Monday, November 26, 2012

Virgin Ass (part 2)

So, the reason I was so nervous with the 50 year-old virgin was that I had previously wielded the responsibility with such carelessness that I was really ashamed for awhile.  You may want to read that one first.  It's probably a better read.

He was a college kid home for the holidays a couple of years back.  He was a freshman.  Just turned 19 and I was really flattered that he'd be into a guy that was a dozen year his senior.  And it was the first time where I wasn't the younger guy chasing the older dude.

I came out early and started experimenting sexually when I was 14.  Even before then, I remember sneaking peaks through a slit in the door when my father was watching porn.  I got really frustrated when he started pausing the videos for the close-up shots of a girl's snatch.  I really didn't care unless there was a hard cock fucking it.  Eventually, I got rid of the cognitive dissonance and realized that my fascination in the hard meat between a guy's legs and this thing called gay was pretty much the same.  Even before that, I remember playing around with the neighborhood latin kid at age 6 or so and we'd roll around on the bathroom feeling each other up.  I told him to suck my dick, but he didn't go for it.  Yeah, I know.  Hard to believe but I knew I wanted my cock sucked even at 6.

So, coming out at an early age meant that most of my gay buds and my sexual partners were all older than me.  It was a bit of a shock now that I'm older that there are a lot of guys that are out and younger than me.  And even more of a trip as some of them started coming on to me.

So, back to the college kid.  He was a cub.  A little stocky with a cute face.  And I let him know exactly what he was getting into.  I was attached and didn't have any interest in leaving my partner.  And he was hot for me.  Of course, it probably helped that I sent him several pics of me in my best light... 

He didn't have a car and we both couldn't host, so we decided to meet at the adult book store in town.  Yeah, isn't the most romantic of places to get your cherry robbed. But I was horny and I really got off on him wanting me to fuck him.

So we chatted for a bit outside before we went in.  I told him where to go.  The biggest booth so we'd have room to fuck.

He went in first and I followed.  I entered in the booth and there he was, looking kinda shy.  I pulled him up and gave him a hungry kiss while pulling out the lube and condom I had on me.  I was on a mission and he knew it.  I was rock hard and full of frenetic energy, I don't think I even lubed him up properly.  I held his ass firmly, pushed his back down so he was bent over the solitary chair and pushed in.  Hard.  His ass resisted only for a sec before it loosened up, loosened because he wanted it.  And I fucked him mercilessly.  He couldn't even distract himself with the porn playing in the booth as I made him face away from the screen.  But he still turned his head.  I reached down and felt his rock hard cock.  I barely fucked him for a few moments with his head trying to turn back to look at me, him half rolling his eyes in heat and grimacing in pain.  It was barely a few minutes of me jabbing my rock hard meat inside him when I shot with such intensity I was shuddering for long moments afterwards.  And when I recovered, I made sure I was still inside him when I spun us around and sat down on the chair with him still fully impaled on me.  He gave his cock a few tugs and cried out.  Pain or ecstasy, I'm not sure, but he shot a huge load, spraying his shirt unintentionally. 

I smiled at him while he got off me.

"Oh, that hurt."

"I bad way?"

"No, not really.  It was hot."

I patted him on the shoulder.  "Good.  Catch ya later."

And with that, I was gone.

But I misread it.  He wanted more.  He really wanted a boyfriend.  And in the end, he really wanted a guy that would make his first time special.  What I really wanted, was just a hot fuck from a kid that was going to head back to school in a week.  He kept on messaging me on Scruff and I kept on ignoring him as he called me names. 

And that was one of the few times where I regretted what happened. 

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