  I spied some lube and condoms next to him and quickly slapped both on.  A little too quickly as I tear into him and he visibly writhes away.  A little more lube and I impale him swiftly to my nuts.  I then collapse back ontop of his back and slide my arm underneath him.  To my surprise, his chest is as hairy as his back is smooth.  A dense layer of short curled hair coarsely glide against my forearms.  My other arm slides under.  His stomach is just as hairy.  An even coat of fur across his hole front, except for two small spots where small, hard nubs of his nipples point out.  My arms crisscross and nab both nipples between my fingers.  And I use that firm grip on his chest to pull him into the fuck, hard and rough, making him feel me acutely from the front and the back.  I love a guy that squirms under me.

"That's one." He suddenly announces.  I wasn't sure what he meant, but I kept on fucking.

I vary the strokes.  Short so that I can rapid fire thrust before his body can respond and slow short strokes so that he can feel every part of my seven inches.  I push off of him and bury his chest further into the bed as I reach down and feel his balls... and then feel my cock and it glides in and out of him.

"That's two." He says.  He wasn't even touching his cock, but he reaches down to snatch up a strand of cum before it hits the floor and then swipes it on a hand towel he had lying by his head.

Fuck that's hot.  I was about to pull out.

"No, keep going."

It dawned on me what he meant.  That was his second load.  While I was putting it all together in my head, I managed to fuck another one out of him.  The scene got me so hot that I forcibly repositioned him, kicked his heels apart, grabbed him by the waste and really gave everything I got.  He responded by working his cock over hard.  And with a muffled cry as he shouted into the comforter, he shot a massive load that I could feel even through the condom as his ass twitched sending me over the edge and making me deposit a huge load.

I ripped my cock off him and threw the used condom on his back.

While I was recovering and dressing, he explained.

"I have these little mini orgasms when getting fucked, but if I jerk and cum completely...  going to past the point of no return, I can't take the fuck anymore."  He said all this to bed.  He was still in position.  Back facing me.

And that's what I'm talking about.  A guy that has a need so deep that he can cum without touching himself.  Failed cumshots that happen over and over again until he touches himself.  And so addicted to cock that he still doesn't see me after I spend minutes washing up and tying up my shoes...  Just reveling in the afterglow.

"Fuck man, that was awesome," he says as he hears my footsteps going away.  I still haven't said a word aloud to him.


Explorer Jack said...

Wow. Smoking hot. Nice writing by the way, too!

Raw Fucker said...

Yeah hot

Bruce Chang said...

Thanks guys!