Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fun over the holidays

I'm not big on new year's resolutions. Sure, I believe in stretch goals and being a better person but I just hate doing it only once a year.  Still, I'm glad people do them because it makes me pause and think.  What's in my head?  Well, I need to post more often.  More than that, I need to figure out why I want to blog so that it doesn't feel like an obligation but an integral piece of who I am.  So I'm giving myself three months to figure it out.

One thing is that I just need a place to work things out.  I'll go crazy trying to work things out purely in my head.  The other?  I just want to remember.  The good and the bad.  Kinda goes with being a gregarious introvert.  I love connecting with people and then reflecting on what it all means.  It's not about boasting, but about making each connection something special.

So, over the holidays, it was slow at work and I decided to go onto adam4adam on my phone.  Within a few minutes, I got hit up by and old trick that I haven't heard from for at least two years.  I was pretty surprised that he recognized me.  I mean, all I had on my profile was a chest shot and they're pretty much a dime a dozen.  Not something that I would remember years later.  Secondly, I was the one that chased him when we first met.  I chased him hard.  I was pretty shady about it.  I first chatted with him on one profile and then when I got a lukewarm reception, I switched to another profile and hit him up again.  Ha!  Not something I would do nowadays, but about five years ago, I was pretty eager when I found a guy that turned me on.  So I chased him until he relented.  Then it wasn't until a few years after that we hooked up again.  And after a haitus on adam4adam, he found me and we hooked up again just a few days ago.

He's a hot little guy.  Just a couple of inches shorter than me, but someone I could scoop up and put him where I wanted.  Buzzed haircut and scruffy-faced.  Just a dusting of hair on his chest but hairy legs that would wrap around me like aggressive vines hugging a wall.  Masculine, but pliable.  A guy that is flexible and loves being put in place and fucked like a rag doll.

The difference this time?  He wanted it raw.

I told him I didn't have supplies and he took the bait.  He must have been horned up as hell 'cause he was begging for my load.  But I told him don't ask for what he doesn't mean.  But he confirmed he wanted it...  and any way I wanted to give it.

I was barely in the door when I pulled him into a bear hug and stripped him while I was basically fully clothed.  I exposed him and made him stand there uncomfortably before I tossed him on the bed and stripped myself.  I didn't go straight for the fucking even though I was fully hard.  Instead, I flopped on the bed, on my back and grabbed his head with both hands.  I guided him up and down my shaft as he struggled to keep up.  Made him deep throat me until he gagged and then let go so he could regain his composure only to guide him back down.  Love getting my dick all wet and sloppy that way.  I then flipped him on his back and his legs naturally lifted calling for me.  I went in for a deep passionate kiss while I ground my cock against his hole.  It would have relented, but he pulled back and asked for lube.  Looked at him for a split second and decided to oblige.  But I didn't let him off easy.  I still pushed in hard and his hole didn't have a chance to recover.  I could feel it spasm around my cock while I pushed in and it throbbed around my cock when I hit bottom.  And then I started pounding.  He kept on sighing, "slow, slow."  But I pretended not to hear him.  When I decided he needed a break from the onslaught, I pushed in deep and pushed his shoulders down as I made my dick throb to go another inch.  Just a few seconds and I was back to pounding until he was begging me to slow down again.  I started to feel guilty so I just went for broke and pounded him until I planted my load deep inside him.  He clawed at me while I was coming down from the orgasm and sighed, getting what he wanted.  Just a few strokes while I was rocking inside him trying to plant my load deeper and he shot his load too.

Walking away from his apartment, I was reflecting on how I loved manhandling him.  I love bigger guys but more and more a guy my size turns me on and I love what I can do with them.  That's when I got a text asking when I can come back.

It's kinda nice being the one that's chased for a change.

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