Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Old buddies and new (part four)

(The final part of the series...)

I only had four hours of sleep (maybe even less) before I had to go to work the next day.  I was antsy all day at work.  Couldn't focus at all.  But it wasn't because I was tired.  Instead, I knew I wanted more.  Two loads down the hatch and my own pasted all over a bud's face over the course of five hours and I still wanted more.

When I got home, I immediately jumped back onto adam4adam and a guy that had emailed me the night before messaged me again.  I've seen his profile before.  In fact, I think we even hooked up.  But he threw me for a loop when he said he was visiting from out of town.  I'm usually great at remembering all of the people I play with.  I might forget little details but I always remember what made the meeting great or not so great.  Then it hit me.  We hooked up two years ago when he was in town for work. It's rare, though, when I don't remember anything about the encounter.  Nothing good.  Nothing bad.

I knew I had to change that though.  I was going to make it something that I remembered.

I got to his room really quick.  Too quick for him to prop the door open and wait for me on all fours as I had asked.  Instead, he greeted me at the door with a sheepish look and immediately turned away.  But he didn't turn away fast enough for me to not recognize him.  He's a late thirties guy with trimmed goatee.  Smaller guy, about my height.  Great for me to manipulate and toss around a bit.  Despite the fact that he had on a white undershirt, I could tell he was relatively fit.  And I remembered him having a nice fuzzy chest with delicate hair that I liked to rake through to find a nipple to pinch.  Though he had a shirt on, he was naked from the waist down.

"Sorry about that.  You got here a lot quicker than I thought you would."  I didn't quite get the intruder seen that I asked for when we emailed earlier.

He made up for it by assuming the position on the bed and presenting me with a hot, smooth ass.  Like a true pig, his ass was already lubed and he had Magnums lying next to him.  Gotta love a bottom whore that loves big dick so much he doesn't buy condoms for himself but for the type of guy he wants to fuck him.

I didn't waste any time.  I stripped quickly and then used my hands to spread his legs far apart so that his ass would hinge shut and create a tight crevice for me to invade.  As it turned out, I didn't need to put that extra effort.  As I came up behind him, I quickly threw on a condom, spat on his hole to rehydrate the drying lube and jabbed in like a boxer dancing in a ring and surprising his opponent with an attack.  I jabbed and jabbed.  Each time I jabbed, I'd hit a wall as his ass clenched down to the foreign invader.  I wasn't doing it to loosen him up.  I was doing it to make him feel me and feel the animalistic hunger I had to dominate his hole.  I was going to have to break through his wall.  I grabbed his shirt and used it as reigns and with a roar, I shoved in deep and felt his resistance give away.  Fuck he was tight.  Much tighter than I thought a guy would be carrying around Magnums for his tops.  So tight that his hole had such a grip as to not allow any of the condom in.  Instead, my cock was straining against the latex and I felt like I popped through.  I was almost sure of it.  I could feel might cock gliding through the condom as if the condom was yet another sphincter.

It turned out not to be the case.  After hammer it into him, I got distracted by the sensation and pulled out to check.  It was still intact.  I ripped it off anyway and tossed it at his head, letting him know I took it off.  Before I could say a word, he backed up onto my fuck stick and took me balls deep again.  He wasn't as tight anymore.  Apparently, my rough fuck tore down his defenses.  Or maybe his need took over and sucked me inside him.  Either way, my raw cock was being milked a bit more gently now.  I took over and slammed it home over and over til I was at the tipping point and pulled out.

"No...  What's wrong?" he asked as he tried to back up onto my cock again.  But it was too late.  I sprayed my load all over his swollen hole.  Thick doodles across his ass and over his hole.

And there I was panting, trying to catch my breath.  My head was buzzing.  Did I accidentally stealth him?  I was pretty sure he saw and felt the condom I threw on him.  Either way, I could almost see his contented sigh as he felt my load on his ass.  In the meantime, I washed up to go home.

I finally felt drained.  And satisfied.  And later he messaged me to thank me and told me he'd look me up when he's back in town next month.


Anonymous said...

I love hotel sex too!

Rancho Cucamonga. said...

Thanks for taking the time to share. Very hot indeed.

Rancho Cucamonga said...

Talk about a belated Christmas gift for me! Hell yeah..is be happy to help with your "spree"

Bruce Chang said...

And I'd love for you to help me!

Bruce Chang said...

You know, I added my email to my profile... I'm just sayin'... :-P

Bruce Chang said...

Yeah, and I tend to have more luck with the visitors for some reason...