Sunday, January 6, 2013


So this post was started a month ago with a totally different title, but it's sorta evolved since then.  I was swapping emails with a reader where I realized I'm a bit of a prick.  These anonymous encounters affords me the opportunity to let go and do things I don't normally do with my partner.  I like to push boundaries.  And I get off when strip a guy of his defenses and attack his raw lust, even when it means degrading him and making him enjoy it.  But the other side is that my pics are out there and for some reason there are guys out there that like to copy them and pose as me posting for all sorts of things.

A guy I played with a couple of times before emailed me out of the blue asking to play again.  Our session had been really intense.  Lots of rough tumbling around in bed that left the bedsheets drenched in sweat and cum.  The funny thing is, he emailed me and another email address that wasn't mine.  It was odd.  I thought maybe he was throwing the line out to two guys to see who will bite first.  Hey, I have no problems with that.  Just a little unusual.

So we made a date for a nooner.  It was kinda slow at work so I was pretty sure I could sneak out for an extended lunch.  As the hour drew near, he asked about going back to using condoms.  That was fine with me, but he somehow talked himself out of it and to fucking raw but just not me shooting inside.  That was fine by me too!

I met him a couple minutes late as I circled the block trying to find parking.  When I got to his door, I didn't bother knocking.  From past experience, I was pretty sure it'd be unlocked. I turned the knob to find him walking out of the bathroom naked toweling himself off from a shower.  All 6'2" of him.  He's a tall guy with a Boston accent.  Broad shoulders and thick thighs. A bulky muscular guy.

"Hey, you!"  I would have called him out on not knowing my name, but I knew that was just his way of saying hi.  He always made a point to say my name in the middle of fucking. 


He was wrapping the towel around his waist but I stopped his hands and threw away the towel.  I grabbed him close and pulled him into a kiss.  The first two tentative pecks then giving way to a passionate one where we tried to consume each other.  He pulled away with a smile and called me silly as my work clothes were getting wet. He then led me to the bedroom as I attempted to disrobe along the way.  Sitting on the side of he bed, he just watched.  I was already rock hard when I finally got to him naked.  He was about to get up when I pushed down on his shoulder.  He knew what I wanted then.  I grabbed my cock by the base as opened wide and I shoved it in deep.  He sucked me in, too.  One of the better blowjobs I've gotten, no matter how rough I got.  And it got rough.  I held both sides of his head as I forced my cock down his throat and face fucked him.  He struggled several times, gagging a bit and getting it sloppy wet.  But instead of protesting when I let go, he instead started pistoning up and and down my shaft hungrily trying to face fuck himself onto my cock.  I get that he wanted to be face fucked, but that fast motion just doesn't do anything for me.  So I put my hands back on his head and slowed him down to the pace I liked. 

It was seriously sloppy wet by the time I pulled him off and flopped down on the bed.  Saliva was already dripping off my cock, down my nuts and pooling on the floor.

"Ride me."  That's all I needed to say and he straddled me.

He thought I was just going to hump his crack to get him worked up, but I knew he got my cock wet enough for a spit fuck.  So I aimed at his hole and without much finesse, I pressed in at a quick and steady pace.  He started to pull off a bit, but I held him by the waist and pulled down while simultaneously thrusting up.  He easily weighed twice my size and could easily have stopped me, but instead his eyes closed and he bit his lower lip and he took it to the base.  And I felt his pain too, in a way.  It's not the easy glide of a lubed cock in a loose hole.  Instead, it's the hot friction where pockets of slide meet pockets of resistance. Like a slip fault, you slide in a ways and then encounter dry resistance that suddenly gives in to the steady pressure and you slip a couple of centimeters before hitting that resistance again and building up more pressure.  When he finally hit bottom, his right hand balled into a fist and he slammed it down onto my shoulders to try to release some more of the tension.

I grabbed him by the neck and his eyes fluttered opened.  He thought I wanted to kiss, but I kept him at a distance.  I quickly dropped my hips a bit and then slammed it up into him balls deep.  No howl of pain.  Instead his eyes filled with lust and his ass involuntarily rocked on my cock as he rode my dick.  He was starting to sweat profusely now, despite being chilly in the room, and my hands started to slip off his waist and back.  But we kept at it.  He could tell I was getting close.

"Just don't..."

He didn't get to finish his sentence as I tried to pull him down hard onto my cock as I flooded his ass.  He was slippery with sweat but I finally just grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him down.  I was still coming down from my orgasm as he rocked on my cock and flooded my chest with his load.

"You fucker..."  Actually, I don't quite remember what he said, but it was along those line. 

But he laughed a little and was still on my cock as he collapsed on top of me.  It took us both awhile for us to recover.  I could feel his ass throbbing around my cock.

"You ready?" I asked.  He then braced himself from the pain and quickly lept off my cock.

After I showered, I asked him about the other address that he emailed.  It turned out, he thought it was me.  He said he put an ad up and got responses from a guy with that address that sent my my pic.  Both my face pic and my body pic.  I told him it wasn't me.

I went back to my email and did a search on that email address.  I had written him two or three years ago and never hooked up with him.  Then a few months after that failed hookup, a guy I was playing with forwarded me a craigslist ad with my pic on it.  Apparently, two years later, he's still using it.  I can't believe that shit.

Okay, you're probably asking yourself why I'm using a pic that's three years old.  Eh.  Honestly, I pretty much look the same.  I swear!

But a few things still kinda scared me that day.  First how far I let myself go with my tricks...  to become a guy I hardly know.  Secondly, how there's really several manifestations of this guy I hardly know thats unfortunately perpetuated by people other than me.


Explorer Jack said...

Wow, cool post. Very interesting, and kind of flattering that someone would want to use your pics.

I'm not sure why someone would want to use them. If they ever hook up, it's gonna be obvious it was a fake pic, right?

Most likely they'll never actually hook up with anyone, and the CL thing is just a form of entertainment, eh? I wonder what goes on in the mind of some of these guys.

Patrick Yb said...

Very hot one! Thanks for the preview ;-)

Bruce Chang said...

And thanks for reminding me!

Bruce Chang said...

You know, I can't say I don't relate. I've browsed profiles and ads with really little opportunity at that moment to follow through. But that's a big leap to posing as someone else... Yeah, I don't think they ever meet in person so their deception is safe. I kinda wonder what happened when my fuck bud emailed saying, "hey, it's me? Remember?"

Flattering... That's a good way to look at it! I was talking to a bud that said the same thing happened to him. I can see it. He has amazing blue eyes. Oh and he cums like a geyser, but I don't think they stole that pic... Ha!

Tiger Milner said...

This is really hot. I love to read the antics and actions of a hot top. I've been in your bottom's same spot many times and I can say a man like you is what we hope for most of the time. Thanks for writing your activities up for us to enjoy.

Bruce Chang said...

Thanks! And I'm a big fan of your blog too. Anyone that hasn't already gone though it should pop over and check it out!