Monday, January 21, 2013

The follower

I passed by a billboard for a new show called "The Following."  It's not at all appropriate, though, to then think of the guy I was going to meet as the billboard implied something cult-like and sinister.  Instead, he's a follower in the twitterverse sense.  He's a reader of this blog, having stumbled upon it after reading a comment I made on another blogger's site.  It was going to be a first for me, meeting someone that knew so much about me and someone probably having really specific expectations as a result. And I knew it was going to be really special even if I failed miserably at meeting those expectations.  But he took a chance in contacting me for a short upcoming business trip that took him to my neck of the woods and I figured I'd honor that by swinging by for a quick romp.  Besides, he was pretty damn hot.

His pic was that of a beefy guy swallowed up in clothes, but in person he was just as fit as he said he was if not even more so.  Trim waist and broad shoulders.  An easy smile that spread to his eyes.  And an impressive fuck stick that would make any bottom salivate.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.

He first wrote in a tenative manner almost calling it a long shot, but confessing a strong affinity for asian tops that made him take a chance.  They were in short supply where he lived.  So he dropped a note and the stars aligned 'cause even though he was off my route on my way home, I had a rare open evening to play.

I met him at his hotel in my stuffy work clothes.  He offered to meet in the lobby but I just asked for his room number.  I'm guessing he was giving me (or him) a way out if it turned out that we didn't quite meet expectations physically.  Or as they say online, that we're "not a match."  There wasn't a problem with that, though.  After a quick hello, we were practically attacking each other.  My complicated pants were frustrating his efforts to get me undressed, but I kinda preferred it that way.  I was able to strip him and toss him on the bed, soaking him in before I joined him in the buff.

When he told me he enjoyed body contact, I finally knew what he meant in person.  Two passionate guys were meeting where we could easily bruise each other up if we let the intensity get out of hand.  Before I knew it, I was face fucking him and raping his throat.  He had the gift of swallowing my cock whole without any teeth.  In fact, he had enough control to let me pass through the back of his throat with one smooth motion.  But I still made him gag.  Each plunge and he was gagging and struggling for air.  His face was beet red trying to take the onslaught.  He never resisted though.  He just took it and that kind of devotion made my dick swell up even harder.  I fucked him in short jabs while fully lodged in the back of his throat as he gagged with each down stroke.  Three pumps before I let him up for air.  Then four.  Five.  As many as he could take before I felt like he was going to pass out.  And each time me hand on his chest holding him down and feeling his diaphram rock his whole body.  When I pulled out, it was slick with the slimiest saliva.  Enough for me to use to fuck him raw without lube.  Without any hesitation, I lined up my cock against his hole and started to push in.  I felt his ass grip and slip as I forced my way in.  And his hole finally lost when I hit bottom.

It felt like we went at it for hours, but it really wasn't that long.  Perhaps it was the acrobatics we performed.  I remember clearly how he grasped my thigh.  Not to be a bossy bottom and control the tempo, but to make sure I was there.  It was a physical representation of his need to have me inside him, to have me in deep.  He wanted as much of me, all of me, and more inside of him.  It was as if he feared the emptiness if I withdrew.  So we went at it and even when we switched positions, we were still intertwined.  He made sure of it.  On his back with his legs in the air, then I leaned to one side still buried balls deep to shift positions and had him riding me, then back to his back with me piledriving it in.  At one point, he wrapped his hands around my neck while I lifted him up and let gravity do the fucking.

There were lulls in the action.  The first one, he just stared at me for a sec, smiled and said, "You're so hot." A flood of self-deprecating comments rushed through my head at that moment, but I resisted and settled for a simple, "Thanks!"  But my resolve to keep it at that didn't win out as I quickly followed it with, "You know you are too, right?"  And I meant it.  But maybe it sounded a little hallow, a gracious compliment in kind to one that was given, for the next lull spurred the question out of his lips, "You alright? You're looking...  pensive."  Perhaps I was lost in thought at the moment as my eyes traced the curves of his nice pecs then just looking at his eyes and getting lost in it's beautiful hue.  I snapped out of it.  I wanted to let him know I was fully there and fully into him the only way I could, I pulled out and plunged in deep letting him feel how horny I was for him with the full length of my rock hard cock.  And again, he grabbed my hip to get me in as deep as he could.

He came when I was on my back with him riding me.  I sensed it coming on.  His body suddenly became drenched in sweat where I could see bubbles pool simultaneously across his chest, coalesce and cascade down the valleys of his muscles like condensation over a beautifully patterened glass.  My hands started to feel moist where it met his hips as I guided him in a rocking motion precisely the length of my cock.  I had to take more control of his body as the smooth motion became jagged and his body started to convulse.  It was as if his whole being was pent up with pressure and was bursting from every seam, with every bodily fluid, until he finally let loose and his load erupted onto my chest without even touching himself.  It was hot.  Physically hot.  I felt the length of the load scald my chest before the cool air took over.  All that pent up energy from the depths of his body charged up and concentrated before dissipating into the air over my chest.

It wasn't over though.  Energy like that doesn't vanish that easily.  I only held him for a little while before starting to fuck him again.  And now that he wasn't distracted by his own needs, he was trying to devour me even more.  Pulling me deep inside him and wanting to take more and more of me into his body.  It was the first time we pulled apart since we started but I had to get him on all fours over the edge of the bed to fuck my load into him.  And just at that moment, I lost the feeling for a second and only fired off one long squirt into his guts, but finally soothing his need of having a part of me inside him.  But I knew I came a little, drawing with me a bit of clear white slurry when I backed up and out.  While we showered, we fucked some more 'til I was afraid we'd lose the hot water and I ordered him onto his knees.  He hesitated a bit looking at the hard tile before I forced him down and fed him my cock until I unleashed the rest of my load in his other hole, down his throat which he greedily ate up.

Sexually, the night ended there, but I'll still remember the time we spent afterwards.  Chatting at the bar.  The bartender that was sorta flirting with him since they were both from the same home state.  Me imagining him inviting the kid over after I left.  Him thanking me for his evening workout (he usually goes to the gym at night).  Me wondering what he's going to think when he reads this...  and me trying to figure out when he's going to be in town next.  'Cause even though he's the one following this blog, I believe I'm the fan that's a loyal follower.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The forgetful blond buddy

Everyone is a potential fuck buddy.  Well, what I mean by that is that everyone I hook up is potentially a person I'd hook up with on a regular basis.  But to the extent that we're buddies is probably as fictitious as any prop in the tv studios that pepper this city.  But even if kindness is feigned and superficial, as ostensibly shallow as any five-buck plastic kiddie wading pool, I'm a bit glad for it.  'Cause I really don't want to be more embarassed than I already am when I realize the specifics of the previous encounters with a repeat hookup isn't as vividly imprinted in my brain and I really don't want to be called out on the fact that I forgot what they did for a living.  Sometimes, all I know is that we had a helluva lot of fun.  And when the tables are turned and I see a guy struggle to remember, I'm likewise kind and gentle.

He and I met years ago when I was in his city for a conference.  He's a couple hundred miles away.  Not close enough to meet regularly by any stretch, but not too far to drop the occasional note when we cross each others' county lines.  For awhile, I was going to the conference annually but that stopped a couple years back.  I wasn't too surprised, though, when he dropped a note telling me he'd be in town for a conference himself.  Luckily, I had time to meet up.

Honestly, I typically don't go for blonds.  I don't know why.  He keeps his cut short, military-style, making him look younger than his years.  He curses me for the genetic gifts that he claims are bestowed on my ethnic heritage which keeps age at bay but he fails to realize that he's in the same boat.  I'd card him as a bouncer in a heartbeat.  That's another thing that kinda puzzles me as I'm generally into guys older than me.  But I do remember the fun we had together.  And I remember the freckles that dusted his shoulders.  The way he kisses that was just right in intensity, passionate enough to make me feel his desire but not savage enough to leave my lips raw.  Deep kisses that break with contemplative pauses, head cocked, lingering.

Throughout the week, he kept messaging me online in eager anticipation.  I figured he just wanted some horny chats when I realized he was fishing for information.  He finally asked what I wanted to get into when we got together.

"I'm going to fuck the cum out of you."

"Really? I'm not sure if that's gonna happen."

At first, I thought he was saying that he couldn't cum from being pounded without some manual manipulation, but as the chat progressed, I realize that he doesn't remember that he's bottomed for me every time we met.  In fact, I'm not sure if he even remembered what I looked like!  He asked for a pic and I assumed he wanted some cock shot to refresh his memory or to jerk off to.  But when I took a little too long to respond, he sent me a face pic of himself to egg me on.  Ha!  So I sent one back.  Followed with a cock shot to either make him grimace with fear or make his ass twitch in hunger.

So when I knocked on his door later that night, he opened the hotel room door and he beamed like a kid when the memories flooded his head into recognition.  It all clicked for me to when I pulled him to me and kissed him.  Tenatively first with a brief pause before I really went at it.  He was hard as a rock before I got his clothes off and that's when I felt a little embarassed.  I forgot how big his cock was.  Maybe an inch bigger than me and thick as hell, a big slab of meat and angry red.  I loved the weight of it in my hand so I couldn't help but hold it as we made out until he grabbed my wrist and panted, "No, not yet.  You got me so close."

"Really?!"  I was surprised he was that close.  "This is going to be fun."  I was going to love edging him.

And that was how it was for the rest of the night.  Frenetic passionate energy alternating with playful pauses as we giggled about the intense chemistry.

I let him suck me for a bit and though it was the best blowjob I had in awhile (no teeth and just the right tempo), my cock was eager to remind him how he took it every time we met.  I lubed up before grabbing him and hugging him close, rolled onto my back and made him straddle me while we were still intertwined.  My cock quickly found the target and I felt myself slip inside.  Each gasp he made coincided with a spasm of his assring around my cock as he struggled to make himself relax enough to take me in.  He finally hit rock bottom and started really riding me, but the curse of my curve and my relatively thinner base made me slip out everytime he got too enthusiastic.  Even though I kept on slipping out, he still had to slap my hand away from his meaty cock every time he got close.  But finally I had enough and laid him on his back.  Right leg over my left shoulder.  Left leg to the side so I can still grab his cock when I wanted.  Quick aim and I shoved in deep, giving his ass an assault that registered both agony and sweet bliss across his face.  I just watched his cock flopping around while I made him feel the whole length of my cock.  I wanted his ass to feel every ridge, every vein.  I wanted to imprint the memory of dick in his anal walls to make him remember the perfect fit.  Just a grab of his cock made him gasp and ready to shoot, so I slowed down and just enjoyed being inside him.  Grabbed his shoulders and pulled them to me to get in as deep as I could.  After a few moments, I grabbed his ankles, lifted them high, shifted so the weight of us both was on his shoulders and slammed him hard.  Then grabbed his hips and suspended him in air while I fucked up into his hole at a jack hammer pace.

Pause to just enjoy each other.  Over and over. until I had him with one knee to the side again and wanted to watch him cum.  I couldn't tell if he was reaching to stop me before he came or if he wanted to take over.  Either way, I didn't let him touch his dick and kept on stroking for him while I steadily fucked his hole.  Five big jets flew between us and soaked his torso and stomach.  A couple more dribbles down my knuckles.  And all he could do was laugh at the intensity of it all.  Before he could scamper off to wipe up, I smeared his load all over his torso to let it soak in.

I wasn't quite done.  He laughed some more as my hands ran over him and I loved feeling the laughter rumble up from his core.

"I have a thing for cum," I said. "So I wanna smell it, bathe in it, when we fuck again."

But I knew he needed a break.  I gently inquired about all the things I remembered about him.  The wound on his thumb from when he sliced it open before our last meeting has now turned into a big long scar.  His filippino boyfriend was doing well and they decided to finally declare an open relationship.  It wasn't long before he wanted to substitue the intimate pillow talk with some more physical demonstrations.

"I want to see you cum."

He started to stroke me but I stopped him and raised myself on an elbow.  With an evil grin I had him on his back again and teased his hole with my cock.  When I felt like he was ready, I eased it in.  Then I pounded the shit out of him with the sole purpose of using his ass to cum.  One leg was over my shoulder again with my whole weight on my hands, one hand being on his slippery chest wafting up aromas from his emmissions to push me over the edge.  And my weight holding him down.  I came hard deep inside him coating his insides with my spunk and continued to fuck in it just as I made him bathe in his own DNA.

I loved sharing that with him.

I was there for two hours.  And maybe it's all fake and we're just using each other, but I enjoy him being polite.  And he feigned enough interest in me that, on my way back, he called to let me know that I forgot my watch and met me downstairs to avoid the parking charges to give it back.  Not a text or an email, but a phone call.  Pretty rare these days.  Worried that I'd get in trouble, he stood in the cold hugging his shoulders while I made my way back.

And even if another two years pass, enough time to make him forget what happened that night or even what we enjoy doing, even if he needs me to send him a pic to remind him what I look like, I'm still going to consider him a buddy...  And not call him out on any of it.  If that's what people mean by LA being superficial and fake with pleasantries, I'm okay with being kinda fake like that.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


So this post was started a month ago with a totally different title, but it's sorta evolved since then.  I was swapping emails with a reader where I realized I'm a bit of a prick.  These anonymous encounters affords me the opportunity to let go and do things I don't normally do with my partner.  I like to push boundaries.  And I get off when strip a guy of his defenses and attack his raw lust, even when it means degrading him and making him enjoy it.  But the other side is that my pics are out there and for some reason there are guys out there that like to copy them and pose as me posting for all sorts of things.

A guy I played with a couple of times before emailed me out of the blue asking to play again.  Our session had been really intense.  Lots of rough tumbling around in bed that left the bedsheets drenched in sweat and cum.  The funny thing is, he emailed me and another email address that wasn't mine.  It was odd.  I thought maybe he was throwing the line out to two guys to see who will bite first.  Hey, I have no problems with that.  Just a little unusual.

So we made a date for a nooner.  It was kinda slow at work so I was pretty sure I could sneak out for an extended lunch.  As the hour drew near, he asked about going back to using condoms.  That was fine with me, but he somehow talked himself out of it and to fucking raw but just not me shooting inside.  That was fine by me too!

I met him a couple minutes late as I circled the block trying to find parking.  When I got to his door, I didn't bother knocking.  From past experience, I was pretty sure it'd be unlocked. I turned the knob to find him walking out of the bathroom naked toweling himself off from a shower.  All 6'2" of him.  He's a tall guy with a Boston accent.  Broad shoulders and thick thighs. A bulky muscular guy.

"Hey, you!"  I would have called him out on not knowing my name, but I knew that was just his way of saying hi.  He always made a point to say my name in the middle of fucking. 


He was wrapping the towel around his waist but I stopped his hands and threw away the towel.  I grabbed him close and pulled him into a kiss.  The first two tentative pecks then giving way to a passionate one where we tried to consume each other.  He pulled away with a smile and called me silly as my work clothes were getting wet. He then led me to the bedroom as I attempted to disrobe along the way.  Sitting on the side of he bed, he just watched.  I was already rock hard when I finally got to him naked.  He was about to get up when I pushed down on his shoulder.  He knew what I wanted then.  I grabbed my cock by the base as opened wide and I shoved it in deep.  He sucked me in, too.  One of the better blowjobs I've gotten, no matter how rough I got.  And it got rough.  I held both sides of his head as I forced my cock down his throat and face fucked him.  He struggled several times, gagging a bit and getting it sloppy wet.  But instead of protesting when I let go, he instead started pistoning up and and down my shaft hungrily trying to face fuck himself onto my cock.  I get that he wanted to be face fucked, but that fast motion just doesn't do anything for me.  So I put my hands back on his head and slowed him down to the pace I liked. 

It was seriously sloppy wet by the time I pulled him off and flopped down on the bed.  Saliva was already dripping off my cock, down my nuts and pooling on the floor.

"Ride me."  That's all I needed to say and he straddled me.

He thought I was just going to hump his crack to get him worked up, but I knew he got my cock wet enough for a spit fuck.  So I aimed at his hole and without much finesse, I pressed in at a quick and steady pace.  He started to pull off a bit, but I held him by the waist and pulled down while simultaneously thrusting up.  He easily weighed twice my size and could easily have stopped me, but instead his eyes closed and he bit his lower lip and he took it to the base.  And I felt his pain too, in a way.  It's not the easy glide of a lubed cock in a loose hole.  Instead, it's the hot friction where pockets of slide meet pockets of resistance. Like a slip fault, you slide in a ways and then encounter dry resistance that suddenly gives in to the steady pressure and you slip a couple of centimeters before hitting that resistance again and building up more pressure.  When he finally hit bottom, his right hand balled into a fist and he slammed it down onto my shoulders to try to release some more of the tension.

I grabbed him by the neck and his eyes fluttered opened.  He thought I wanted to kiss, but I kept him at a distance.  I quickly dropped my hips a bit and then slammed it up into him balls deep.  No howl of pain.  Instead his eyes filled with lust and his ass involuntarily rocked on my cock as he rode my dick.  He was starting to sweat profusely now, despite being chilly in the room, and my hands started to slip off his waist and back.  But we kept at it.  He could tell I was getting close.

"Just don't..."

He didn't get to finish his sentence as I tried to pull him down hard onto my cock as I flooded his ass.  He was slippery with sweat but I finally just grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him down.  I was still coming down from my orgasm as he rocked on my cock and flooded my chest with his load.

"You fucker..."  Actually, I don't quite remember what he said, but it was along those line. 

But he laughed a little and was still on my cock as he collapsed on top of me.  It took us both awhile for us to recover.  I could feel his ass throbbing around my cock.

"You ready?" I asked.  He then braced himself from the pain and quickly lept off my cock.

After I showered, I asked him about the other address that he emailed.  It turned out, he thought it was me.  He said he put an ad up and got responses from a guy with that address that sent my my pic.  Both my face pic and my body pic.  I told him it wasn't me.

I went back to my email and did a search on that email address.  I had written him two or three years ago and never hooked up with him.  Then a few months after that failed hookup, a guy I was playing with forwarded me a craigslist ad with my pic on it.  Apparently, two years later, he's still using it.  I can't believe that shit.

Okay, you're probably asking yourself why I'm using a pic that's three years old.  Eh.  Honestly, I pretty much look the same.  I swear!

But a few things still kinda scared me that day.  First how far I let myself go with my tricks...  to become a guy I hardly know.  Secondly, how there's really several manifestations of this guy I hardly know thats unfortunately perpetuated by people other than me.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fun over the holidays

I'm not big on new year's resolutions. Sure, I believe in stretch goals and being a better person but I just hate doing it only once a year.  Still, I'm glad people do them because it makes me pause and think.  What's in my head?  Well, I need to post more often.  More than that, I need to figure out why I want to blog so that it doesn't feel like an obligation but an integral piece of who I am.  So I'm giving myself three months to figure it out.

One thing is that I just need a place to work things out.  I'll go crazy trying to work things out purely in my head.  The other?  I just want to remember.  The good and the bad.  Kinda goes with being a gregarious introvert.  I love connecting with people and then reflecting on what it all means.  It's not about boasting, but about making each connection something special.

So, over the holidays, it was slow at work and I decided to go onto adam4adam on my phone.  Within a few minutes, I got hit up by and old trick that I haven't heard from for at least two years.  I was pretty surprised that he recognized me.  I mean, all I had on my profile was a chest shot and they're pretty much a dime a dozen.  Not something that I would remember years later.  Secondly, I was the one that chased him when we first met.  I chased him hard.  I was pretty shady about it.  I first chatted with him on one profile and then when I got a lukewarm reception, I switched to another profile and hit him up again.  Ha!  Not something I would do nowadays, but about five years ago, I was pretty eager when I found a guy that turned me on.  So I chased him until he relented.  Then it wasn't until a few years after that we hooked up again.  And after a haitus on adam4adam, he found me and we hooked up again just a few days ago.

He's a hot little guy.  Just a couple of inches shorter than me, but someone I could scoop up and put him where I wanted.  Buzzed haircut and scruffy-faced.  Just a dusting of hair on his chest but hairy legs that would wrap around me like aggressive vines hugging a wall.  Masculine, but pliable.  A guy that is flexible and loves being put in place and fucked like a rag doll.

The difference this time?  He wanted it raw.

I told him I didn't have supplies and he took the bait.  He must have been horned up as hell 'cause he was begging for my load.  But I told him don't ask for what he doesn't mean.  But he confirmed he wanted it...  and any way I wanted to give it.

I was barely in the door when I pulled him into a bear hug and stripped him while I was basically fully clothed.  I exposed him and made him stand there uncomfortably before I tossed him on the bed and stripped myself.  I didn't go straight for the fucking even though I was fully hard.  Instead, I flopped on the bed, on my back and grabbed his head with both hands.  I guided him up and down my shaft as he struggled to keep up.  Made him deep throat me until he gagged and then let go so he could regain his composure only to guide him back down.  Love getting my dick all wet and sloppy that way.  I then flipped him on his back and his legs naturally lifted calling for me.  I went in for a deep passionate kiss while I ground my cock against his hole.  It would have relented, but he pulled back and asked for lube.  Looked at him for a split second and decided to oblige.  But I didn't let him off easy.  I still pushed in hard and his hole didn't have a chance to recover.  I could feel it spasm around my cock while I pushed in and it throbbed around my cock when I hit bottom.  And then I started pounding.  He kept on sighing, "slow, slow."  But I pretended not to hear him.  When I decided he needed a break from the onslaught, I pushed in deep and pushed his shoulders down as I made my dick throb to go another inch.  Just a few seconds and I was back to pounding until he was begging me to slow down again.  I started to feel guilty so I just went for broke and pounded him until I planted my load deep inside him.  He clawed at me while I was coming down from the orgasm and sighed, getting what he wanted.  Just a few strokes while I was rocking inside him trying to plant my load deeper and he shot his load too.

Walking away from his apartment, I was reflecting on how I loved manhandling him.  I love bigger guys but more and more a guy my size turns me on and I love what I can do with them.  That's when I got a text asking when I can come back.

It's kinda nice being the one that's chased for a change.