Sunday, February 10, 2013

"You deserve bad kharma"

Flashback to about a dozen years ago when I first saw him looking hot as fuck on the dance floor in a baseball t and a Yankees cap, my friend whispering in my ear, "Juan sucked him off," and me throwing wood picturing him getting head.  Then here I am in my car, glancing at my email and thinking, "What the fuck?"

My buds and I used to frequent this one bar on Thursday nights and he was almost always there.  Back then, I was a bit too shy to make any move but I always admired from afar.  Always with a cap on and always with a baseball t or a baseball jersey.  A beer in fist.  Shuffling his feet from side to side a bit awkwardly but still looking masculine and confident being alone amongst a group of guys on the dance floor.

Several year later, when I lived in the valley, I stumbled upon him on adam4adam.  We hooked up about two or three times.  Each time was pretty much the same.  He didn't really want to kiss and I didn't press because he reeked of alcohol.  He gave sloppy head, with sloppy being the drunk variety where he didn't watch his teeth and not the sloppy/slimy ones I like from face fucking and making a guy gag.  And I'd be a bit freaked out in his room (hopefully, it was just a guest bedroom) with a huge cross hanging over the bed and the springs of a twin bed, appropriately modest for a monastary maybe, digging into my knees while my covered cock was buried deep inside him.  Too deep.  It was a bit messy afterwards.  But I still kept on coming back because that image of him on the dance floor always pulled me through.

So back to present day.  I was just about to head home from a party in Orange County and since Long Beach was on the way through, I quickly browsed the Craigslist ads to see if I could set something up for a detour home.  I found one where the guy noted he was into asians.  Well, I'm probably playing that down a bit.  The title for his ad was "Into Asian - 32 (Long Beach)" so he kinda sounded like a rice queen.  Of course, I hit him up and it turned out to be baseball guy from the valley.  I hit the road shortly after I sent the email and (yes, i know, emailing and driving isn't a good idea but I swear I use the voice recognition functions to type...  most of the time) I went from horniness (me sending out the response to his ad), anticipation (when he takes the bait and replies back), surprise (when I realized we've met before), deflated ('cause he was too far off my route home to make it work), and finally puzzled (when he unleases a torrent of abusive emails).

And this all happened within a space of about 20 mins.  Here's a synopsis (not always exact words, but you get the idea):

Me: Interested in your ad, on my way through via fwy, here's a body pic and stats
Him: Nice, here's my body pic for your face pic.  Whatcha into?
Me: I'm a top and here's my face pic
Him: I want you in me and here's my face pic.
Me: Hey!  We met before back in the valley.  Where you at now?
Him: Here's my address
Me: Damn!  That's too far for me for today, wanna hook up some other time?
Him: Fuck you dude.
Him: Please come over? I'm not far from the fwy
Me (feeling bad and wondering if I strung him along): Sorry, but short on time.  Raincheck?
Him: Fuck you
Him: Rants
Him: I don't even remember you
Him: Are you hooking up with someone else?
Him: I've fucked hundreds of guys (I guess he was implying here that I was a time waster and a guy that's going to be alone jerking off to fantasies since I wasn't turning him down for a different guy...  Despite the fact that we've already hooked up a few times in the past)
Him: Fuck you
Him: I wish you bad luck
Him: You deserve bad kharma

Wow.  What. The. Fuck.

I felt kinda bad and was wondering if I was indeed a time waster, so when I got home I re-read the emails and I thought I was pretty up front about what I was looking for any my constraints.  Yeah, I didn't jump into the dealbreaker question (where exactly are you) but I don't think people would even divulge that information until a mutual attraction is established.  And really, it wasn't as if I was stringing him along over the course of hours.  It was literally within 20 minutes.  I checked the timestamps!  It was just that the first two emails happened rapid fire because I was still on foot.  When I hit the road, it got progressively longer, so it might have seemed like I was stalling.

Eh, I'm kinda glad it didn't work out.  It sounds like he was a mess.  But just like the times we actually met, I still can't drop that image of that sexy kid with the baseball t.


Invisibleman46 said...

it sounds like his being too off the freeway was serendipity

Explorer Jack said...

Sounds as if good Karma paid you a favor that day. Avoid crazy drunk guys.

Bruce Chang said...

Yeah, you guys are right... I didn't even think about it until now, but his bad dancing was probably him being so piss drunk that he couldn't stand straight. Funny how things look different over the lens of a crush...

Robert Alvarez said...

Oh, my Lord! I know all too well that I AM NOT a fan of rejection, but even I can understand travel time and having a position of employment being important.

Perhaps you are better off having sex with another man.