Thursday, December 6, 2012

Old buddies and new (part two)

So with a load in my belly and a still fully loaded nutsack, I wanted more.

I went to adam4adam for the first time in ages.  Surprisingly, not much has changed.  A lot of the same folks, with some new ones added in.  A lot of times, I don't end up meeting a guy from a4a because we both can't host.  This one guy that I've always been interested in was one of those guys.  But I can't tell if the hosting dilemma was really the reason why or if I'm afraid I already know him to a certain extent.

He's a closeted guy that lives under a mile away from me.  The odd thing, for being a supposed closet-case, is that he has full, clear face pics on his profile.  And it's that picture and the things he says in his profile that makes me think there might only be a couple of degrees of separation between us.  Yeah, I know Los Angeles is pretty big, but I've run into so many acquantainces randomly at different places that I know it ain't that big.  It's a city of niches.  Once you find a community you feel like you belong to, it's almost the same as any small town with everyone knowing everyone and gossip flying about.  So, judging from his profile, we both hang out with the 30-something beer-guzzling beach bum crowd.

But his pic also makes me want to bed him bad.  'Cause I kinda know what kind of guy he's going to be:  laid back, quirky, typical "chill" californian.

Second problem: he's only looking for a suck/hand job.

Okay.  Let's face it.  That realy wasn't a problem.  My other bud already turned the switched for me so I was in the mood to suck some cock.  But still.  After having the taste of cum in my mouth, a surge of energy goes through me.  I get high on the fact that I had control over another guy and made him cum.  And that makes me want to fuck the hell out of a guy to lose my own load.

So that was the actual problem.  I wanted to finally get this guy's nut down my throat, but I also wanted to fuck as well.  It was just at that instant when I noticed an old tried-and-true fuck bud log onto the site.  So I hit them both up!  Since the other guy was closer, it'll work out.  Quick blow and go with a new bud and then a final release into my old fuck bud.

Ben, the closet-case, was on his way in just a few minutes after I arranged it all.

"Fuck, it's cold out there," he said when I opened the door.

"Then get your ass in here."

Little chuckle. "And I'm just down the street too.  Wasn't out there that long!  So, which one is the nosy neighbor?"

I had told him to take this weird route to get to my front door.  I basically got nailed (not in a good way) by my neighbor for having a hook up swing by.  It's a topic of a blog that's been in draft for a month now.

"God....  It's that one," I said while swinging my thumb towards the direction of my next door neighbor.

And there it went.  That easy banter from that beach bum circle.  A totally different easy from my "stroke bud", James, of the previous hour.  That came from just knowing each other for over a decade.  This was different.  An acknowledgement that we're strangers but a tone of familiarity and comaraderie.  Even the friendly touch of him through my clothes.  A friendly arm draped across my shoulder, light hand on my chest.  And then he attacked me and started to pull on my clothes.  In a rush, we ripped our clothes off, only pausing long enough for me to stare at his chest and say, "Damn."  Perfect frame.  Broad shoulders, defined pecs, a bit of a tummy, but all nicely displayed with dark and trimmed fur.

"Yeah," he said, running his hand across his chest playing with his body hair. "I grew it all myself."

Ha! "You did a good job.  Nice work!"


Back to the groping and he was fascinated by my hard cock, which was already dripping with precum from the last session.  But I wasn't sure I could handle another long session without losing my old fuck buddy bottom and not getting blue balls.

So I pushed him back into the couch and dove in.

Ben's musk was distinctly different than stroke bud James.  It was sharp.  It wasn't overwhelming, but it was sharp and reminded me of the first guy that ever fucked me.  Whereas James was sweet yet dark smelling, Ben was sharp and almost metallic.  I took a deep whiff in and I could taste it at the back of my throat.  Fuck, the memories it brought rushing through my head.

"Since I'm down here, you mind if..?" I asked.  We had said we'd start off stroking and see where it goes from there.

"Yeah, go for it."

I swallowed his cock.

There's nothing better than feeling a guy's cock swell inside your throat.  He wasn't vocal.  Didn't give me much direction.  But just feeling it swell and pulse was enough to let me know I was on the right track.  It had a strong curve up, so I got off my knees and laid down perpendicular to him with my head in his lap.  At that angle, I was able to twist my head a bit so that the curve of his cock glided across the natural curve of my tongue straight to my throat.  And he loved it.  It pulsed again and blocked all air passage making me choke.  But I kept on it.  This angle also let him play with my cock, which made him swell even more.

I couldn't keep it up though.  My eyes were starting to water with me choking myself on his log and suffocating me on every downstroke.  Back to my knees and I was sucking hard.

"Can I cum down your throat?"

I didn't answer.  I couldn't.  My throat was filled.  I just gurggled. 

With that, he held my head down and shot his load straight down my throat.

Fuck that was hot.  And it made me horny as hell.  I practically kicked him out and shoved him out the door to see if my bottom bud was still online for a drilling...

(Part three to come...  and that isn't the last part either)


Rancho Cucamonga said...

Again-thanks for sharing! Can't wait for part three

Bruce Chang said...

I hope I get around it to it this weekend... Shouldn't be too hard. I can still smell the guys... Well in my head at least...