Saturday, December 1, 2012

The ex-cop

"Magnums?  Really?  Now that's some confidence," he said as I tore open the package.  I only half smiled at his comment.  He was on his back with his legs spread on either side of me.  One was bent and angled at the moment, but he started to straighten it out, starting to tense up knowing what was going to come up next.

"How big are you anyway?"

I knew what he was doing.  Looks like I was going to have to shut him up and call him out on it.

"It's doesn't really matter," I said.  "You'll feel how big it is in a second so quit trying to stall.  You know you want it.  Deep down, you fucking love getting dick up your ass."

His smile faltered for a bit.  His cocky, tough-guy bravado dropped for a second.  A facade he puts up to protect himself, something he learned early on when he was a cop.  Showing any kind of weakness will get you in trouble, so you put on an air of authority.  But I knew what he really wanted was to let go and just passively enjoy the ride.  At this point, we had already tumbled around in bed for over half an hour.  His macho posturing had only made me more passionate in my kissing as I pulled and hugged him hard.  He even noted how, although we were the same height, he outweighed me by a considerable amount of muscle and could easily throw me off him.  But he doesn't.  Even as he said it, I could feel his body relax a little and give in to the attentions and relish in not having to take charge.

But then he recovered.

And now we're here with my cock in my hands spreading a liberal amount of lube up and down the covered shaft.

"You're the first Asian guy I've been with that uses Magnums."

God, we're back to this again.

I answered by throwing one leg over my shoulder, aiming it has his hole, and pressing in.  And I knew that shut him up as he sighed.

He was tight.  Really tight.  Tight enough for him to hurt me as much as I was gonna hurt him with my rock rigid meat.  But as I stared down at him, I leaned in a little harder with one hand on his chest and threw my weight against it so that he can feel all of me pushing into him.  And his hole relented.  I could feel his ass flower open enough for me to inch in, slowly, in what seemed like hours before I was halfway through and past his defenses and his hole gave in.

I stayed for a sec.  Balls deep.  Just letting him get used to it.

His heart was pounding against the hand I had on his chest, so I eased the weight off of it.  If I had any doubts whether it was to much, it was immediately erased when he raised his legs in the air and used them to wrap around me a bit and pull me in deeper.

I fell forward and gave him a deep kiss as I long dicked him.  Slowly in and slowly out so that he could feel all of me.  When he started to feel more loose, I explored every position and tempo to see what would get him going.  He was rock hard throughout.  Jack hammering with me holding his ankles up high towards his ears.  Long thrusts with my hands on his waist pulling him into me.  Short deep thrusts, pulling his ass apart to get even deeper.  Tossed him on his stomach, driving my body onto my palms placed on his lover back and driving in hard enough to hear the slap of my balls ringing in my ear. Then on all fours and power fucking his ass doggie-style until he whispered out of breath, "Fuck, no, no.  Stop.  I think I'm making a mess."

I knew I went in really deep.

I tossed the dirty condom away and knew that he'd had enough.  There were a lot of things in his head he was wrestling with.

I lied back on his bed, flat on my back, while he was propped on one shoulder looking at me, looking really sheepish.  Haltering words and idle chat as I pulled him into me, giving him permission to snuggle up next to me.  Slight resistance, but he relented when I pulled his head onto my chest and he then naturally curled up half on top of me like a kid.

And we just laid there in silence for a bit.  My hand tracing a path up and down his back over the rippling hills of his strong muscles lining his broad shoulders, pushing through the sweat that has started to cool.  I'm a little surprised at how much he was sweating on this cool autumn day when I was doing most of the work positioning him around taking his weight in most instances so he could focus on the sensations.  I let him lie there, his stubble scratching me as my chest raised and fell, and let his ear cup against my chest to have him hear my rapid heart rate gradually slow down until it was back in tune with my breaths.

"I had some wine before you came, you know.  Drank a bunch of it down to calm myself down."

"I know.  I could taste it."

That was the best thing I could come up with to acknowledge what he was feeling.


Rancho Cucamonga said...

Another great one man! Love the magnum size!

Explorer Jack said...

Nice stuff Bruce. And thanks for the comments on my blog too. I tried to send you a private e-mail, but couldn't find an e-mail address for you on your blog or your profile.

Bruce Chang said...

Yeah, I really need to update that google plus profile. Honestly, I suck at google plus. Way too complicated compared to Facebook but I've been told the features are richer. Eh. Email me at

Bruce Chang said...

Honestly, I don't fill one out as nicely as some, but I appreciate the extra room. Ha! Can't believe I missed this comment earlier! Appreciate you coming back!