Sunday, October 21, 2012


Within a day, I've rode the pendulum across the spectrum of personalities and sexual chemistry... and in just two encounters!

I was visiting family out of town and I knew if I turned on Grindr, I'd get at least a few more hits than the general indifference I get at home being fresh meat.  And I was right.  The most promising was a guy with an amazing smile and an enthusiams that was overwhelmingly flattering.  He was a cub with an endearing honesty and vulnerability that made me want to scoop him into my arms to comfort him.

I should have known though.  He was a romantic looking for love in all the wrong places.  And although he has intellectualized his need for physical gratification, his nesting tendencies vehemently protest.  Although I was perfectly candid, reflective of the personal information that he's divulged, he ultimately wanted a hook up that would convert into relationship two minutes after.  It was a little strange.  That duality was present in so many ways.  The completely uninhibited emotional abandon I found endearing was met with an equal but disonnant sexual resistance.

I was a bit casual about it all and told him that I was going to a nearby electronics store to find a charger for a new phone.  Since he lived half a mile away, he decided to meet me there.  I was a little late though, and by the time I got there, he got tired of aimlessly walking around and was waiting for me at the front entrance.

His online pic only partly did him justice.  He was a tall kat at about 6'2" and a couple hundred pounds.  He wore it well, though.  A broad face that beamed when he saw me and a perfect smile that would make any orthodontist cry.  It was that enthusiasm that made me, in turn, feel giddy and rush to him with a huge bear hug.  But he resisted.  Despite his enthusiasm seeing me, he was an uncomfortable bag of potatoes in my arms, about to spring a hole and spill to the floor.  That should have been a big clue.

I hopped in his car and we rode the rest of the way to his house holding hands while he was giddy with excitement.  His enthusiasm was contagious and the door was hardly closed before I attacked him.  I grabbed him close and went in for a kiss and he met me with pursed lips.  He eventually relented to some tongue action, but I figured he just wasn't into kissing.  So instead, I shucked off his underwear and gobbled up his soft cock in my mouth.  He was only half hard and was continually apologizing, noting how he was so attracted to me that he didn't understand why he was soft.  It was beginning to get to me so I threw him onto the bed with his head halfway down while I worked myself to the head of the bed to encourage him to suck me.  He took the hint rather easily, but first wiped the big glob of precum from my tip.  This was after he confessed to loving bareback sex.  I was rock hard and enjoyed watching him go to town on my cock.  He was great, working the shaft and tickling my balls before he got on his hands and knees to really work on it.  The view of his ass in the air as his head bobbed up and down was too much.  I pulled him off and he knew what was next, so pulled a condom and some lube out.  And that's where it went to hell.

He let me put on the condom, but told me to make sure I put it on the right way. Then, when it was one, I could touch my dick for risk of contaminating the condom with my infested hands.  Then we had to replace the condom because it was compromised for some reason.  By this time, I had gotten soft and let him know that it wasn't going to work out.  Then he chastised himself for ruining his chances with me with the condom and I, in turn, chastised him for thinking of compromising his comfortable risk levels just to get laid.  It just wasn't gonna work out.

Now fast forward a few hours and I was at a guy's house where he was whoring out his bottom.  And fuck, was it a hot bottom.  A latin kid in his early 20s, freshly out of the marines with tattoos proclaiming his allegiance to the armed forces.  Totally smooth and lean, aside from his bubble ass and the soft dusting of fuzz on his cheeks that got a little denser toward the hole.  When I first walked in, two guys were behind him while he was on all fours at the edge of the bed.  A cute guy in his late 20s was smiling rather sheepishly.

"Sorry man.  I just came.  Couldn't hold back when you left to let him in.  I just haven't cum in so long!  We both came."

And he looked down.  My eyes followed suit, traveling in the same direction, down his pale skin sitting in sharp contrast to the light fuzz of his pecs, down the treasure trail, to the fat cock that was dripping cum still, onto the floor.  And then the bottom's hole all wet.

"It's cool," my host said.  Then he looked at me.  "You wanna fuck him."

Fuck yeah.  But I've never fucked a cum-sloppy hole before.  Well, not with someone else's load at least.  But I love using my cum as lube to jerk off another load.  It's just gonna be different with some else's cum for my first load...  and a fuck inside a hot hole.

While the other tops got dressed and left, I quickly disrobed and impaled him with my cock.  He was a bit loose as I had expected having just been bred, but fuck was it wet.  Really slick and wet and once I was balls deep, I felt an extra heat.  It was almost as if it wasn't just the kid's internal temperature, but the added heat of the molten lava from the otter's load.  And I lost it.  I hammered it into him hard, using his shoulders to pull me back onto my cock.  I fucked so hard he lost his balance and fell off his knees onto the bed.  And then I continued drilling before he started to pull off me.

"Need a break?"

"Yeah, I'm hyperventilating."

"Just breathe boy," my host said.  "Deep breaths."  And then tossed him a bottle of poppers.  Didn't think that was a good idea for a guy that was hyperventilating, but I figured the bottom would figure it out.

My cock at this point was still hard as a rock and bouncing up and down with every pulse of my heart.  It was still dripping wet, with the cumload from the other guy dripping down, leaking onto my balls before it pooled a little and tickled me before dripping to the hard wood floors.

For the first time, the bottom looked at me.

"Fuck you have a huge cock.  And you went in like gangbusters."

Then he averted his eyes.  I'm not sure what he's talking about.  At 6.5"/7" and not very thick, I'm hardly what anyone would consider large.  But I knew what it meant.  He wasn't into it.  As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure he was sketching.  He was just all over the place.  After a couple of more attempts to restart the fuck, I asked for a bathroom and cleaned up.

"You're leaving?  I want your cum."  I was just a cum factory to him.  And I didn't mind that.  Except for the fact that he just wasn't present in the fuck at all.  He just wasn't there.  And I couldn't just use him as a hole, cause a hole doesn't usually complain and try to pull away nor gets distracted by everything that's going on.  I guess I could have jerked my load for him, but I just wasn't feeling it.  The attraction was obviously not mutual.

So I went home.  On the one hand, having a guy where the attraction was mutual, but the sexual buzz was lost and then another guy where there attraction was obviously not mutual, went a lot further, but ultimately failed as well.  And the funny thing is that the cute cub was a guy I had at great lengths talked about barebacking and the other guy that was being whored out was all about safe sex.  It was a wild ride, that day...  And not exactly in the best way.  But in a way, I'm still honored to have met both guys and had a small part in their lives.  I learn a little more about myself with everyone I meet and what it means to have incredible connections...  and incredible sex. 

I generally like to write about my encounters with a central theme or idea I'm trying to get across that makes it special.  To be honest, I don't know what I'm trying to say here.  Maybe it's because barebacking is such a charged topic.  I've always played wrapped with the Pussy, but it's always have been hot.  At the same time, unloading into an ass skin to skin is also hot as hell.  But what makes it or break it is the compatibility between two people...  Sometimes it meshes and people connect and other times it just collides.


Raw Fucker said...

You know my own views on fucking a loaded hole raw - hot as fuck but a risk too far in my case. But every credit to you for giving it a go.

Explorer Jack said...

Yah, hot story, and I gotta admit, I was hard as hell reading it!

I'm not much into anal, but sometimes just get the urge. I try to play safe, but on rare occasions, my little head gets the best of me.

So, yah, I'm conflicted. I guess I gotta do some research.

Bruce Chang said...

Yeah, Raw Fucker, thanks for looking out for me and keeping me level headed. By the way, hit me up sometime to chat.

Bruce Chang said...

And I'm always hard as hell reading your entries, Explorer Jack!