Monday, March 25, 2013

Hotel visitors (2)

My buddy once told me that if a bottom gets messy but you're just too close and have to nut, you breathe through your mouth to get you through.  I wasn't sure if I could do that.  Just the first hit of that smell would get to me.

It was a long hectic week at work and right before I headed home, I cruised the Craigslist ads.  A guy from out of town was staying at my part of LA.  It was perfect.  He'd be on my way home.  And bonus points for wanting an anonymous fuck and run.

I gotta confess, I was emailing him back and forth stuck in rush hour traffic, but I somehow justified the risk 'cause I was would up as hell and really wanted an ass to let it out all one.

Of course, he wanted it to be anonymous, but by anonymous he meant that he wanted body and dic pics in exchange for his face pic.  But I was glad he sent it even though it didn't quite fit the allure of a totally anonymous encounter.  He had beautiful classic Italian features.  Strong jaw, dark hair and rugged look.  Strong nose.  And a rough five o'clock shadow that looked like it could sand over smooth a cactus if he got close.  Tall and lean with broad shoulders.  In person, he didn't disappoint.

I arrived with him on all fours, his ass moist with lube and winking at me when I came in, pointed at the entrance to the room.  My dick instantly got hard, so I quickly threw off my shirt (it'd just get in the way), dropped my jeans a little and let it bounce and and rest on his crack.  I left if there while I leaned over and grabbed the lube and condoms he had ready for me.  And I left it there a little more, so he could feel the heat and the how it throbbed.  God, I was horned up.  I couldn't even just let it lie there.  Every few seconds, my nuts would draw in and my cock would pulse, my dick recoiling and bouncing up before it landed against his hole again with a sticky slap.

I applied a lot of lube and even put a few drops in the condom for good measure.  It's the only way I can cum rubbered up.  And Without too much warning, I pressed the head in and kept up slow steady pressure.  I had to press him back and down a little.  He has half a foot in height advantage over me but he took the hint well and adjusted.  I was probably going in a little too quick, feeling his hole wink at me, resisting and then giving in inch by inch, little waves of pressure and heat as I glided in.  Once I was balls in, I grabbed his shoulders and pressed him back into me and stayed there, just letting him feel me, all of me, fully inside him.  Then long strokes, hard enough for him to feel me slap into him as I hit bottom.  Raked my fingers down his long lean back.  And then just pummelled him hard.  At one point, I collapsed onto his back and reached under him, wrapped both arms around him and used it as leverage to pull him back into my cock.

Apparently, I went a little to deep though and within a few minutes, I could smell the fact that he didn't clean out.  Fuck!  I was too horned up though, and started to breathe out of my mouth and it worked.  But he couldn't handle it and asked me to stop.  Fuck!  He cleaned up but that was basically it.  He offered to jerk me off, but I just washed up, slapped him on the ass and left with my cock still hard and drooling.

Second hotel visitor from Craigslist that I didn't get to cum inside, but it was still hot.  He had a beautiful body and a handsome face and I would probably even do it again with all the nastiness.


Explorer Jack said...

I have a question about being a good top, and you sound like you know what you are doing.....

Do you also know what it's like to bottom?

I never have, and you use some terms like "I knew I was hitting the right spot" that I can't relate to.

I you have my e-mail so feel free to hit me up.

Bruce Chang said...

Nah, I only sorta know what I'm doing. But what I do know is definitely from being a total bottom when I first came out. Even today, if I bottom, I prefer guys no longer than 6"... And I prefer girth over length. Why? For the physical part, the thickness helps me with that feeling of being filled while the length is the perfect spot to hit the prostate. That thing up and right behind the balls. That's what I'm aiming for. Really hard for me to take anything more than 6".

Will said...

I began my sexual career as, and for many years was exclusively, a top and loved it. Attempts to bottom weren't successful. But I finally decided I was missing a lot of the gay experience and got together with a highly skilled friend who fucked me quite wonderfully and it was a revelation. Now I am very happily versatile.

Bruce Chang said...

I wonder if that conscious decision was the trick (versus a spontaneous attempt) or was it the safety of a known, skilled friend?

Anonymous said...

Hell, I've done that before. But it was in a cheap run down hotel for whores to do their business. I told him I'm just acting out fantasy of being a male whore and I'm nervous about it. Initially he said I'm a time waster but as soon as I send him my pics, he's on.

So it was agreed that I leave the door unlocked and when he comes in, I'm not going to have direct interaction with him. He's to treat me like a cheap $20 whore, fuck and leave behind $20 and go.

I prepared the lube, laid out the condoms and laid naked on my tummy in bed reading a magazine.

At the right moment, he walked in and left the door slightly ajar so that those loud prostitutes with their johns would hear us but not see us. He put on the condom, lubed up my ample ass and penetrated me. As was agreed that he's to take me from behind while I'll avoid any eye contacts by reading the magazine because I'm nervous.

It all went according to plan and I gave my seldom used tight ass to him as a successful businessman with a mid life crisis and he's a 50yo low paid worker. I was fit, well groomed and muscular and he's thin and scrawny undernourished.

The only time our eyes met was when I stole a glance at the full height wall mirror and saw in horror like I'm being mated by a wild animal on my back. He was also looking into that mirror at the same moment and gave me a Gollum wicked grin before whacking my perky ass.

I truly underestimated his sexual strength from his weak body. His cock was hard as steel and pounded me on and on till I was sore and about to tell him to stop. Then his stick like fingers were like steel clamping close my mouth. The other hand's fingers seem to stab my ample chest more often than not when he tried to stimulate my pecs.

It felt really bad and not as controlled as I thought the rules I set would be. But bad as it was, my poor ass and pecs soon got used to the pain and had a mind of their own to make me groan like a real whore from the slowly building pleasures of being pounded into the mattress.

The loud prostitutes passing by would pass their smart remarks like, "whatever that man is groaning about, I'm gonna give you twice his pleasures."

At which he'll yell out loud over my groaning, "hey hoe, he's my hoe" and the hoe would squeal in laughter like the witch of the West.

As a cheap hotel, it got no hallway in the room for privacy. Open the door wider and you'll see the bed right beside the window. Finally one curious bastard couldn't contain his curiosity and pushed open the door wider to see my ass perched up high on pillows and his swinging balls slapping against my butt as he pounded furiously without mercy. My rear end was intentionally positioned to give him a perfect view from the door of cock pounding into a male hoe. I can imagine the squishy lube running down my thighs would make the view rather wet and sticky. And he even made a timely full withdrawal exposing my wet wet wet hole fully dilating like gasping for air.

That's the only time I turned back to look at the horror in his eyes and a quick retreat before the noisy hoe could look in.

That's when I started to groan louder as I finally gave in to his cock hitting my g-spot and unloaded with an unmistakable lewd "yeah I'm your hoe, fuck me harder..."and his too staged acted sounding,"yeah I got your ass you hoe, shoot it for daddy." It don't sound natural but we did unload in exhausted orgasm together.

After which he left the $20 and I never want to see him again.