Saturday, November 3, 2012

Flipping a Top

Honestly, I don't think I've ever met a total top.  And that includes me too. It's gotten to the point where I ask, but I don't really listen to the answer.

He was on GROWLr, an app on the iPhone and Android devices that let's you check out the guys that are also browing nearby.  Sorta like the bear version of Grindr.  5'9" 175# and close cropped hair.  His face picture was a bit blury, but you could still tell he was a good-looking guy.  Figured him for a chaser since he didn't seem all that beefy or hairy.  A nice, clean-cut guy.

We idly swapped messages back and forth on a Saturday while I was trying to catch up on some mindless reality TV shows that I had on the DVR.  That is, until he unlocked his private pictures.  He had my attention then.  He had a fine dusting of hair across his chest and down his stomach.  Small nipples that protruded as if they were meant to be sucked...  nursed on for hours.  His cock filled the frame of the picture, so I couldn't tell scale, but it was angry red and veiny, tilting slightly to the left but massive enough to fill the screen.  It also turned out that he was in town for work, staying at a hotel that was just a couple of miles from me.  So, of course, I invited myself over.  Even though he said he was a top.

"We can just start with oral and see where things go."

He gave me the room number and I headed over.

After working through a traffic jam from some accident that closed the road the hotel was on, I got there and was met by a handsome guy that made me pause for a bit.  No matter how much you try, there's a moment where the brain reconciles the pictures that you've seen and the image you've put in your head with the actual person in front of you.  Yeah, he didn't lie about his height, but for some reason I expected him to be taller.  Instead, he was a guy that was my height that I wanted to scoop into my arms and toss into bed.  And he had amazing grey eyes that didn't break from direct contact.  Instead, he looked right at you when he talks.

After saying our hellos, I pulled him into a big hug and kissed him deep while my foot kicked the door closed.  I could taste a tint of spearmint gum as our tongues dueled in each others mouths and then the faint aftertaste of smoke.  He was a considerate smoker.  Loved that.  Don't like smoking at all and smokers generally turn me off, but a guy that takes a couple extra steps ahead to try to make a guy comfortable is kinda hot.

I lustfully grabbed at his shirt trying to pull it off before our arms became an entangled mess.  It was a frenzy of activity as we pulled and pushed, trying to get naked and take in each other with all of our senses.  Hands flying everywhere.  Under clothes, over clothes.  Fingers tracing dancing over each other trying to memorize each feature.  My face was everywhere, trying inhale his scent, taste his flesh, feel his soft fur against my cheek.  My teeth and tongue played with his nips and I felt his cock surge and pulse through his shorts against my leg.  It was becoming too hard to balance so I grabbed him my the shoulders to pull back.

"Let's get in bed."

"That's what I was thinking."

He unzipped and pulled off his shorts to have an immense slab of meat flop out.  Sure the thing looked pretty thick in the pic, but in real life, it was insane.  I could barely wrap my fingers around it without choking the monster in a death grip.  He didn't wait for me to snap out of my reverie.  He pulled free and hopped into bed.  I quickly followed suit.  Head first in a dive to get that meat down my throat.  I heard my jaw crack as I opened up wide enough to get that sucker in.  It was a struggle to keep teeth out of the way.  And he was easily 8" long.  Too long for me to get to his balls and too thick to deep throat.  Instead, I suffocated on his meat as it worked its way to the back of my throat.  Jaws overextended and helpless.  My nose didn't know what to do.  All breathing passages were at a loss and I struggled.

It was a top's cock.

He flipped me on my back to show me how it's done.  Hard as a rock, pointing skyward, he took my cock in his mouth in one swoop to the base.  But I didn't let him off easy.  I grabbed his head and held it there, made my cock throb a bit to fill his throat and pushed it even deeper.  Yeah, he can deep throat.  But with that skill, he's gonna pay the price and get skull fucked.  Several short, deep thrusts and then I let go of his head, which flung back and gasped in a huge breath...  right before he swooped down for another beating.

Any bystander might have thought the wrestling match was too much work, more work than fun, more stressful than erotic.  But instead, it was just two passionate guys that know what they want, what they like, and aren't afraid to get it.  Back and forth, we made each other squirm.  At one point, I was on top nibbling at his nipples trying to kick his legs apart to tease his hole with my cock.  He wouldn't have it.  His legs were shut tighter than a window painted closed.  But after some experiments, I noticed he was a sucker for making out.  So I kissed him deep and he responded.  His body relaxed as if willing me to go deeper inside him.  Before he knew it, I had his knees on either side of me while he was on his back.  I worked one hand on the back of his head pulling him deeper into the kiss while the other underneath him as I hugged him close.  Slowly his legs rose and wrapped around my back.  I knew I had him.  After a bit, I pulled back, spat on my hand and lubed up my cock with it.  I felt his hot hole as it opened and then tightened as I played.  And then back down to his lips and he sucked me into him.  My hard, wet cock was teasing his hole until I got my head aligned...  and then I pushed in.  Slowy.  Inch by inch.  Feeling when he relaxed to move in deeper.  Drawing him deeper into the kiss when he tightened up.  Until I was balls deep inside him.

We both groaned.


He was still rock hard and his twitching ass was doing wonderful things to my cock.  The deep warmth enveloped me and drove me insane.  I pulled out until just the tip was inside and slammed it home.  I grabbed his cock.  I could tell he loved it.  Over and over I long dicked him.  Slow outstroke, slamming it in on the downstroke.  Over and over til sweat was building up between our bodies.  Mine from the sheer exertion and him from the intensity of the fuck.  I was dripping heavily onto him.  One drop landed on his face and he quickly lapped it up.  It was at that moment I felt something change.  His breathing rhythms broke into a stacatto and his ass started to milk my cock with every movement.  His chest heaved and my hand was still on his cock, controlling the sensations he was feeling.  I was jerking him slowly.  I didn't change the pace.  Kept it steady when his eyes rolled and a deep moan that started in his core escaped from his mouth.  And he shot.  With a loud cry, he shot.  The first volley was so hard, the force in which it hit the wall over the bed's headboard was audible.  The second left a streak of cum from his neck to his navel.  The final squirts dribbled over my fingers.  The sight, the smell, the twitches of his ass.  It was more than I can handle and I squirted my own load deep inside him.  It wasn't timed perfectly.  In fact, I know it took me several strokes before I came.  A part of me felt bad because I wasn't sure if he was in pain after having just had cum (I know sometimes I need a guy off me immediately after I cum), but I was at the point of no return and you couldn't reason with me.  Even when I was done squirting, I pounded it in deep and hard to make sure it goes deep inside him.  And then I collapsed on top of him.

As we were coming down and the fog lifted, I pulled out and he started a chuckle.

"I swore it was going to go the other way," he laughed.

I did too.

Who am I kidding?  It happened exactly how I wanted it to.


Rancho Cucamonga Ca said...

I just found your blog via Mr Steed! Enjoy your tales and how well they are written. I know have a new fave blog to check out on a daily basis!

Bruce Chang said...

Thanks buddy! And if you ever wanna meet, drop me a line! Ha! Just trying to be neighborly!

Raw Fucker said...

Hot, as ever.