Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Old buddies and new (part one)

I had a rare evening free, so naturally I went to all my old hookup site haunts and got my fill of dick and ass.

First off, I tried Craigslist.  I still browse craigslist but don't take any of the ads really seriously.  The majority of them feature jocks for a quick hookup, which would be great if the pics didn't all feature abs as ripped as the porn sites they were stolen from.  But it's still good porn and I like making little stories in my head about the people that place them and what they end up doing, which probably isn't half as exciting as the truth.  And then you get the rare ones.  The ones that you can tell come from real people that aren't just there to get off on the excitement of possibilities, of trading pics and getting off on lust and desire, but are there to actually commit to hooking up.  I spotted one and was pretty confident that I knew who it was, prompting me to respond and confirm my suspicions.

He's a pretty stunning, tall guy with an easy laugh and addiction to playing with his willy.  He tries to disguise his stats, varying his age a bit and his true height, but the ad has some key words that immediately clue me in.  First of all, he only asks for a "stroke buddy", never hosts, and throws around the diction of a guy also cheating and really wanting nothing but some no-strings fun.  I can't tell if he's trying to change his ad a little to keep it fresh, throw his partner off his scent, or keep some stalkers at bay.  He's changed his email address a number of times over the course of the decade that I've known him, but I'm not quite sure why.  But the fact that he tries to make himself a little more average and less distinct than his 6'5"dimensions lead me to believe it's the latter two possibilities, him trying to disguise his hunt for a buddy from his partner.  And since I don't want to be the stalker guy he's trying to shake, I don't ever use the cell number I have or the latest email address I have from him.  Instead, I just respond to his ads when I'm available.

He came over and he made me remember why I love hooking up with old fuck buddies.  Kudos to the Promiscuous Top for being honest about the excitement of a new guy and wanting to spread his seed around to as many new fucks as possible.  I definitely can relate.  But there's also something to be said about meeting up with an old bud, knowing how to push all the buttons, and getting off on pushing the envelope just a little more.  The beginning chitchat wasn't awkward, it really was just an attempt to catch up on the half a year/year since we last met.  And when we got to the couch, it was like two magnets that placed a little far apart but just close enough to snap together from their own attraction.  Tender kisses alternating with passionate tonguing.  My face exploring his every crevice and his fuzz scratching at my cheek while it danced across his chest to take in a nipple in between my lips.  His cock flaring out underneath his black trunks when my breath reached through the material to add to the heat between us.  And the quick intake of breath when I chewed at it a little through the material.  We spent two hours just rolling around, making out, and grinding into each other before we started to try to get off.  My brain clicked onto service mode and got off on the sighs of pleasure that escaped his lips while my own mouth licked every part of his body.  He especially liked it when I played with his balls and the sensitive area where his balls met the inner thigh while he was sitting back on my couch and I was kneeling before him.

Then I took in his hole shaft in one swoop.

He nearly screamed as I did this, us building up to this moment.  I slobbered over his knob til my drool was escaping and running down his balls.  His hand involuntarily reached out to my head, wanting to push it all the way down to shoot when I pulled back.  He was close.  I brought him to the edge but then pulled away.  So his hand instead landed on his cock and he gave it a squeeze, trying to recreate the warmth and friction of my tongue and throat, before I slapped his hand away got up from my knees and ground my cock into his ass while planting a deep kiss on his lips.  When his breath settled down a bit, I swooped back down to bring him to the edge again.  Over and over this happened until at one break, I was lapping up my own drool that was running down his balls.  Some if it dripped lower, which I used to press my finger against his taint and finally tease his hole.  He responded favorably, even scooting down further on the couch to give me more access. I took charge and lifted his thighs so his legs were in the air exposing his hole.  I surprised even myself when I dove in and licked his hole, hungrily lapping at it and chewing on the light fuzz of his crevice.  Smelled his musk, lapped at his old sweat, and that foreign taste that suddenly made my head buzz and my cock turn rigid.  He couldn't help but start to stroke again, but I wouldn't have him lose his load by his own hand.  I wanted to control it.  So I took over jerking his cock while I lapped at his hole and he shot high above his chest. Seven volleys of hot cum sprayed across his lightly furry chest.  I attacked him.  Slurped up all that cum all over his chest before taking his cock in my mouth again to drain him of his last drops while he shuddered and buckled from sensitivitiy.

I swallowed, but knew I still had him on my lips.  So I kissed him and made him taste his own spunk.  Pulling back, he grinned.  It's been over a decade since we first met.  We settled into our bodies a little and he's starting to grey a bit, especially at the temples, but he's still as adorable as ever.  We started off as pure stroke buddies, evolved to making out, then just recently to me sucking him off every now and then.  I grinned back at him.  With that, I sent him back to his partner.

But I, on the other hand, was still hungry.  (Part 2 to come out shortly)


Explorer Jack said...

Can't wait.

Bruce Chang said...

... For you to come to LA and sit on my lap? Oh, sorry... You were talking about the next installment. My bad.